Rapid City Mayoral Race: When Democrats and ‘Republicans’ Collude

secretFrom the Rapid City Journal’s Mount Blogmore:

What would Republican state Sen. and Rapid City mayoral candidate Mark Kirkeby be doing leaning over a Black Hills Bagels table in deep conversation with Democratic strategist Jody Severson?

Pretty simple….

…”The experts tell me it’ll take $100,000 to win that race,” Kirkeby said…

I have an even bigger question: What would a “Republican” be doing conferring with a Democrat strategist?

Are there no good Republican strategists out there who can help a Republican with a campaign? Or is it just that this particular “Republican” has more in common ideologically and tactically with a Democrat than with his own party?

Seems like a pretty good early indicator where real Republicans (you know, the ones who care more about Republican values and goals than about impressing their liberal friends and being among those who get to divide the spoils) should cast their vote in the Rapid City mayoral race this year.

Typically, elections at the local level tend to be more about day to day operations and less about ideology. However, local goverments do sometimes have to deal with important matters of right and wrong, as well as weigh issues (e.g. Agenda 21, regulation, taxation, economic freedom) which contrast strongly between Left and Right. The general mindset of liberalism and conservatism found in the “shut up and accept what’s good for you” elitist attitude of liberals versus the limited government and empowerment of the people attitude of conservatives also frequently comes into play.

We got rid of a major element of that “good ole’ boy” back-scratching elitist liberal “Republican” type when the voters turned out Alan Hanks from City Hall.  You can be darned sure they’ll pull out all the stops to get one of their own back in again. Don’t let them, Rapid City.

Woodrow Wilcox


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