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How to Go on the Offensive Against the Left-and WIN

November 29, 2012   ·   By   ·   4 Comments

A-10 Thunderbolt firing its 30mm cannon

A-10 Thunderbolt firing its 30mm cannon

Don Feder has some excellent advice for conservatives that really, truly, desperately needs to be taken to heart by ALL conservatives.

Feder begins his article by pointing out that some conservatives say we need to use the Leftist’s Saul Alinsky tactics against them. I would caution about going to far with this; conservatives can’t lie, propagandize, make things up, stoop to hate the people themselves, and engage in baseless attacks like the Left does and still be true to conservative principles (all of those behaviors are antithetical to conservative values).

However, what I hope is the spirit of such comments is absolutely correct: conservatives need to stop running around with their tails between their legs and wringing their hands over the thought that liberals might not think they’re a nice guy. In other words, we need to realize and take extremely seriously the reality that we are in an all-out, life-or-death war for the life and soul of America-and that if we aren’t determined to win, we’re certainly going to lose.

Can a person or country resolve their differences without all-out war? Of course they can. However, after decades of both hidden and overt hostility toward American values and the U.S. Constitution, it is an inescapable reality that the Left has declared all-out war on the American way of life. When someone is going for your jugular, only a complete idiot would be worried about being a “nice guy” at a time like that. When war has been brought to you, you can fight back-and fight to win…or give up and be dominated or destroyed.

Here is a brief summary of Feder’s advice (and I could not agree more):

  1. Understand that the left intends to destroy you.
  2.  A slogan isn’t an argument.
  3. All issues are connected.
  4. Never leave a man behind.
  5. Don’t let the Republican establishment pick our candidates.
  6. Every conservative should have a RINO hunting license.
  7. Defund the left.
  8. Negative campaigning works.
  9. Don’t engage in racial/ethnic/gender appeals.
  10. The conservative movement is faith-based.
  11. Don’t be intimidated by charges of racism, sexism and xenophobia, which the establishment uses to silence dissent.
  12. You can’t beat something with nothing.
  13. Playing it safe is the surest way to lose.
  14. Talk of third parties is a waste of breath.
  15. Beware of conservatives defeatists.

Some additional statments Feder made that are worthy of individual mention:

  • …Your opponent isn’t a nice guy or a misguided idealist. He’s a dogmatist cut from the same cloth as Robespierre and Lenin…
  • …Many in the mushy middle have never heard a convincing rationale for conservative positions…
  • …Don’t let the media define acceptability…
  • …Democrats are political street-fighters. Republicans are the guys who bring a rubber knife to a gunfight…
  • … Voters hunger not for bi-partisanship but moral clarity…
  • …Going back to the 1964 Goldwater campaign, RINOs have rarely missed a chance to stab conservative candidates in the back…
  • …The whining about negative campaigning is a losers’ lament and a way to handicap conservatives…
  • …Anger and fear trump hope and kumbaya every time…
  • …When it comes to racial minorities, we can’t compete with the left in a bidding war for their affection…
  • …Appeals should be framed on common ground (faith, family and freedom), not on compromising conservative values…
  • …How does holding minorities to the same standards as whites constitute racism?…
  • …With Romney, voters had the impression of man who smiled nicely and spoke reassuringly, but was grounded in Jello…
  • …After the 1857 Dred Scott decision, there were those prepared to declare abolitionism dead…
USS Wisconsin

USS Wisconsin

Be sure to go to his article and read the entire thing. If you are a conservative who hasn’t already embraced this advice, read it again. If you are a conservative who realizes that the greatest country God ever gifted a people with is on the verge of demise, read it a third  or fourth time-whatever it takes to realize that the defeatist, let’s-dance-to-the-Left’s-tune-of-compromise-and-timidity strategy is about to destroy us and our country.

Authentic conservatives who know me usually say I’m a very nice guy. Anyone who isn’t an authentic conservative usually hates me.  In the course of speaking out publicly for conservative values for the past 10 years or more, I’ve earned the hatred and loathing of almost every Democrat who has ever heard my name. Unlike some conservatives, I won’t allow them to intimidate me into silence, and won’t allow their lies to stand unrebuked.  Since more than a few “Republicans” have adopted the liberalism of the Democrat Party and infiltrated the GOP with it, there are now quite a few Republicans who also loathe me.  And since I am a conservative and not a licentious libertarian, there are quite a few libertarians who despise me, too.

Why do I tell you all this?  To illustrate that my job is not to be liked.  It’s not what I’m called to do-not on any level.

But aren’t conservatives supposed to be mild-mannered and nice? Bull!  But aren’t Christians supposed to smile and “love” everyone?  Balderdash!

Jesus Christ was the personification of love, and do you remember what happened to him?  A lot of people hated him, threw him out of their towns, and ultimately ended up beating him bloody and nailing him to a tree.  He was exceedingly gentle and kind (while still not going soft on right and wrong) with those who had an open-heart to receiving the truth; he was a straight-shooter who didn’t mince words when it came to dealing with truth-hostile types who were Hell-bent and Hell-bent on taking others along with them.  No, Jesus wasn’t a “nice guy” when it came to confronting evil…and make no mistake: the liberal agenda is evil in modern political incarnation.

God didn’t call his people to be liked. He called his people to stand for what is right, to be salt and light in a dark and decaying world. In fact, he made it extremely clear that if we are obedient to his standard, people are going to hate us. A lot of people are going to hate us.  Do you know what light does to people who are in the dark? It hurts their eyes when it shines upon them. Do you know what salt does to an open wound?  It hurts like heck. People who are bent on doing wrong sometimes surrender their pride to the truth; more often than not, they double-down and head toward Hell even faster when confronted by the truth.

So get used to the idea of being hated, mocked and derided by liberals (I have). Ditch any fantasies you have of being able to defeat evil while still being a “nice guy” whom everybody likes. Knuckle down and deal with the fact that you are at war, and in war, you have to play rough to defeat the enemy.

Or, if you like the losses the RINOs have brought us in 2006, 2008, and 2012, you can keep on trying to be the “nice guy” and enjoy more humiliating losses in the future. You can kiss America goodbye, while you’re at it.

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  • thisoldspouse

    I’m never disappointed when I read Don Feder; he is the truest of true patriots. But that we had a couple million of him with his unwavering stand for truth, conservatism and real moral backbone.

    • Bob Ellis


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