Seven States Sue Feds Over Religious Freedom Assault

Phil Jensen


Not only are several religious organizations fighting back against President Barack Obama’s ObamaCare assault on religious freedom, now seven states are filing a lawsuit against the federal government.

This is the kind of strong stance and affirmative defense of freedom that the neutered legislators in the South Dakota Legislature desperately need to learn from. Somehow it has escaped many South Dakota legislators that the way you demonstrate opposition to something is by opposing it, not by accommodating what you claim to oppose or by shooting down the efforts of others to oppose what you claim to oppose.

These states have it right.  The American people expect our leaders to obey the Constitution and respect our God-given liberties.  But if they refuse, then we expect our state leaders to exercise their powers under Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution and the Tenth Amendment–as well as the moral imperative of any elected official to protect the interests of those he was elected to represent–to protect and defend us against the usurpations and abuses of tyrants in Washington D.C.

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While a number of the “Republicans” in the South Dakota Legislature leave a lot to be desired, Attorney General Marty Jackley seems to be a good servant of the people. Hopefully he will lead the charge to have South Dakota join these other states in protecting freedom for ALL Americans.



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