Immigration ‘Reform’: Legalization First, Then Secure Border

SchumerYesterday on the Rush Limbaugh program, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) explained (or tried to explain) why he as someone who should know better is supporting an illegal immigration “reform” plan that includes what amounts to little more than amnesty.

RUSH: Let’s go to the bill. The last time you were here, you were very certain — you assured everybody — that until the border was secure, there would not be legalization of a pathway to citizenship. Now people who’ve seen the bill say that what actually happens is that the legalization does take place and that then there’s a commission that has 10 years to figure out border security. Which is true?

RUBIO: Well, a couple points. First of all, the legalization does not begin automatically. We don’t want to wait on legalizing, and I’ll tell you why, and my original position was that we wanted to secure the border first and then legalize. The problem is we have millions of people here now, by some estimates 10, 11 million. We want to know who they are and freeze the problem in place. I don’t want that number to grow. It behooves us to know who they are as soon as possible, so it doesn’t get worse. What we do is we say the Department of Homeland Security — and this gets tricky, so it’s important to follow me on it, because I gotta explain the path. There’s actual multiple triggers here.

The Department of Homeland Security has come up with two plans: one to secure the border and one to build fencing. It has to be both, and they have to not only come up with the plans which will be reviewed by the border commission on the advisory role and also the General Accounting Office, which is a nonpartisan, very serious agency of government to ensure that it achieves the following goal: a hundred percent awareness of border, 90% apprehension. They have five years to meet that standard. If in five years the border is not 90% apprehension, 100% awareness, they lose control of the border issue to a commission that is not a Washington commission. It is a commission that will largely be driven by the governors of the border states.

I have full confidence that the governors of these border states — talking about Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, obviously California as well, but particularly Arizona and Texas, which are the ones most impacted by it now — these governors will take care of this problem and they’ll be given money to be able to take care of it. In addition to that, eVerify becomes mandatory for every business in America, starting with the biggest companies, and the entry-exit system becomes mandatory. We will track the entry and the exit of all visitors to the United States at all of our airports and seaports. And all of those things must happen before a single green card is issued to those that are waiting through the regular RPI status, as we call it, the provisional status that we’ve created. And so these are triggers that really must happen, and obviously I think it’s a vast improvement over what we have now.

But what did Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), a member of the Democrat Party that runs the U.S. Senate, say about illegal immigration “reform”?

We’ve come to a basic agreement, which is that first people will be legalized, in other words, not citizens but they’ll be allowed to work, come out of the shadows, travel. Then we will make sure the border is secure.

The great Ronald Reagan fell for that LIE back in the 1980s. Fool me once, folks…

I really expected Senator Rubio to be smarter than this.



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