Peter Vodenka at the Constitution Rally

Peter Vodenka spoke at the Constitution Rally sponsored by SD Citizens for Liberty in Rapid City yesterday.

Vodenka is an American citizen who came to this country from communist Czechoslovakia when, on a rainy night, he and his family barely escaped to freedom ahead of the soldiers chasing them at the border.

Vodenka knows how precious and fragile freedom is, and how easily it can be lost by a people. He spoke about his journey from tyranny to freedom-and the warning signs he sees in his beloved America.

When Vodenka came to America, he didn’t expect other Americans to take care of him; he only relished the opportunity to do for himself. He worked low-waged jobs until he could learn English, and move on to better paying jobs. He now owns his own company.

Peter Vodenka is the author of “Journey For Freedom-Defection From Communist Czechoslovakia“, and you can learn more about his storyat

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