Faith Fruit of Political Figures

Phil Jensen


The lunacy from the Left over Christianity (and what is NOT Christianity) is amazing, as displayed in these videos of MSNBC interviewing Franklin Graham.

I really have to ask myself: are these media types really this completely ignorant of Christianity and religion in general…or are they just angling and wrangling in any way possible to get a person who is clearly a serious Christian to give an official pass to someone who has demonstrated extremely doubtful “fruit” of Christian faith?

As Graham pointed out, one person cannot know the status of another person’s saving faith in Jesus Christ; only God knows that. But Christ did tell us we would be known by the fruit our life produces.  When a person lives generally according to the tenets and attributes of Christianity, you can be pretty sure that such a person is a Christian. When a person lives generally according to the tenets and attributes of Islam, you can be pretty sure that such a person is a Muslim. And when a person lives generally according to the tenets and attributes of non-believing secular humanism, you can be pretty sure that such a person is a secular humanist–and not a Christian.

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Christianity teaches the value of children and all innocent human life; Barack Obama has vociferously defended the destruction of innocent human life for convenience sake.  Christianity teaches sexual morality, while Barack Obama has defended sexual license. Christianity teaches that human sexuality is proper only within the relationship of a husband and wife, while Barack Obama has worked to tear down the sanctity of marriage and allow homosexuals to counterfeit it. Christianity teaches that homosexual behavior is a perversion of God’s design for human sexuality, while Barack Obama has strongly worked to legitimize this perversion. Is Barack Obama’s fruit in keeping with God’s standard? For that matter, is Mitt Romney’s?

In our modern culture of sexual and moral license, the Left desperately wants a free pass for everyone (except Christians) to do whatever they want and live their lives however they want and be completely exempt from moral evaluation or judgment.

But Christianity and life in general doesn’t work that way. A Christian should be producing fruit in keeping with an attitude that acknowledges the negativity of sin. God makes it clear that what we do DOES matter to God, and will be judged according to its merits. We may desperately want to face the facts of our immoral behaviors here in this life, but God makes it clear that we WILL be judged in eternity.

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“Being nice” won’t cut it. God doesn’t tell us to “be nice” to meet his approval. He tells us in the Bible what his standards are, and that we have all failed to meet them, and that the only way to receive pardon for our failure is to place our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. And a person who has placed such faith in Jesus Christ, while not perfect, will produce life fruit that is in keeping with what God has told us is right and wrong.

Politicians don’t get a pass on this, and neither does anyone else.

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