Daughters of the American Revolution Goes Revisionist

DAR SecularismHave you ever felt like you woke up in the middle of a madhouse where the inmates are running the show?

If you had done a Rip Van Winkle from prior to the last 30 years and woke up today, you certainly would. In fact, if you just remember what life was like prior to the last 20-30 years (dare I say even the last 10 or 15?), you probably feel much the same way.

So it is when we hear that the Daughters of the American Revolution–a group whose motto is “God, Home and Country” starts removing references to God in all the materials they use and reference, and start doing away with hymns about country like “America the Beautiful.”

It’s beginning to seem like those who loathe everything America is and stands for have not only deeply infiltrated our government, education system and media establishment, but have also deeply infiltrated even private organizations that we once counted on to uphold and defend American principles (e.g. the “Republican” Party).  These fakers are, at best, embarrassed to be associated with America’s Christian heritage, and based on their behavior, most likely loathe principles of Christianity and freedom as much as the out-of-the-closet liberals.

I grew up in an America on the tail-end of championing freedom, independence, self-reliance, virtue and strength. I thank God I was able to witness an America where that was still the dominant outlook, instead of what we have now: an “America” led by anti-American Marxists who loathe our freedom, our way of life, our prosperity, our history, and who are desperate  to revise and sanitize all that is or ever was good about America. What schizophrenic, upside-down times we now live in!

Remember, my friends: you are not called to win the battle, you are simply called to be faithful to what is right. Speak out against this betrayal by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Speak out against the betrayals of Republican principles by “Republican” establishment fatcats. Speak out against other betrayals of American and Christian principles. Speak out because you know what is right. Even if few listen to you, even if many hate you for it, do it because it’s right. After all, the One who really counts will see it and appreciate it, and He’s the only one who really matters anyway.

Woodrow Wilcox



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