Dakota Voice Listed as ‘Hate Group’ By Leftist Hate Group

I received a call this morning from Black Hills Fox, the local Fox affiliate here in Rapid City, informing me that the Southern Poverty Law Center, a Leftist hate group, had listed Dakota Voice as a “hate group.”  Apparently these liberal hate-mongers have a new list out which claims groups that support traditional American values, er, “hate groups” are on the rise.

For those of you who may be new to American Clarion, Dakota Voice is the website under which we published news and commentary from a conservative Christian perspective for the past seven years.

Among the many Leftist propaganda groups we have exposed and discussed over those seven years is the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that started out several decades ago opposing the KKK and other racist groups.  Unfortunately, like a number of groups that started out doing good work, somewhere along the way SPLC sold its soul to the Left and has become a shameless shill and propaganda organ to oppose anyone who loves America and opposes the corrosive liberal agenda (which includes things like the homosexual agenda, illegal immigration, apologetics for Islamic extremism, Shariah law, gun control, and big government).  They quite literally view patriotism as a threat.

While I hadn’t heard about the SPLC’s new report or that Dakota Voice had been included, it was no real surprise, knowing their venom for people and groups who cherish American values.  Further, since we have published a number of articles exposing their radical agenda, we no doubt ticked them off enough that they felt the need to throw some of their poison our way.

I told the reporter at Black Hills Fox this, and told him it was actually an honor to be listed as a “hate group” by this Leftist hate group, knowing their vile agenda and considering the good groups they have vilified in the past. After all, they have included groups like the Constitution Party, Mass ResistanceOath Keepers, Jihad Watch,  Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, American Family Association, and the Family Research Council in their enemy’s list. For a little “one horse operation” like Dakota Voice aka American Clarion to be included among these great groups is quite a compliment.

I was interviewed by Black Hills Fox earlier today (see the video clip below), and it was a pretty fair and “objective” piece, i.e. allowed both sides to present their statements. I said a good bit more about what an extremist organization SPLC is and why I think Dakota Voice ended up on their list, but I understand that in a news segment like that, there isn’t room for more than a couple of bites.

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Anyone who knows me and Dakota Voice must certainly be scratching their head over the “connection” between DV and the racist imagery they displayed from the SPLC website, since some of my best friends over the years have been black Americans and my best man at my wedding was such a man–not to mention the fact that for years we have published articles by Star Parker and other black Americans. Several of the writers at Dakota Voice (including myself) were enthusiastic supporters of Herman Cain for president until he dropped out of the race, as well as being fans of black economists Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell, and black media figures such as Lloyd Marcus and Alfonzo Rachel.  We also roundly and soundly denounced the racism coming from the Left toward Jews. Dakota Voice really sounds like a racist haven, doesn’t it? But when you’re coming from the Left, accusations don’t have to line up with facts; you just have to say it with sincerity.

I also received a call from a local news radio station and was told that the fact that Dakota Voice was listed as a “hate group” by SPLC came to light among these media organizations during a conference call with law enforcement authorities this morning.



Knowing that the Obama Department of Homeland Security wasted no time in 2009 in rebranding Islamic terrorists as “misunderstood persons” and branding pro-lifers, veterans and other patriotic Americans as potential domestic terrorists, this came as no surprise either. Having spent many years in military law enforcement, and having a number of friends who are still in law enforcement, I can only hope they see the SPLC for the radical, Leftist organization most reasonable Americans know it to be.  Any credibility they once had for targeting genuine haters like the KKK has long been obscured with their animosity toward people and groups who seek to maintain traditional American values.

There’s a saying that a person is known not only by the friends they keep, but also by their enemies.  To be placed on the enemy’s list of the Southern Poverty Law Center honors Dakota Voice and those of us who helped earn our place on their hate-list.  I’m wondering if a plaque comes with the inclusion; I’d love to frame it on my wall.

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Bob Ellis has been the owner of media company Dakota Voice, LLC since 2005. He is a 10-year U.S. Air Force veteran, a political reporter and commentator for the past decade, and has been involved in numerous election and public policy campaigns for over 20 years. He was a founding member and board member of the Tea Party groups Citizens for Liberty and the South Dakota Tea Party Alliance. He lives in Rapid City, South Dakota with his wife and two children.
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  • retiredday

         ‘it was actually an honor to be listed as a “hate group” by this Leftist hate group’

    Amen!  And it is an honor to be standing with you. 

    “The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.”  — John 1:5

  • thisoldspouse

    Congratulations, Bob.  You’ve arrived!

    • Tell me about it! I’m hated by some of the right people, and folks like you helped make it possible with all your support. Thank you!

  • Great article Bob. Does not surprise me at all by this and just gives you an idea of where our country is going.

  • DCM7

    You can’t be liked by everyone, but you can be hated by the right people!

  • WXRGina

    Good job, Bob!  I know you said a lot more than the sound bite they gave you, but you did very well with what you had to work with!

  • Rhudedog

    Dude, you the man!

  • If you don’t have enemies, you don’t have character. — Paul Newman

    Being a man of immense character, we knew you must have made some enemies over the years (e.g., the cyber attacks), but this is quite an honor, Bob.  I am very proud of you and Dakota Voice and all those that have contributed to its success, including authors, contributors and readers (especially those that leave comments).  Atta Boy, Bob.

    How about putting something permanent on the first page of AC touting the title, “official SPLC hate group?”

    • Thank you, Dr. Theo. Apparently we yet again think alike re: your idea about putting up something permanent. My idea is to make some sort of hybrid of the crest in this article combined with the certificate look that shows up in the “featured article” section of the homepage. Since I already have an American flag in the main banner, I was thinking of replacing the flag to the left of the banner with this “certified hate group” graphic. Haven’t come up with something I like yet, but if you or anyone else has some ideas and wants to put together a draft, I’d welcome them.