Report Dispels the Myths South Dakota Government is Buying

Phil Jensen


The Illinois Policy Institute has put together a report on the health care exchanges pushed by ObamaCare.  It examines some of the myths surrounding ObamaCare health care exchanges, and then looks at the facts.

While a number of states are rightly and wisely resisting this unconstitutional intrusion of federal tyranny, South Dakota has rushed headlong into embracing Obama bureaucracy, and is instead resisting the efforts of some legislators to protect the people of South Dakota.

Whether South Dakota officials and legislators really believe that somehow socialism can work in South Dakota even though it always fails miserably everywhere it has ever been tried around the world throughout history, or whether they are just hungry to have federal dollars to play around with, I don’t know.  Either way, they are selling the freedom of those they were elected to represent down the river.

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From a summary of the Illinois Policy Institute report at the National Center for Policy Analysis:

Myth: If a state does not build an ex­change, the federal government will build its own and op­erate it here in Illinois.

  • Fact: Nobody knows what will happen if Illi­nois refuses to implement an exchange.
  • Fact: While Congress supplied funding for the states to set up health insurance exchanges — though not to run them — it did not provide the federal De­partment of Health and Human Services with the resources necessary to establish a federal ex­change in every state that refuses.

Myth: An exchange administered by a state will en­sure the state has greater flexibility than if the federal government administers the exchange.

  • Fact: Although the state exchange would be run by state officials, the state would have no more freedom or flexibility than under a federally-im­posed exchange.
  • Fact: Federal rules will dictate virtu­ally all aspects of the exchange’s operation.

Myth: The Supreme Court case only concerns the in­dividual mandate and the exchanges will move forward regardless of the Court’s ruling.

  • Fact: The Supreme Court is deciding several is­sues concerning the ACA, including wheth­er to strike down the entire law.
  • Fact: If the Court strikes down the entirety of the law, the money and effort expended to create the exchange will have been wasted.
  • Fact: Even if the Court upholds the law — or part of the law — legal challenges to the exchange provisions and their related federal rules are already being prepared.

In other words, states have nothing to lose by holding off to see if the U.S. Supreme Court will uphold the U.S. Constitution and strike down this oppressive legislation, or even in fighting it with everything they have.

Instead defending freedom, South Dakota officials chose to collaborate with their would-be oppressors in the federal government.



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