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A Black Caucasus Lady Didn’t Really Say That, Did She?

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Susan Rice

Susan Rice

Okay… that’s it… I am soooo totally ticked that I couldn’t spit if I wanted to!

We dare not question dear Susan Rice with regard to her official act or we be racist and sexist? Give me a break!

Four people died over in Libya! We need to know why. We need to know what happened? We need to know what went wrong and why they weren’t saved? Who was at fault? Who made the wrong call? There are a great many things we need to know and have a right to know. One of those things is…

Did Susan Rice knowingly lie or did she unwittingly get sent out with wrongful information?

Another important question…

Why were the American people lied to in the first place?

Was it the election?

How does Michelle feel with “her man” so defending a pretty young lady? I can’t remember… did he ever defend Michelle likewise? If he did — I must have missed it.

This is all so hilarious.

Some media that is even paying attention to all this, said they would like to ask Obama — not Rice — but Obama doesn’t make himself available to truly answer. Instead, he sends her out and then claims he should be asked, but he doesn’t answer and then well… well… we don’t know where she is and he’s not talking and it is nothing more than a game on and on.

But…no matter… this is what I want to say to the one ladies…

Susan Rice isn’t simply a black woman being questioned. She actually held, and holds, a very important position. She is responsible for what she does as a representative of the position she holds. If she screws up — she deserves to be held accountable for that screw up. There are no fair free excuses. No fair free passes simply because she is either woman or not perfectly white.

This insanity has to end and it has to end now.

Did Susan Rice, as an official, intentionally lie or was she given wrongful information?

If Susan Rice was submitted as the official sacrifice, it was done by a so-called black president and his faithful followers, was it not?

If she wants to be the sacrificial lamb — that’s her decision, but that still doesn’t change the fact that the citizens of the United States of America have a right to know what is going on “for real” and what happened in “Benghazi” for real. And it doesn’t make me any less irritated with women that blame the wrong people for what is going on because… in their opinion… skin color and sex are the only defining matters in determining anything ever.

Talk about sexism, racism & discrimination.

Maybe some people ought to be looking in the mirror for all the bad things they try to paste onto others.

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