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More Patriotic and Uplifting Behavior from Occupy Wall Street

February 10, 2012   ·   By   ·   1 Comments

Well, apparently the Occupy Wall Street movement-though we haven’t heard as much from them lately-is as patriotic, law-abiding and uplifting as ever.

In this video, we see their love of country and fellow man with such statements:

  • America has got to go!
  • F*** the police
  • All cops are b*******
  • I see a pig!
  • No borders, no nations, no pigs, no taxation
  • They can ignore a protest, but they can’t ignore a city on fire
  •  (To the police) You’re in my neighborhood with guns!!!
  • (To the police) Get the f*** out of here! Go eat a d***!

And what occupier activity would be complete without some good old fashioned property destruction, eh?

Remember this when it comes time to volunteer, contribute and vote in this 2012 election year, for you know who supports this movement and whose ideology is right in line with this movement. The choice for-and against-America could not be more clear.

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  • Anonymous

    My question is, why aren’t they shooting these barbarians?  The OWSers are every bit as menacing as Islamo-fascists.

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