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Softness of Our Chains

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It’s not like we all go through life without making wrong judgments or mistakes. That’s life! In fact, mistakes provide us with our most efficient learning lessons. So, how is it that a substantial amount of American voters, having endured nearly four years of economic decline, foreign setbacks and inept leadership cannot agree with the obvious conclusion that, yes, we made a mistake?

Mistakes are everywhere in life. Probably our most important decision comes in the choosing of our life’s partner. Statistics reveal that roughly one out of every two marriages end up in divorce. Whatever the reasons, we admit and deal with our misfortunes and survive to another day, and maybe even another spouse.

This is just one instance which validates the resilience factor embedded within the human spirit. While marriage is probably the most important, everyday judgments usually reinforce this fifty-fifty decision-making average. The point is that we deal with and learn from the many lessons of living.

So, what makes our presidential pick so hard to reverse? Not for all of us, but certainly for many.

This stubborn refusal defies our natural human instincts of reasoning and overcoming. Much in life presents a choice of taking one of two paths. The odds of choosing correctly usually fall into the percentage previously mentioned. As a rule of thumb, those who refuse irrefutable facts, facts which present a clear choice, do so at least partially, from an influence which in this case, is affecting the scales of human probabilities.

Consider buying a fancy car which turns out to be a lemon, or a house which has leaks in the roof or a basement full of water when it rains. As these setbacks become obvious, our learning instincts automatically devalue the fancy appeal when purchasing our next vehicle. Many who move a second time do so after checking out their next house in rainy weather! We learn.

So, this refusal to admit that “yes, I made a mistake,” may well elevate emotion over practical reasoning. Barack Obama is a gifted puller of heart-strings. His oratory skills are best fitted to the crowd he is pleasing rather than defending his record one on one. His verbal appeal, during each campaign stop, is packed with emotional tugs. Having ignited this tender impulse, supporters are incapable of the necessary comparisons or independent judgments. As such, presidential accountability gets a pass.

For an added emphasis, each campaign “whistle stop,” seeks out the college campus, which in itself is very telling.

Considering his style of governance, his current use of division, unrest and public dependency serves to camouflage a disastrous record. Even his most monumental achievement, universal healthcare legislation, was rammed through our Congress with bribes, coercion and false promises. It mattered little that the American people were against this takeover of America’s medical industry.

Today, Obama validates the true worth of his health care treachery as he himself realizes its “dread factor.” He craftily postponed its effective date till after his re-election. Why? Simply put, if the hidden details within his three thousand page healthcare plot became public knowledge, Biden may well be Romney’s opponent.

As he once remarked, “I’m not just a candidate, I’m the president.” Well, as president, there is a higher standard which is demanded of the office holder. So far, his performance is well removed from even nearing that level.

This election season features a drastic contrast of choices; one being a successful achiever in multiple fields of endeavors while the other being an anti-American bungler. The fact that the latter has this degree of support presents a phenomenal accomplishment of fantasy over fact. It also features a disgusting testament which hints of future political election tactics. Lies, sugar-coated with emotion and directed at needy Americans, which in itself is oxymoronic, are becoming politically irresistible.

Loyalty to a belief, even a political one is understandable, but only to a point. Basic priorities should and in this case, must take precedence. Country comes before party loyalty simply based upon the fact that without our country, party loyalty is worthless. So, we can afford to lose a party but not a country. This is the decision all Obama voters must contend with; party or country!

With the Obama forecasting of his dreams for America, how does he hold his level of support? In pointing to his failed policies versus his support, it may be as simple as not using the proper benchmark. He’s only a failure from our American perspective, which I might add, should be the only true judgment. However, if we change the landscape into his fog induced vista, he becomes an instant and huge success. Needless to say, that success is based upon the fact that the apparition of socialism is never mentioned. Nor need it be for now.

Way back in our earlier years, many of today’s voters were unaware of the complete ruination of a sound, useful or even basic education. In my long ago day, fundamental subjects basically remained and George Washington’s portrait hung on every classroom wall. For too many generations, that traditional American curriculum has been pasteurized and our Founding Father’s inspiration eliminated. This is not even debatable but yet, the average citizen and parent remains unfazed.

What do we expect from each generation if, in their most formative years, they are subjected to the dribble which now is espoused? This anti-American mantra is the instruction given to those we supposedly treasure and love the most! May I ask, “what the hell are we doing as parents?”

Given the fact that the federal government hijacked its education authority out of thin air, can we expect an educational product any different from what has developed. I mean, too much proper and useful education would produce a more questioning electorate. At least a more knowledgeable one.

Americans are approached once every two years and promised to every four by a campaigning president. In addition, this “age of information” adds a daily diet of anti-American dribble which is formulated upon the advertising creed of repetition. Our usual reaction to all this, ‘that’s just the liberal press,” is indicative of our resulting attitudes.

Years ago, there was a popular novel entitled, “The Ugly American.” As this election currently is beginning to validate, it’s getting quite “ugly” with all this anti-American sentiment. And do not fool yourself as you have with this notion of a “liberal press.” When a sizable portion of free Americans agree with an anti-American president, who openly discredits our heritage, our societal values and our Constitutional government, the word “ugly” is the perfect description while the word “liberal” is another matter.

As previously noted, our un-American sentiment is nurtured during our formal education years. Our stampede into “higher learning” only accelerates and finely tunes this destructive tirade. Those Wall St. demonstrators just happen to represent the end product from the scholarly detailing of the social/economic persecution from “Big America.”

Can we separate from our emotional tirades and sure-fisted beliefs so that we may look at what we are complaining against. Consider the American experiment and judge for yourself how terrible it is. All our angst has been inspired from a juggernaut of socialistic reasoning that must use impoverishment in order to grow. We are now doing the devil’s work as we seek to degrade every aspect of the American ideal.

Is America perfect? Hell no! But, show me another place which comes close to matching our success and/or living standards. Get away from your superimposed idealisms and start making a pro verses con list. Get down to the basics in order to get past this anti-American drumbeat.

Judge the future of Obama Supreme Court appointments against the inconsequentiality of Romney’s evil tax returns. Try to ponder another important yet ignored issue of why our federal government will not defend our States from invasion. Then comment on why we are attempting to bring democracy to parts of the world which cannot even spell the word!

Think of the divisive spiel which consumes the majority of Obama’s speeches on campuses full of only the young and impressionable. This president shies away from confrontation. He feels most at ease on the college lecturing tour and finds his success through derisive commentary. His appeal is to an audience lacking comparative judgment simply because of their youth.

Again, think about what it means for us, to be led by a president who declares that “America is not a Christian nation.” Do we really feel comfortable in voting for an obvious despot? There can only be one interpretation of his quip, “If congress will not act, I will.” The man is without any merit as he routinely ignores the legal limitations of his office.

His one claim to fame, the killing of Bin Laden, has inflamed those within the special ops world. Without a doubt, the most highly trained and devoted, those that place mission over publicity, have been placed at risk because of official White House disclosures. And in this campaign season, those disclosures carry the intent, as immoral and self-serving as it is, to shine the glow on his re-election, while in complete disregard to the normal concerns and official precautions for those who risk everything in the service of our country.

In closing, this election is not based upon politics. This is the frontal assault from the enemies of American capitalism and freedom. Do not be led into the foolish and disarming arena of diversity, racism, economic/social jealousies or even polling numbers. These are diversionary tactics.

Going out to vote is now in defense of our country. Obama’s direction couldn’t be clearer. Our debt is currently over sixteen trillion. At his pace, it’s only a hop, skip and a jump to twenty plus! That alone should undress our self-destructive clinging to party loyalty! These people are here and they are serious!

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