Church and State Coming Back Together

Some interesting developments are afoot in the 2012 presidential election…and the Left probably doesn’t like most of them–and those they do like, the probably aren’t happy that anyone noticed.

Leftists have for years gone into black churches and held pep rallies.  It’s one of the countless examples of liberal hypocrisy, i.e. raging hysteria over alleged violations of “separation of church and state” when a Bible-believing church dares take a stand for moral legislation or moral officials…while getting the troops stoked in liberal black churches.

So it was really no surprise to hear (see the video below) that President Barack Obama is stumping for church-going liberal black Americans to support his socialist, race-pandering campaign.  What I DID find remarkable was the openness with which he called on black church-goers to be actively involved in supporting his campaign–including so-called “congregation captains.”

Ted Cruz 2016


It may surprise you, but as a Bible-believing, Constitution-respecting conservative, I think this is great!  No, I don’t believe Obama’s race-baiting, race-pandering, and promotion of preferences and socialism are great; I think it’s great to see the Left openly engaging in political activity in connection with like-minded churches and church-goers.  Why?

For about five years now, the Alliance Defense Fund and many others have been working to get rid of the unconstitutional tax code prohibition against church involvement for or against a political candidate.  Their Pulpit Freedom Sunday events have been aimed at the change Senator Lyndon Johnson sneaked into the tax code in 1954 which has been used as an unconstitutional club to silence Bible-believing churches ever since.

Sadly, some timid Christians and pastors probably didn’t need much of an excuse to dissuade them from being the salt and light all Christians are called to be in this dark and decaying world. But many well-meaning Christians and pastors have been intimidated and misled into inaction since then by the campaign of fear-mongering waged by the IRS, anti-Christian groups like Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and other Leftist.

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The Alliance Defense Fund started this effort in 2007, and so far, not a single pastor who has challenged this unconstitutional tax code provision has been prosecuted or even investigated by the IRS. The IRS will either have to take a church/pastor to court for this constitutionally protected activity (and lose), or continue to ignore this activity in the hopes that ignorance will continue to keep many pastors silent.  But that ignorance is crumbling.

One sign that freedom is breaking out in Bible-believing churches (beyond the Pulpit Initiative itself) is this video below of GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich speaking at a Georgia church.

I am not a supporter of Gingrich for president, but he says a number of things in this speech that are very true, and need to be proclaimed loudly in every corner of our great nation. Gingrich even goes so condemn the anti-freedom and anti-Christian policies of Barack Obama. It’s no wonder he received several standing ovations during this speech.

Christians–including pastors–should be free to proclaim the truth.  They should even be free to proclaim falsehood and lies in the form of political opinion–though they will answer to God for their contempt of his Biblical standards.  In a nation such as America where religious freedom has not only been our way of life for more than 200 years but has been enshrined in the First Amendment to our Constitution, all should have the freedom to follow and express their conscience–no matter how offensive, or how warped and stunted that conscience may be.

Freedom (and truth) are beginning to ring out again from our long-silent American churches,  and it is a beautiful noise!

President Obama Announces the 2012 Launch of African Americans for Obama

Newt Gingrich Speaking at Georgia Church

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  • retiredday

    The doctrine of separation between church and state has always historically meant keeping the government out of the church, not keeping the church out of government.  Those who twist that truth, who claim that God and faith in God does not belong in government, do not know their history or the character of America.  Don’t be intimidated into not speaking the truth, especially in church.  Let freedom ring! 

    • WXRGina

      Right and true, Mike!!!