Brigitte Gabriel: The Threat to America from Radical Islam

Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel, President and CEO of ACT! For America and author of “Because They Hate”, spoke to a full house of about 550 people in Rapid City this evening at the Ramkota Convention Center.

Gabriel was born and raise in Lebanon, a country which used to be a majority Christian nation in the Middle East before that nation became “ground zero” in Islam’s war against democracy and Western values. Gabriel has given presentations to distinguished bodies around the world including the U.S. Congress and the FBI. She speaks English, French, Arabic and Hebrew.

The event was sponsored by a group of organizations including Big Horn Canyon Ministries, the Family Heritage Alliance, the Black Hills National Day of Prayer Task Force, and local Christian radio stations KLMP and KSLT.

Gabriel was introduced by Amy Wilson, Director of the local chapter of Act for America.

Gabriel said that what keeps her energized in the fight against radical Islam is the welcoming, patriotic crowds she encounters as she travels across the United States.

According to Gabriel, radical Islam is on the rise throughout the world. Right now, there are 44 conflicts around the world between Muslims and non-Muslims. Radical Islam has declared war on anything not Islam, she said, especially the United States.

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As proof, she recounted the multiple assaults against the United States going back to the 1970s, perhaps the most notable of which was the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran and the subsequent hostage situation. There were attacks during Ronald Reagan’s presidency, as well as multiple attacks during the Bill Clinton presidency. And of course, who could forget the 911 attack shortly after President George W. Bush took office.

Gabriel is passionate about this issue because when she was 10 years old, Islamists attacked her very home and left her buried under the rubble, later to spend a long time recovering in the hospital. She learned when she was 10 years old, she said, that Islamists wanted her dead because she was a Christian. Her family subsequently lived in a bomb shelter for the next seven years, not knowing each time they left it to get water if they would come back alive.

She recounted when she was 13 years old, a Christian militia friend told her that the “chatter” was that radical Muslims were planning to attack their town in the next 24 hours, and that if he did not see her again, he wished her a merciful death and hugged her goodbye.

When her parents were preparing for an attack and making plans how the children might escape, they were saved from this when Israel came into Lebanon and established a security zone that pushed back the radical Muslims.

Gabriel said may people claim radical Muslims hate us because we support Israel, or because of our foreign policy, or because we are involved in the Middle East. This is “baloney,” she said.

“They hate us because they consider us infidels,” Gabriel said.

Founded in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood was created bring back the caliphate and establish an Islamic Empire. Radical Muslims hated America even then, Gabriel said, when America was very isolationist and not involved in world affairs at all.

In 1982, the Muslim Brotherhood launched an initiative to infiltrate the West and established their sought-after Islamic empire. Called “The Project”, this plan called for painting themselves as “moderate” while working with liberal organizations who loathe their own nations, and getting radical Muslims elected to office where they could pursue this agenda in government.

Since then, she said, we have watched Europe change to “Eurabia” where now cases even in Britain are adjudicated under Shariah law.

“Europe is no longer the place you visited 20 or 30 years ago,” said Gabriel

Gabriel read from a plan formulated in 1991 to wage war against the United States; this plan was cited in the Holy Land Foundation trial which resulted in indictments of over 100 radical Muslims promoting terrorism. The plan talks about the “process of settlement” and “civilization jihad” to destroy Western civilization from within, by the hands of Western citizens as well as radical Muslims.

“Education is the way you change the future of a country,” said Gabriel. Radical Muslims have exploited this truth by establishing more student groups promoting Islam on college campuses than both the Democrats and Republicans combined. Centers for Islamic Studies have also been established to promote and “normalize” radical Islam in the minds of America’s youth.

Gabriel also said radical Muslims use the money they get from all the oil we buy from them to promote their agenda, which is precisely why we must become energy-independent as soon as possible.

She said the “mainstream” media is also complicit in this campaign of re-education by minimizing the threat of radical Islam and promoting the idea that radical Muslims really aren’t dangerous. Gabriel also held President Barack Obama partially responsible as the “Apologizer in Chief” who continually apologizes to the world—including radical Muslims—for the United States.

There are also Muslim-promoted lesson plans currently in use in some American schools that employ role play and encourage students to imagine themselves as Muslims in various situations and learning the Quran.

Gabriel said that although the Quran mentions jihad 40 times, and in 36 of those instances it refers to making war against the infidel, children in American schools are being taught that jihad means the “struggle of Muslims against invasion, oppression and injustice.”

She pointed out that these are just a few of the pro-Islam things being taught in public schools…schools that are doing away with “Christmas” holiday and any mention of our Christian heritage.

Given this “education,” she said it is no wonder so many young people are learning to loathe our own country, and that Islamic domestic terrorism is on the rise.

You can read about what is going on in the ACT! for America report “Education or Indoctrination”, which has been sent to national leaders and school board members across the country.

“Our enemy is very sophisticated while we have been asleep at the switch,” said Gabriel. While all this is going on, Americans are watching reality television and are tuned out as to what is going on in our schools and our culture.

Gabriel said that people of all backgrounds are welcome in America, but we must all recognize that the U.S. Constitution is the highest law of the land, not Shariah law.

She said she is tired of hearing people calling themselves “African American” or “Vietnamese Americans” or “Irish Americans.” She said she is just a plain American, and that is all.

‘We need to speak up to defend America,” she said.

Gabriel said 911 was a defining moment for our country, and was a defining moment for her. She said she thought she had left all the craziness behind when she came here, but now it had come to America. She said that when her children asked her why we were attacked on 911, she had to tell her daughter the same thing her parents had told her back in Lebanon when she was 10. She vowed that day to do everything she could to make sure her daughter never had to repeat that to her granddaughter some day.

According to Gabriel, each of us are created and prepared for a purpose in our time. She said different people are suited to different roles to help our society, and that because she is who she is, she is able to bring an impactful message in a way that few others can.

She said education is good, but there must be action. Her organization is designed to educate and equip all people to take action to protect our way of life from radical Islam. ACT! for America is growing, and in only five years has over 270, 000 members and 810 chapters.

Her organization is also working on a project called “American Law for American Courts” to ensure that the U.S. is recognized as the supreme law of the United States. Many may not recognize that this is already a problem. ACT! for America has documented over 50 cases judged under Shariah law rather than the U.S. Constitution. Some states such as Kansas already have it on their law books to prohibit adjudication in the courts using Shariah law.

In closing, Gabriel asked veterans to stand, and she thanked them for building an maintaining a country where she could escape tyranny and enjoy all the blessings of liberty we know as Americans.

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