America: A House of Horrors

abortionIt quite literally makes my heart break to read the headlines in America, these days (and if I, as a fallen, sinful human being have that reaction, what do you suppose is God’s reaction?).

We have abortionists who are okay with not only slaughtering innocent children in the womb, but in discarding them like garbage when they manage to be born alive despite their best efforts to murder them.  And if these little ones scream in agony at their abortionists, just think of the child as a “specimen” and that’ll make it “easier to deal with mentally.”

No problem.

We also have homosexuals adopting children and then raping them. This isn’t the first time that’s happened either–but thanks to our “mainstream” media, most Americans will probably never hear about this or the slaughter of innocent children in the womb. There’s no need to talk about that connection between homosexuality and child molestation, either.

No problem.

And there’s the harvesting of human beings for “scientific” purposes which evokes images of Josef Mengela that Ken Connor discusses today.

Woodrow Wilcox


It also isn’t enough to allow homosexual activists to counterfeit marriage. No, we must force Americans to pay for infertility treatments for homosexuals–two people who deliberately CHOOSE to get together KNOWING that they are SCIENTIFICALLY and BIOLOGICALLY incapable of producing children.  We wouldn’t want to “discriminate” against people who deliberately put themselves in situations where no child can naturally be produced, would we ?  Why would we NOT want to force everyone else to pay for that?

And on a related topic, who could forget Sandra Fluke, the spokesperson for women everywhere who have so much sex that it costs her $1000 a year (normal women only need a fraction of that much contraception).  She, too, needs someone else to pay for the consequences of her sexual choices.


Americans used to understand that human sexuality was something wonderful and sacred. Americans used to understand that innocent human life was of infinite value, created in the image of God.

It seems in our “progress” we have come to see both as nothing more than a cheap commidity to be used and discarded at the slightest whim.

We’re living in an upside-down house of horrors.

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