South Dakota ‘Republicans’ Kill Yet Another Pro-Gun Bill

Second Amendment

Second Amendment

Phil Jensen


Yet another pro-gun bill was killed in the “Republican” supermajority South Dakota House today by “Republicans.”  And as is frequently the case, a member of the “Republican” leadership had their hands all over the death of the legislation.

SB 207 was a bill to “make certain legislative findings concerning federal infringement on Second Amendment rights” that didn’t really do anything specifically, but served to affirm the Second Amendment protection of our God-given right to keep and bear arms, as enshrined by the founders of our nation. It encouraged the South Dakota Attorney General to “be vigilant and proactive in protecting, by litigation if necessary, the rights of South Dakota and its citizens against all dilution and diminution of Second Amendment rights from whatever source and by whatever means.”

Wow. Real controversial. Really put the state of South Dakota on shaky legal grounds, huh?  Uh huh.

Rick Kriebel 2016


Yet House Majority Leader David Lust and other “Republicans” in the infamous House State Affairs Committee (a committee that kills LOTS of textbook Republican bills) couldn’t stomach this bill that the South Dakota Senate had passed 29-4.

But hey, they did at least pass an “economic development” bill to gouge certain businesses, reward some favored ones, and generally grow the scope and reach of government–all at the taxpayer’s expense. In RINOville, that’s called “pro-business conservatism.”

Republicans, isn’t it time to insist these “Democrats in Republican clothing” either get in the party they belong in, or we relieve them of the responsibility of being a Republican–a responsiblity which seems to be too much for some of these people to bear?

Woodrow Wilcox


Below is how the vote went down in committee. A “yea” vote was to kill this pro-Second Amendment bill. Democrats and RINOs work together very well, don’t they? Amazing how often their votes and positions are congruent.


Conzet Nay Gibson Yea Gosch Nay
Hansen Nay Hunhoff (Bernie) Yea Killer Yea
Munsterman Yea Novstrup (David) Yea Parsley Yea
Verchio Nay Wink Excused Cronin Yea
Lust Yea
Ayes 8 Nays 4 Excused 1 Absent 0

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  • AZ BOB

    There is such a thing as recall vote???

    • I know recall elections are possible in many circumstances, though I don’t recall if it applies to state legislators. Unfortunately, a lot of South Dakotans see the “R” after a politician’s name and assume it means “conservative.” We’re working on enlightening folks, though. :-)(