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Photos from the Million Hoodies Union Square protest against Trayvon Martin's shooting death in Sanford, Florida. (Photo credit: David Shankbone)

George Zimmerman: Not Guilty

Miracles apparently do still happen: there are apparently still enough rational people left in America to form a jury that would find George Zimmerman not guilty of wrongfully killing Trayvon Martin, despite a full court press of race pimping from the “mainstream” media and the rest of the Left.

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Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory

Run Elbert Guillory against Sen. Mary Landrieu; he’s what the GOP needs

Republicans are still in search for a candidate to run in 2014 against incumbent Democrat U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu. Why not Louisiana State Sen. Elbert Guillory. Guillory announced several weeks ago his departure from the Democratic Party, which he calls “the party of disappointment,” to become a Republican. Speaking to Republicans in Arkansas, he appealed to the Republican Party to stop “cowering behind closed doors.” “It’s time to shout our values and ideals from the mountaintops,” he says. “Prayer, family, free markets, limited government, lower taxes.”

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