Young Homosexuals Generate Higher AIDS Transmission

2010 AIDS Diagnoses Chart

2010 AIDS Diagnoses Chart

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The Washington Times reports that the latest Centers for Disease Control (CDC) information on AIDS transmission for 2010 finds homosexual behavior is still the vastly prevalent transmission source of HIV, even though homosexuals only make up about 2.9% of the population.

Teens and young adults now account for more than a quarter of the new cases of HIV identified in the United States annually, and a clear majority of those cases involve young gay or bisexual men, the federal government said in a major new survey Tuesday.

Of the nearly 48,000 new HIV cases identified in the United States in 2010, the latest year for which complete data are available, more than 12,000 involved teens and young adults, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found in its latest report.

About 72 percent of these new HIV cases in younger adults occurred in young men who are gay or bisexual, according to the CDC report.

So do the homosexual activists and other liberals finally see the need to stop this behavior and discourage others from engaging in this behavior? Ah, no. This is their response to the fact that AIDS is overwhelmingly associated with homosexual behavior:

A group of seven activists — four men and three women — appeared in House Speaker John A. Boehner’s office and stripped naked to protest potential funding cuts to AIDS programs. U.S. Capitol Hill police arrested some of the protesters, who had painted words on their bodies like “AIDS cuts kill.” Mr. Boehner, Ohio Republican, was not in the office at the time.

How predictably in denial are liberals.  No, when our behavior leads to a deadly disease, the answer is NOT to stop engaging in that behavior, but rather to demand more taxpayer money be spent on an elusive cure that may someday rescue us from the consequences of our immoral behavior.

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How predictably infantile and liberal.

Meanwhile, the dying and suffering continues. This is what liberal “compassion” consists of.

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  • Statistics show that homosexual men, on average, lose more than 20 years from their life span compared to non-homosexuals. Moral considerations aside, what can we say about people who encourage others in such destructive behaviors? Not even the great demon tobacco causes such mayhem and destruction in peoples lives. As compassionate human beings, never-mind Christians, do we not have an obligation to help these people turn from their self-destructive pursuits?