Pelosi Confirms Elitist Opinion of Self

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

It doesn’t matter whether Nancy Pelosi is talking about gay marriage, abortion, contraceptives,  her self-appointed leadership of the Catholic church or anything else for that matter — her recent comment says it all.

“It’s a matter of time, it’s all a matter of time,” Pelosi said. “On these issues, what is inevitable to some of us is inconceivable to others. What we want to do is shorten the difference between the inevitable and the inconceivable and I think the president went a long way in doing that yesterday,” she said.

Pelosi & Pals seem to feel they are the enlightened ones who have been granted the knowledge of all ages.  They, the enlightened buddies, see the future (involving many issues) which the rest of us may not understand, may find inconceivable and may actually find totally unacceptable.  It needn’t matter though, for they (they think) see and shall lead us to the inevitable (whether we wish to go there or not) because it is best for us according to their little fantasy world.

Pelosi’s comments should be a real wake-up call to Americans young and old.

Let’s not define what is right or wrong based upon whether it is right or wrong — let’s just consider whether it is inevitable or not, get it out of the way and move along to the next inevitable issue of self-indulgence to become the hot issue to force upon society.  Gotta keep that thrill of enlightenment going or an entire group of society might become bored and ready to do some real damage to the lives of the rest of us.

The enlightened might decide that aborting the unwanted babies is so good, that it would likewise be just as good to abort the elderly, disabled, or anyone not being productive (according to them).  Oh, excuse me, we are basically doing that already.  Forgive me for my lapse of memory.

Woodrow Wilcox


The inevitable? = eliminating anything and everything that gets in the way of wealth, power, and immediate pleasure and suggests goodness, compassion and unselfish obligation to another in the true sense of it all?

While there may be many thoughts and definitions of the inevitable by just as many people, it shall one day become inevitable that George Orwell, for one, was on to something when he wrote Animal Farm and 1984.


Pelosi just hasn’t figured it out that when her usefulness has faded — she, too, may end up with the rest of us and her elitist opinion no longer even be a memory.  She, too, perhaps shall be erased in the history books as history is rewritten.

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Carrie Hutchens is a former law enforcement officer and a freelance writer who is active in fighting against the death culture movement and the injustices within the judicial and law enforcement systems.
Carrie K. Hutchens

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