Vote for Revenge or Love of Country?

Phil Jensen


Revenge or Love of CountryAnyone who knows me knows, I’m not a big fan of Mitt Romney.

But this short little video nails precisely why I have reluctantly buried my pride and my expectation for what is truly best for our country, and settled for a vote for Mitt Romney to purchase a chance to save our country.

It also nails the basic, fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives.

Ted Cruz 2016


Most liberals will vote for Barack Obama out of revenge–revenge against those who have something they don’t, revenge against those who have worked harder and reaped more of life’s material blessings than they have, revenge against those who remind them that they have made bad choices in their lives and are now reaping the consequences of their own decisions. This class envy is the essence of the Marxism that is at the foundation of Barack Obama’s political ideology.

Most conservatives, on the other hand, will likely vote for Mitt Romney, not because he is the best choice to restore the American way or is the right choice to restore the American way, but because given the alternative, he is the ONLY hope of restoring the American way of life. Conservatives aren’t about voting “freebies” and “gimmees” to themselves at the expense of other Americans. Conservatives aren’t self-centered mooches who expect other people to carry them or pay their way. Most conservatives will vote for Mitt Romney (or at least a Constitution-loving third party candidate) out of love of country.

Which will you choose on Tuesday: revenge, or love of country?

Woodrow Wilcox


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  • thisoldspouse

    Excellent, Bob. I still can’t vote for Romney, but my protest won’t matter in Texas. I feel that I don’t have a choice in this presidential race. But to vote for “revenge?” What a hideous way to look at the world and your country.

    One has to wonder, revenge against what? Obama had the executive and a compliant Dem congress for two years, had just about full reign to do what they wanted, and did quite a bit of damage, with or WITHOUT Congress, and that isn’t enough for them? Or are they saying that they want to crush every last vestige of the conservatism that has made this country and which has made it great? Against what they consider “domestic terrorists” who love their country?.

    I call that a declaration of war against America.

    • I fully concur with your last sentence. If more conservatives understood we are at war, we wouldn’t always be on the defensive all the time.

  • Severely Progressive

    Revenge for suppressing the votes of those that they think will vote Democratic. Revenge for the debt ceiling debacle. Revenge for the the obstruction of Obama’s job creation program. Revenge for Republican’s number one priority of making Obama a one term president at the price of harming Americans. Revenge for the most duplicitous campaign in living memory. You bet revenge. It will be one of the sweetest things I have ever experienced in my life.

    • Revenge for “suppressing” the votes of illegal aliens, dead people, pets, and those who want to vote more than once?

      Revenge for the “Republicans” giving in to the Left and allowing the federal government to obligate the taxpayers for several more trillion dollars in debt wasted on unconstitutional spending?

      Revenge for allowing Barack Obama to waste about a trillion of the taxpayers money on his “porkulus” program, Cash for Clunkers and other nonsense?

      Revenge for Republicans making it a priority to remove the most Marxist, anti-American president in history from the nation’s highest office?

      Revenge for Mitt Romney’s liberalism being exceeded only by the rabid Marxism of Barck Obama?

      You bet.

      And you’re so drunk on the Leftist Marxist anti-American Koolaid, you don’t even know what a favor we’ll be doing you, if Barack Obama loses.

    • thisoldspouse

      You’re severely lobotomized. Hopeful not beyond healing.

  • It is impossible to argue against the contention that the Republican leadership has done a pathetic job of returning this nation to the values that made it great in the first place. Nevertheless, many if not most rank and file Republicans still believe in those values, and those values remain the documented (i.e. the GOP platform) values and agenda of the Republican Party.

    Conversely, the Democrat Party is dedicated to everything that tears down the values that made America the free and prosperous place it has been and remains. These values include adherence to the rule of law (which allowing election fraud violates, as well as allowing our sovereign borders and immigration laws to be violated), societal stability (which counterfeit marriage undermines), cherishing and preserving the family which is the most important building block of any society, and preserving the moral fiber that the founders recognized are necessary to the health and maintenance of any republic.

    Regarding the “fair share” of taxes paid by “the rich,” you really should take the time to look up how much “the rich” are paying. I assure you, they really aren’t paying their fare share…and neither are the poor and middle class. The wealthy are paying FAR ABOVE their fair share. The wealthy shoulder the vast majority of the tax burden under our Marxist tax system. A fair tax system would have each American paying the same tax rate. If Marxists like yourself were even remotely concerned with fairness, that should more than make you happy, because the wealthy will still be paying far more dollars than poor or middle class.

    But as this article, video, and Obama’s Marxist class envy rhetoric make clear, it isn’t about fairness. It is about revenge for you people. Revenge that some people have more than you do-and you hate that. You made choices that resulted in a state of wealth far less than some other people-and that drives you mad with envy.

    It’s sad that you have no understanding or appreciation of what your own country is about, what it was founded on. It was not founded on Marxism, but freedom-the freedom to do as you please within the confines of law and morality, and produce your own economic outcomes.

    Do us all a favor and grow up. If you want more wealth, go out there and display the hard work, ingenuity and commitment it takes to produce it…or shut up and be content with whatever amount the work you are willing to expend will produce.

  • That whole “freedom” concept we enjoy in America just eludes you, doesn’t it? Galls you, doesn’t it? It means that as the owner of this website, I get to decide what I do with and what happens on it. You don’t get a say.

    Of course, in your Marxist fantasy world, you’d get to dictate terms to people you don’t like, wouldn’t’ you? You’d get to force people you don’t like to do things YOUR way, wouldn’t you?

    You don’t give the slightest rip about freedom. You’re just like any and every Marxist despot this world has ever seen. You just want it your way, and if you have to trample over another person’s freedom to get it, so be it.

    That is what is so different between the American way, and the Marxist philosophy of envy, greed, and raw power. How incredibly sad that you don’t appreciate the heritage of freedom that was handed to you here in America, and like Barack Obama, are eager to trade it for the tyranny and regression of Marxism.

    But back to the subject of your comment, I moderate comments here. I have to, in order to avoid seeing the comments section turn into a profane, foul-mouthed cesspool of Leftist hate. That means, for most people (people I don’t know, people who haven’t demonstrated to me a track record of refraining from using profanity), their comments are moderated by me or another moderator before they appear. And since I have a life, that means I do other things than monitor the comments queue for statements of loathing for the American way of life.

    But I got around to reviewing the queue this morning, and have allowed you the opportunity to reveal publicly how much you loathe the American way of life. Hopefully, for your sake, your blood pressure can now go down.

    For the sake of the rest of us, it would be nice if you and Barack Obama and your fellow Marxists would move to Cuba, North Korea, or perhaps China. There, you could enjoy the Marxist system with which you are so enamored, and freedom-loving Americans could get on with our liberty and prosperity without being encumbered by your ilk. Everyone would be so much more satisfied.