State House GOP Must Override AR Gov’s Voter ID Veto

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identificationOn Monday, the Democrat Governor of Arkansas, Mike Beebe, vetoed the common-sense voter identification law passed by the Republicans in the State Legislature.  On Wednesday, the State Senate voted to override his veto, but it remains to be seen if the House will do the same.

How predictable and tiresome these Democrats are!  They loudly deny there is any problem of election fraud and then bend over backward to make sure election fraud is easier to commit.  If there is no election and voter fraud occurring, then what’s the harm in requiring voter ID?  Yes, we know the answer to that.

Gov. Beebe claims his “reasons” for the veto are that the law would cost the state too much (it wouldn’t) and that it would “disenfranchise” minorities (that is to say, Democrat election fraudsters).  Those are the textbook talking points of lying Democrats, the only “excuses” they have for opposing voter ID laws.  Never mind that these “disenfranchised” Democrat voters otherwise have no problem producing proper identification to sign up for taxpayer money handouts of food stamps, housing assistance, “Obama phones” and other welfare “bennies.”

In the rare case that you happen to not have valid identification in Arkansas, and you want to vote, the new law would allow you to get proper ID, paid for by the taxpayers of the state, so no moronic Democrat “civil rights” group can run around screeching, “poll tax!”

Woodrow Wilcox


We don’t have a problem of people not having proper identification in this country, unless they’re an illegal alien or a dead guy, but we do have a problem with dead guys and illegal aliens voting.  That’s why the Democrats hate voter ID laws.  Voters having to prove their identity to cast ballots cuts deeply into the Democrats’ dead voter base.

If all the states suddenly came to their collective senses and declared that every American citizen must show a valid photo ID to vote, what would happen would be ironic.  The Democrats always shriek and wail that having to prove you are who you say you are to vote would “cause people to stay away from the polls.”  What they say is true, but not for the reason they imply.  Ironically, the Democrat voter turnout would certainly drop, because there would be a massive number of dead voters, multiple-voting voters, and otherwise crooked people who would not be voting.

But, don’t worry; the electronic voting machine hackers would more than make up for the low Democrat turnout.  Yes, that’s right!  Now that there are so many computerized voting machines, there is the added issue of vote stealing by hacking.  Obama’s Energy Department through Argonne Laboratory researchers, practically bragged that they could easily and undetectably remotely hack into most models of voting machines and change the results.  Read this report on the Chicago-area Argonne “research” into voting machine hacking for a glimpse into how easy electronic election fraud can be done.  How wonderful it was that these Argonne guys did this “invaluable research” in the months leading up to the 2012 election!

And, we wonder how the unpopular Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) was “reelected” with all the lawlessness and scandals of his first term.  His drop in voter approval was exhibited prior to the 2012 election by the lackluster turnouts and nearly-empty stadiums on his campaign stops.  Do you remember how Mitt Romney had huge crowds everywhere he went?  Yeah, me, too.

No, we don’t wonder, we are certain that Obama’s reelection was the result of massive election fraud.  And, no, Romney did not challenge the results, but it remains that we have a criminal in the White House presiding over a lawless administration and a Democrat Party full of communist-socialist lunatics.

We are sick of this campaign of idiocy by the criminally-minded Democrats in power.  It is ignorantly deceptive for them to claim there is no election and voter fraud and then fight like maniacs against voter ID laws.  If there is a contest of any kind in this world, there will always be cheating; that’s just the nature of the fallen, sinful world in which we live.  And when the contest is for political power and money, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be a huge racket for cheating.  Not all election and voter fraud is detected, but we see criminal election fraud cases with every election.

Now the Republicans in the House chamber of the Arkansas State Legislature must have the will to do the right thing, to follow the Senate, and override Gov. Beebe’s wicked veto.  Of course, we know that the enemies of America in the Obama “Justice” Department will quickly add Arkansas to the list of states being sued by our federal government for having the temerity to want honest, legal elections.  But, knowing this evil administration will sue should never stop us from fighting for what’s right.

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  • JohnDotKom

    Shamefully, there is NO help from the Federal Repugniccans, that have controlled the House, since Jan, 2011, on the issue of voter fraud (and other dire straits issues). The treachery is worse than taxation w/o representation, it’s more like just plain taxation with treachery only. Eat it if you like, or don’t eat anything. The Dimocrats for at least a century have been the champs at election stealing. The GOP is saying NOTHING about it, much less actually doing anything about it. Or at least that’s what I think I see.

    • thisoldspouse

      Yes, John, it borders on treason to see evidence that election fraud is probably occurring but doing nothing about it. It undermines our ENTIRE system of government.