Constitutional Carry Bill Faces Opposition in SD House

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Phil Jensen


Sent out today from South Dakota Gun Owners:

The fight is on in Pierre.

The 2012 South Dakota Legislative session started yesterday, and South Dakota Gun Owners has teamed up with pro-gun Representative Don Kopp to introduce HB 1015, the “Constitutional Carry Bill.”

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Now, anti-gun politicians like RINO (Republican In Name Only) Rep. Val Rausch are on the war-path. They’ve joined forces with the George Soros-backed Municipal League and Mike Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Guns” to kill pro-gun bills and pass New York-style gun control in South Dakota.

That’s why I hope you’ll take the action below right away!

Anti-gun Rep. Rausch is using his position as Speaker of the House to stonewall gun owners, all the while claiming to be a “pro-gun Republican!” Last year he led the charge for radical city-level gun bans. He also supported the current law which strips employees of their right to self-defense in their own private vehicles.

Woodrow Wilcox


Now Rausch is preparing to push the same agenda during the 2012 session and is working to kill the “Constitutional Carry Bill” (HB 1015).

“Constitutional Carry” simply means the Second Amendment is all you need in order to exercise your right to self-defense. No one should be forced to get a government permit to exercise a God-given right.

Criminals don’t stop to get permits before they commit crimes with a handguns. The pistol permit requirement has yet to prevent a crime, but it does keep law-abiding people from defending themselves.

“This is a common-sense bill that provides safety for South Dakota families and matches the clear intent of the Second Amendment,” Rep. Kopp told news reporters. “South Dakota should not be making self-defense a crime.”

I couldn’t agree more! Please take action right now!

First, contact Rep. Val Rausch and respectfully demand that he STOP pushing New York-style gun control in SD. SDGO just mailed thousands of postcards to gun owners in his district with detailed information on his anti-gun shenanigans. Add your voice now! As Speaker of the House, he represents all of South Dakota.

You can email him here: [email protected]

You can call and leave a message for him at his business: 605-880-5015

Or you can leave a message for him at the Capitol: 605-773-3851

Feel free to use the sample message below to direct your comments.

Second, would you chip in $15 or $20 to help fund the fight? SDGO is working overtime at the Capitol to defend the right to arms, but we simply cannot do it without your help.

For more detailed information about the South Dakota Constitutional Carry Bill, see below.

Please take action right away to let Rep. Rausch know that his anti-gun shenanigans aren’t appreciated in South Dakota.

For Liberty,

Ray Lautenschlager
Executive Director

———- Sample Message ———-

Dear Rep. Rausch:

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to hear that you have been using your position as Speaker of the House to advance New York-style gun bans in South Dakota.

That agenda doesn’t belong here. South Dakota Gun Owners has informed me that you claim to be “pro-gun,” all the while supporting efforts to ban self-defense in city parks and in employees’ private vehicles.

I respectfully urge you to reverse your position. Stop listening to the George Soros-backed Municipal League and represent South Dakota values.

Thank you for your consideration.



More on Constitutional Carry

The South Dakota Constitutional Carry Bill mirrors current law in Vermont, Alaska, Arizona and Wyoming. It removes the penalty for carrying a concealed handgun without a permit and does away with the 5-day waiting period required before you can carry a handgun for self-defense.

It also removes the mandatory permit fee, which is nothing more than a tax on the Second Amendment — a tax someone is always trying to increase. Gun owners will likely see a bill this year to double the permit fee.

Finally, it eliminates intrusive, government-mandated background checks for law-abiding citizens. Thanks to legislation passed last year which SDGO opposed, gun owners can now be forced to undergo international background checks. The 5-day waiting period can become a 6-month ordeal while results are pending from INTERPOL.

It’s important to note that the Constitutional Carry Bill does not do away with the permit, just the requirement to obtain one before you can exercise your right to self-defense. The pistol permit system will remain in place for those who want a permit for concealed carry reciprocity in other states.



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