Millionaire on Food Stamps

Phil Jensen


This is one of the many reasons our unconstitutional welfare system needs to be abandoned to return to the system of private charity we had for most of our history in the United States.

Amanda Clayton in Lincoln Park, Michigan was on welfare when she won $1 million in the lottery. That ended up being a little more than $500,000 after a one-time payout and taxes, but still a very huge chunk of change.

Did she use some of that money to start her own business and become a productive member of society? Ah, no.

Rick Kriebel 2016


Did she at least go down to the welfare office and tell them, “Hey, thanks for stealing from productive taxpayers against their will to take care of me all this time, but now that I have half a million dollars, you can keep the welfare checks”? Ah, no

Not only did she not get herself off welfare, she still considers herself entitled to my property and yours. She deserves it.

A private system of charity is far better equipped than a government system to (a) ensure the genuine need of an individual before dispensing charity, (b) work with that individual to help them get out of whatever situation put them in need in the first place, and (c) discover, penalize, and cut off abuse of the system. Most of all, a private system of charity has the virtues of (a) having willing and voluntary contributors, and (b) not violating  the U.S. Constitution, our nation’s highest law.

Woodrow Wilcox


Let’s demand that our leaders return to what works best, and start showing some respect to our Constitution.



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