RINO Attack on Pro-Life Republican Candidate

Phil Jensen


The pro-abortion allies of South Dakota State Senator Craig Tieszen have sent out a mailer telling lies about Republican challenger Stacey Wollman.

As you will see in the images of the mailer below, the first lie they tell is about the nature of a woman’s decision to kill her own child.  Since the father of the child has no legal say in the life of his child, they erred by saying the woman’s family is included in the decision.  Mentioning the woman’s “doctor” is also laughable, since having an abortion doesn’t require her to see a doctor, only an abortionist. Well, actually, abortionists fought efforts to allow women a chance to see and consult with their abortionist prior to the abortion. As practice has been in South Dakota for many years, a woman likely will not even see her abortionist “doctor” until minutes before the abortion is performed; that’s really some “doctor-patient relationship,” isn’t it? Many abortionists would even like to keep the contact between a woman and her abortion doctor confined to a webcam contact. What a crock!

The second lie on the card concerns “mandated forcible and coercive examinations.” We heard the same lie several months ago when Virginia sought to require ultrasounds before an abortion. Abortionists squawked that the ultrasounds were “intrusive” violations of the woman’s body, and likened them to rape…even though a survey a few years ago found that somewhere on the order of 90% or more of abortion clinics already do an ultrasound before an abortion (they just don’t show the results to the woman–wouldn’t want her realizing that she has a living child in her womb, would we?).

Rick Kriebel 2016


The third lie deals with the cost of defending laws that protect innocent human life. Democratically enacted laws to protect innocent human life are passed, then those who are hungry for abortion dollars file lawsuits against the state…and then those same pro-abortionists blame the state and pro-life people for the cost of the lawsuit they themselves have filed!

These liberals, regardless of what letter they have after their name, are like the Islamic extremists who rape a woman and then blame her for the “dishonor” she has caused by being raped.

As Thomas Jefferson said,

Woodrow Wilcox


“The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the first and only legitimate object of good government.”

If the role of government is not to protect innocent human life, then it has no legitimate purpose. Without life, none of our other God-given rights are worth a hill of beans.

Incidentally, these pro-abortionists are many of the same liberals who want to tell you what to do with your own health care and your own money, and use government force to intrude into your life in every way imaginable.  Their faux whining about “government intrusion” is just another typical liberal lie.

Government to protect innocent human life?  Never.

Government to prevent them from ending an innocent human life and interfering in their personal convenience at the expense of another person?  Never!

Government intrusion to rob people of their freedom, their property rights and other God-given liberties? All day long.

That’s the difference not only between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party, but also the difference between RINOs and real Republicans.

Make your choice wisely at the voting booth tomorrow.  In many races, the choice is very clear.


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