It’s Almost Time to Learn Our Fate

Phil Jensen


voteTuesday is the day we shall learn whether we are on a course of complete destruction or the chance of reconstruction.  One part of me wishes for the results to be in–to know the fate set into motion–while the other part fears what the outcome might be. This world, after all, has turned into an unpredictable and crazy one.  There is no rhyme or reason left to rely upon.  Little adds up and seldom does it ever when it comes to the rulers of our country. Yes… rulers.

Obama has repeatedly lied.  Do enough people know or care?

War on Women?  Do enough women get it?  Do enough realize that it is Obama & Playmates that are taking them back to being nothing more than their sex organs  — not the Republicans trying to do so?

Rick Kriebel 2016


Do enough people realize they are being played or are they simply just too in awe of their leader of spin and deceit?

There are no guarantees as to what Tuesday will bring, though there is an absolute of what the results should be.  Romney should win. He has a proven track record of success.  He doesn’t have to always have his way.  He has a proven record of working  with both Democrats and Republicans to try to find the best possible solution to any given problem.

What does Obama have?  A good golf score and Hollywood pals?  How about a record of going around Congress and stirring up racial and gender and class warfare?

Woodrow Wilcox


Oh… and as for that promised transparency… how much of it has been seen?

We have Fast & Furious and the Executive Order to protect whomever!

We have Libya with four dead and so many different stories it appears no one can keep straight what the latest one is.

We have a great many things that aren’t right.

We do, however, have our vote!  I’ll use my wisely on Tuesday! Please use yours wisely as well!



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