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SPLC Bringing Destructive Liberal Agenda to YOUR School

October 11, 2012   ·   By   ·   2 Comments

Mix It Up South DakotaMy buddies at the Leftist hate group Southern Poverty Law Center are once again pushing their dark agenda, this time at our school children.

Shelli Hodgkins and Jerry Erickson of Sioux Falls brought this to my attention earlier today. It seems SPLC is peddling a liberal program to schools across the country, and Wakpola Elementary in Hartford as well as Howard Elementary School have bought it. Mr. Erickson says O’Gorman Junior High in Sioux Falls had signed up for it, but have since dropped it after its true nature was brought to their attention.

The alert below went out recently from the American Family Association (a pro-family group that I believe is also honored with the “hate group” label from this Left-wing hate group):

The homosexual activist group, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), has been called to task by public school administrators across the nation for falsely listing schools as participants in “Mix It Up” day without authorization or permission.

See if your child’s school is on the list.

“Mix It Up” day is an entry-level “diversity” program designed specifically by SPCL to establish the acceptance of homosexuality into public schools, including elementary and junior high schools.

Many school administrators were offended to learn that their school was listed as a “participating” school on the SPLC website and ordered it removed immediately. In some cases, students or teachers independently signed the school up without approval, leaving principals and superintendents unprepared for phone calls from concerned parents.

Take Action

See if your child’s school is on the list. If it is, contact your school administrator and politely ask if the school has authorized a pro-homosexual organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center, to list the school as an official participant in “Mix It Up” day.

Regardless, ask the school administrator to contact the SPLC and insist the school’s name be removed from its list. They can email SPLC at or call them directly at 334-956-8200.

Mr. Erickson had this to say:  ”The Southern Poverty Law Center is foisting the gay lifestyle on unsuspecting students who are vulnerable to ‘inclusiveness’.  They do this under the guise of tolerance for others.  The students’ parents often remain unaware of what goes on in school, or do not understand that outside agencies are vying for their children’s minds and hearts.  The SPLC used to fight for the underprivileged, but now use their $100 million dollar bankroll to further a statist/socialist agenda.  A public school should absolutely not be implementing the programs provided by a socialistic left-wing think tank!”

I checked out their event website, and unlike many Leftist groups, they were smart enough to avoid specific, concrete examples of the kind of “tolerance” and “diversity” they want to promote.  However, since many of us have watched the Left closely for decades, and knowing the kind of things that can get you on the SPLC’s “hate group” listing, there is virtually no doubt that their agenda will include “tolerance” for ideologies that subvert human rights and wage war on free nations, “tolerance” for lawbreaking and violation of national sovereignty, and “tolerance” for aberrant sexual practices that threaten the welfare of the body and soul of those who engage in them. Oh, and if we happen to get some tolerance in there for various innate, morally-neutral physical characteristics, well that’s fine, too, since this lends an air of credibility to the entire exercise.

If you think they’re only pushing this destructive social engineering at big-city schools, think again. Even smaller schools here in South Dakota have been approached about joining in the propaganda, and some are accepting the invitation.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is big on promoting acceptance of radical Islam, the homosexual agenda, and lawlessness.

The truth about illegal immigration is that those who enter our nation without permission have broken our law, and have violated our national sovereignty.  Non-citizens who remain in our country without official permission are continuing to violate our laws.  If you don’t think violating sovereignty and the law are important, I expect you would be happy to come home  one day and find strangers have broken into your house and decided to take up residence there. There is no sound reason to tolerate lawbreaking or lawbreakers.

The truth about radical Islam is while there are many people who practice Islam and only want to live in peace with their neighbors, there remain millions-around the world and here in the United States-who are very in touch with Islam’s 1,400-year heritage of bloodshed and are completely dedicated to bringing down Western civilization in favor of Shariah law. They are not interested in peace or peaceful coexistence, they don’t care about the religious freedom of others, Their religious and political beliefs have nothing in common with the Judeo-Christian values held by the more than 80% of Americans who call themselves Christian. To “tolerate” an ideology bent on achieving your submission or your death is insane.

The truth about homosexual behavior is anything but what any sane parent would want for their child.

Every major religion in the world (including and especially Christianity, which more than 80% of Americans ascribe to) recognizes that homosexual behavior is immoral, and is a perversion of God’s design for human sexuality.

Science and nature confirm in the design and function of the male and female sex organs that homosexual behavior is contrary to the obvious purpose of human sexuality, and is often in contradiction to the natural function of some body parts.

The health data which reveals homosexual behavior is extremely dangerous is staggering. In addition to an AIDS transmission rate many times higher than that of even prostitutes (the Centers for Disease Control has reported that 72% of new male AIDS cases are associated with homosexual behavior-even though male homosexuals make up less than 2.9% of the population), homosexuals have much higher rates of gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV, hepatitis, anal cancer, staph infection, depression, suicide, substance abuse and domestic violence. This behavior is so dangerous, that even after decades of banning blood donations by homosexuals, the ban has been reaffirmed and remains in place.

No one in their right mind would be ambivalent about their child engaging in such behavior. If listening to an iPod were found to be this dangerous, there is no way in the world any parent would allow their child to be exposed to an “iPod salesman” like SPLC. Further, it has become amazingly clear that initiatives promoting “tolerance” and “acceptance” of homosexual behavior are not so much about protecting homosexuals from cruel behavior as they are about promoting this behavior as legitimate and healthy, as well as about forcing others to say that it is legitimate and healthy. Indeed, public schools have become the cauldron of choice for cooking up this dark brew, before which even religious freedom is expected to bow.

If your child or grandchild attends a public school, you should consider contacting that school to see if they plan on participating in this liberal agenda. Remember, your “Republican” legislature in South Dakota has demonstrated reticence and sometimes downright unwillingness to protect you and your family from many of these dangers; it’s up to YOU to ensure your family is safe.

Only in the mind of morally bankrupt liberals does teaching children to accept unhealthy, threatening, and criminal behavior constitute authentic “tolerance.”  Only in the mind of rudderless Leftists does telling the truth about these dangerous behaviors, in the hopes that people might avoid them, constitute “hate.”

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  • thisoldspouse

    I got the heads up from the AFA several weeks ago and immediately posted the link on a conservative website, alerting many unsuspecting conservatives.

    As can be expected, the liberal, homo-fascist SPLC uses the Trojan Horse of innocuous language in its programs to appear completely benign in their intent, but if you are wise enough to their euphemisms, you can clearly read the dark intent in their propaganda. An immediate red light is the word “tolerance” plastered all over the web pages regarding this “mix it up” program. Such a word has been emptied of its original, proper meaning, as the left famously does, and, in the Leftist world view, actually means the polar opposite of its proper meaning - George Orwell-style.

  • WXRGina

    Great piece, Bob!

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