SDANG Iraq War Company Commander to Talk about IEDs

Maj. Gregory Darlow

Maj. Gregory Darlow

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Maj. Gregory Darlow of the South Dakota Army National Guard will visually present his Iraq War experiences on Saturday, August 11th at Western Dakota Technical Institute in Rapid City, 9-11 am, an event sponsored by the Black Hills Veterans Writing Group.

Darlow was Company Commander during the war in Iraq, where his focus was on route clearance and the removal of IEDs. Improvised Explosive Devices remain the weapon of choice for insurgents in Middle Eastern war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan. Soldiers who must clear these explosives have one of the most dangerous jobs in the military today.

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Now a Mobilization Plans Specialist at Camp Rapid, he was then a 1LT in Company A, 153rd Engineer Battalion headquartered in eastern South Dakota. He was promoted to CPT about 3 days before departing from Kuwait to come home.



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