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Someone Special: Deneen Borelli and Freedom in Black and White

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Borelli and Kibbe

Borelli and Kibbe

Deneen Borelli and Matt Kibbe will tour America to discuss freedom, politics, and economics in “Black and White”. They call their tour “The Black & White Tour.”

Matt Kibbe is the President and CEO of Freedom Works and author of the book Hostile Takeover. Deneen Borelli is the author of Blacklash – a book that criticizes liberals and Democrats for doing everything possible to keep African Americans on a “liberal” plantation.

Kibbe and Borelli announced their joint tour plans at a rally of conservative political activists in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Borelli is from New Jersey. She criticizes President Obama’s energy policy as being against African Americans and poor people because Obama’s policies will increase energy costs and that will leave less money for other things in the budgets of people with low incomes.

“Obama is waging a war against fossil fuels. He’s increasing taxes and regulations on fossil fuels and giving the money to other energy industries. He’s giving a competitive advantage to companies that he favors. That will drive up the costs of energy for everyone. It will cause electric rates to skyrocket. That will hurt everyone – but especially those with a low or fixed income,” Borelli said when interviewed.

Her husband Tom Borelli agreed with her. Tom Borelli Ph.D. is a frequent guest on the Fox News networks. He said that Obama is using the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) to regulate the coal industry into non-existence while using tax money to subsidize with grants and contracts other companies that Obama favors and which are run by his friends and political supporters.

“When Obama’s policies cause energy costs to increase dramatically, it will crush low income people and hurt every business and charity in our country,” Tom Borelli added.

In their announcement, Matt Kibbe and Deneen Borelli emphasized that the purpose of their tour is to demonstrate that the policies of the federal government under Barack Obama’s administration are hurting all of America’s people – not just Black and not just White.

For more information about where and when the “Black & White Tour” will occur, visit

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