Blanket Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants is Foolish, Dangerous and Racist

Phil Jensen


blanketSenator Marco Rubio and others are misleading citizens to “push” for another blanket amnesty program for illegal aliens.

Earlier waves of immigrants came to America to escape high taxes and persecution. They asked for and received nothing from our federal, state, and local governments except a chance to be free and to prosper. Today, some studies I found on the internet state that 70% of immigrants get some form of government aid.

Earlier waves of immigrants were screened and those who did not meet our standards were refused entry and sent home. That was to protect our population from diseases and criminals. The illegal aliens have not been screened. That is racist! It is like saying that somehow the illegal aliens are naturally superior to earlier immigrants and don’t need to be screened.

Ted Cruz 2016


I help senior citizens with medical bills. I know that illegal aliens are a chief reason for the problem of identity theft. Senior citizens are often victims of this crime. Many illegal aliens rob and use other people’s social security numbers, Medicare numbers, and insurance policy numbers. Many illegal aliens carried illegal drugs or weapons materials when they crossed our borders. We need serious screening of illegal aliens to know where they have been and what they’ve been doing so that we can punish those who have harmed our citizens.

On a recent news program, I heard that 25,000 people from countries that have many people who hate America and Americans have overstayed their student visas and are now illegal immigrants. The recent bombing in Boston proves that we do not screen aliens enough and we do not keep track of foreign students who quit college.

The only logical conclusion is that blanket amnesty of illegal aliens is foolish, dangerous, and racist!

Woodrow Wilcox


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