No ‘White Guilt’ Here

white_flagTo put it as tactfully as I can…

I am sick and tired of certain individuals (and groups) trying to excuse their inappropriate behavior and promote their self-serving agenda by trying to play the “white guilt” card and claiming there is racism in every corner and under every rug in the USA, when they don’t get their way about something. Heaven forbid that someone deny them or dare disagree just because of some real live legit reason. Can’t have that.

I have never in my life discriminated against someone because of their race, but I have been discriminated against because of mine.

I have never judged someone to be either good or bad simply because of their race, but I have been judged to be bad because of mine.

I have never asked for special favors due to my race, but I have been affected by others asking for special favors because of theirs.

I’ve never once considered harming a person because of the person’s race, but I have been threatened with harm because of mine.

In short, I haven’t done anything to feel guilty about and I’m not going to accept any “group guilt” designed and deemed a requirement by the Politically Correct Squad. Their opinion means nothing to me.

“Absolute tolerance” is an illusion. It can’t be.

“White guilt” is also an illusion. It is based upon fiction that all whites are responsible for all the ills of all other races, seemingly to give the other races a free ride. Whatever those races do… and whatever the results — it is the fault of the so-called white race because once upon a time some whites did whatever they did, or appeared to do whatever was thought to have been done.

I’ve always been sorry for any wrongs done unto any person, regardless of skin tone and race. However, I didn’t do them. I don’t belong to any group that did. I’ve never benefited from those wrongs, but I sure have paid for them. So… simply put… there are people that appear to be playing a game made possible by the PC movement. The game, I’m betting, isn’t to make it better for those who have been suppressed or oppressed, but rather, to make all us un-elite the suppressed and oppressed, individually and as isolated groups, that think all others are out to get us.

Remember two things…

The quote: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” (Who benefits from turning citizens upon citizens?)


There’s no “White Guilt” here. No attempts to gift any will be accepted!

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