Paul Weston: Perspectives on being English and ‘Racist’

Paul_WestonWho is Paul Weston? … A classical Liberal (see John Stuart Mill’s writings).

(Note: H/T on the subject matter to my friend”Charlite”)

The times have changed. You, if you are a traditionalist, are viewed as a villain by very many groups and political forces today. Paul Weston, a British Subject, a classical Liberal, and a official villain of the Left, eloquently discusses British history, tradition, and the politics of personal destruction. The many similarities of classical liberalism to modern American conservatism  and libertarianism are notable.

You perhaps thought of yourself as a polite, hospitable and fair American. Do you not know that your values and cherished beliefs are under siege? Hear Paul Weston (a true British Gentleman) speak about the state of affairs in Britain in two clips (referenced below). They will sound very, very familiar and hardly radical or extremist. Yet today classical liberals are now considered extremists. This should make you very concerned. There is no such thing as coincidence.

The barbarians are inside the gates in Britain and they are breaching the gates here in the USA.

But then what do I know? I am a mere worshipper of the God of Israel and a servant of Jesus Christ. I believe in our God-given rights as laid out in the Declaration and the Constitution. I believe that God’s chosen people, Israel, must be guaranteed. I believe in law and order, as opposed to Leftist capriciousness and anarchy. I believe in the sanctity of life first, tempered by the God-approved right to self-defense.

So … I also discover from Paul Weston that I am a racist according to the communist and socialist and collectivist forces in this world who are guided by the spirits of this world. How about you?

Again: The barbarians have crashed the gates of (once) Great Britain and are breaching the gates here in the (once great) USA. The British Freedom Party did not last long. Lack of interest, funding, pressures from the Left and all of its attendant smear and assassination of character… the usual course for the destruction of freedom. The people of Britain are so demoralized and dispirited about anything except football (soccer) and a new royal baby, that they, like more and more Americans, are far less discerning about the dangers, than they ought be. Even so, I salute Paul Weston. Behold the racist and extremist positions of the British Freedom Party:

“Here is the platform of the British Freedom Party, headed by the admirable Paul Weston:

20 Point Plan

1. Introduce a US style First Amendment guaranteeing Free Speech.
2. Leave the profoundly undemocratic European Union.

3. Abolish the Human Rights Act, which benefits only foreign criminals/terrorists.

4. Halt any further immigration for a period of five years.

5. Deport foreign criminals, seditious dual nationality Islamists and illegal immigrants.

6. Abolish all multicultural and equality quangos.

7. Halt and turn back all aspects of the Islamisation of Britain, including Sharia finance.

8. Drastically reduce crime – criminals should fear the consequences of their behaviour.

9. Repair the damage wreaked by the progressive educational establishment.

10. Promote British values and assimilation, rather than multiculturalism and division.

11. Rebuild Britain’s Armed Forces to 1980 levels.

12. Diminish the public sector and government interference in the private sector.

13. Withdraw troops from all areas where we are not directly threatened.

14. Cancel foreign aid to countries which do not deserve or need it.

15. End welfare payments to immigrants; they must pay for their housing and children.

16. Ensure no elderly person lives in fear, and can afford both heat and food in the winter.

17. Ensure that a no class-A drugs policy is enforced.

18. Promote morality, marriage, the family, the community and the nation state.

19. Allow pubs the choice of operating as smoking or non-smoking establishments.

20. Live by Christianity’s Golden Rule: “Do unto others as thou wouldst be done by.” “

The Establishment GOP and the Socialist (“Democrat”) Party in the US will make it difficult, indeed, for traditionalists and true conservatives (as opposed to Neo-Cons) to field candidates … much less to found any new American Freedom Party. Why … to try do do this would simply be unpatriotic … and racist!


1. Paul Weston (British Freedom Party) speech from July 2012:

2. To be traditional in Britain is now to be a Racist:

3. 2012 Interview:

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