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Kawaiaha'o Church (Photo Credit: Clifford's Photography, Arlington, VA)

The Life of the Land

Hawaii became a U.S. Territory JULY 7, 1898, as President McKinley signed the Treaty of Annexation. Hawaii’s Motto, “The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness,” was first uttered by Queen Ke’opuolani in 1825 as she was baptized into the Christian faith. Kawaiaha’o, one of the first Christian churches in Hawaii, was built between 1836-1842 in New England style architecture. It was called the “Westminster Abbey of Hawaii.”

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President Ronald Reagan

In search of conservative leadership

Conservatives are looking for leadership at this difficult and challenging time. The left has a leader. He is in the White House and he is leading us into oblivion. Where is conservative leadership — leadership that will remind us that American community is defined by personal responsibility, not by government mandates?

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