SETI and Scientists Who Can’t Recognize Intelligent Life

Phil Jensen


SETII took a tour of a radio telescope when I lived in England. It was impressive.

Many of these telescopes are intended specifically to listen for signs of intelligent life in the universe. How do they do this? Well, if random patterns come in (which they do all the time from various natural sources), it is assumed that this is NOT a sign of intelligent life. If, however, a regular pattern came in, and one that had measured complexity, then that would be a pretty good sign that this was some sort of signal from an intelligent source. This eventuality was explored in evolutionist Carl Sagan’s book (and the subsequent movie) Contact.

For all the money spent on SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), there are many scientists out there who cannot recognize signs of intelligent information right in front of them.

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There are a number of things in the universe which almost scream “information,” the most compelling being DNA.  DNA is coded biological information which spells out the type of organism something will be, along with all its characteristics.   Information only comes intelligent sources. There are a number of elements that make up information, but only when those elements are arranged in a specific, non-random pattern intended to convey meaning does it become information.  Think about it: is there a single place in the universe where information does not originate with an intelligence?

So why is it that many scientists are so completely oblivious to the signs of the universe’s intelligent designer right here on earth?  This blindness couldn’t have a moral or spiritual source, could it?



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