History of ObamaCare Duplicity from South Dakota RINOs

Rep. Lora Hubbel

Rep. Lora Hubbel

Phil Jensen


This video from Liberty Today featuring South Dakota Rep. Lora Hubbel exposes the rank hypocrisy of RINO Gov. Dennis Daugaard and his fellow RINOs in the South Dakota Legislature who say out of one side of their mouth that they oppose ObamaCare, while out of the other side of their mouth they fight every legislative effort to resist ObamaCare.

Rep. Hubbel has been at the forefront of fighting ObamaCare in South Dakota…and has paid a heavy price at the hands of “Republicans” who don’t appreciate her boat-rocking. The fact that she even needs to point out these things is proof of the axiom voiced by George Orwell: In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Going back to 2010, Gov. Mike Rounds administration, which included then Lt. Gov. Dennis Daugaard, fought–along with their proxies and cohorts in the legislature–efforts to resist ObamaCare and implement a Health Care Freedom Act.  This was a time when all the states needed to send a loud and unmistakable message to the federal government that the American people were NOT going to roll over for their unconstitutional tyranny.

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Since then, the Daugaard Administration has moved forward with implementing ObamaCare in South Dakota (at a time when very few states were doing so, and many were openly resisting this tyranny) and taking a cool $6.9 million in federal taxpayer-funded largess. This duplicity served to undermine the efforts of more than two-dozen states to fight ObamaCare in the courts. Meanwhile, the administration, with the help of fellow RINOs in the legislature, has continued to resist efforts to fight ObamaCare from real Republicans in the legislature.

All the while, we see a “Republican” governor and “Republican” leadership team working to quash textbook Republican legislation every time it comes up, even in committee when possible.  We also see a RINO governor’s office defending liberal “Republicans” in an election primary over conservative Republicans who clearly represent Republican values and the GOP platform far better than their liberal opponents. We have so-called “Republicans” defending those who have voted against protecting innocent human life, have voted to advance the homosexual agenda, voted against the free exercise of Second Amendment rights, voted against responsibility with taxpayer dollars, and voted to sell out the freedom of South Dakotans.

The last time I checked, such liberal behavior did not by any stretch of the imagination constitute “conservative” or even “Republican” virtues, and anyone who defends such disloyalty to Republican values has forfeited their right to be considered a Republican in good standing.  No amount of denial or wishful thinking is going to magically turn a liberal position into a conservative one, not even based on who takes the position. Ideology is based not on persons or personalities, but on principles. Defending your buddies who are selling out the values you claim to hold dear makes you as guilty as they are. What is more important: personalities or principles?

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The record of liberalism, duplicity and hypocrisy is very clear.

The question for you is this: do you have the courage to face the fact that you have been betrayed by your so-called “Republican” leaders, or will you shove your head as deeply into the sand as possible, sing kumbaya and pretend all is well so you can maintain that warm and fuzzy “good guy” feeling…while your party and your freedom are sold down the river by self-serving politicians who are more concerned about being among those who get to divide the spoils than they are about standing for principle and what is right?

Will you:

  1. Go along to get along, or
  2. Overcome the politics of personality and take a stand for what is right?

The decision is yours.  What will you choose today?



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