Overrruled: Parental Rights on the Ropes

I think we can all agree that parents who willfully do harm to their children should no longer be trusted with the welfare of those children. I saw enough casual harm to intentional harm from parents to their children during my years in law enforcement to last a lifetime.

Most of us could probably agree that parents who expose their children to harm, or who withhold care from their children that is clearly life-saving, need an intervention if not loss of parental responsibility.

But what if it’s the state that means to do children harm?  What are we to do then?  Unfortunately, in a culture where government has little if any constitutional restraint anymore, where that government is filled with radicals who are hostile to families and parental rights, this is becoming more of the norm than the exception.

The right (the responsibility) of a parent to raise their children without outside interference is sacred.  It is a God-given right and responsibility, and as such should only be curtailed in the most clear and egregious circumstances where a parent has violated that trust.

This documentary, “Overruled: Government Invasion of Your Parental Rights,” is about 37 minutes long, but it’s something every parent, grandparent, and concerned citizen needs to be educated on.  Yes, this kind of thing was unthinkable 30 years ago.  Thanks to people like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, and a host of other Leftists in our government, it is no longer unthinkable…it is becoming all too common. This is of course a natural outflow of the Leftist mindset that rights are NOT God-given, but are leased to the individual by the state and are tightly controlled by the state.

One of the cases you will learn about is the withholding of medical information from parents.  Yes, apparently, thanks to federal fools, parents need to get permission from their children to see the child’s medical records.  With respect to my friends in the medical profession, yes, doctors can be real jerks, but their hands are frequently tied by the bureaucratic enemies of the family.

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Another case reveals the promotion of the homosexual agenda to children as young as five years old.  Yes, some educational bureaucrats consider themselves empowered and entitled to promote an unnatural, immoral and unhealthy sexual behavior to your children. They seek to brainwash children into believing sodomy is normal and healthy, and indoctrinate them with propaganda that says two men sodomizing one another should be considered “marriage” if the homosexuals want it to. They not only demand your tax dollars to pay for this harmful propaganda, but insist on the right to teach it to your children. And if you object, you are the bad guy. (Thank God for homeschooling)

Yet another case reveals a child who did not want to go to church with his parents (there was nothing unusual, cultic or otherwise questionable about the church), and he managed to leverage the power of the state to take this child out of the home to grant him his wish.  (Meanwhile, I have no doubt whatsoever that if the parents wanted to teach their child that sodomy was normal and healthy, or that two women could be “married,” or some such rot, they would be applauded by the same Leftist bureaucrats).  When the official ruling (mandating no more than one visit to church per week) was handed down by a “judge,” it was made clear that if the parents disagreed with that ruling, the state would take their child away from them again–perhaps permanently.  The right and responsibility of parents to provide moral training to their children is a distant priority behind the goal of “emancipating” another drone and pawn for the state.

In the past we had no need of explicit protection of parental rights.  Such things (like the fact that only a man and a woman can form a marriage) were so glaringly obvious to everyone that there was no need to codify it.  But in a world where war is being waged against obvious things like marriage and parental rights, the time has sadly come.  Though Leftists will sneer and mock (as they always do when they are exposed), the informed student of history knows that the destruction of the family is a key tenet of the Marxist pursuit of their glorious utopia.

So grab a soda or glass of water and make the time to sit down for 37 minutes and watch this.  You will be educated and informed by credible, trustworthy experts, many of whom you may already know like Rebecca Hagelin, former U.S. Magistrate Judge William Wagner, former Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), and more.

This is the vision the Left has for America.  You need to remember this when you cast your vote at every level–local, state, federal–next year. In the meantime, know what’s going on in your community.  And join the push for constitutional protection of what used to be simple common sense: parental rights.  You can find out more here.



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