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What We’ll See if Romney Wins - A Biblical Perspective

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BibleAs the Presidential race heats up, expect the Main Stream Media to do whatever it takes to secure a leftist socialist progressive Obama win. Nothing will be beneath them as they seek any lawless means of accomplishing this goal. These will seek stir up the rage of the masses of socially subjective lawless government dependents and the violent secular Left. This offensive vindictive provocation by the Leftist media will be the very catalyst for the continual arousing of the rage of the Lefts base which will continue to violently overflow well past the 2012 elections.

A Romney presidential win will be disastrous and this is why: the media with all of its outlets in this technological media dominated world will seek to destroy whatever remains of conservatism and the Romney moderate agenda both barrels.

The MSM will radically redefine true conservatism as demonic and make moderatism the new extreme ever establishing the political spectrum farther to the left.. The MSM will demonize and marginalize Fox News, Talk Radio, Conservative blogs and publications to exceedingly new levels as evil, racist and ultra extreme. With our nation’s dire national conditions (socially and politically) abounding throughout our land, they will 24/7 blame Romney, the Republicans and conservatism as the sum of all America’s evils.

The Lefts base and moderate America is subjective in their thinking, envious and angry and in their thinking are idiots and fools when it comes to common sense and sound conservative ideals (Prov. 27:4). The Left always has more power when they are out of power because they dominate the media, control and enrage the reprobate masses and continually put the Right on the defensive. With a Romney win and Obama gone the Left will no longer need to defend him vigorously 24/7. They will now be able to FULLY institute their 24/7 street fight tactics and slanderous offensive fueled with all kinds of vindictive hate and rage. They will make Romney the new scapegoat for all of the Democratic Party and Obama’s failed socialistic policies since 2007. The MSM will take destroying Romney to new heights that will make President Bush’s media beat down and demonization look like a kid’s pillow fight.

Under these conditions Romney will be totally unable to gain public support and will lose all ability to help prevent this nation from its socialistic secular suicide. Romney all ready has shown that he does not have to stomach or the will to fully go after the left and this soft approach will only get softer when the media heat is white-hot.

The Right will not have a target to pin the fallout of Obama’ s Leftist agenda on because the liberal media will be continually putting them on the defense, redefining and rewriting the past 4 years 24/7 as the Republican Party and conservatism’s fault. The media will be able to run their 24/7 slander machine and seek the continual enraging of their subjective lawless masses, America’s social order will collapse under the weight of the lawless state of our inner cities and secular culture.

This may be a hard pill to swallow but an Obama victory this fall will slow down the US’s hemorrhaging and collapse just a little more than a Romney win because the media will still have to defend Obama and will have to divert most of its resources to the insulation and protection of the leftist Obama agenda. A Romney win will allow the Left to FULLY commit ALL of their media resources to an all out war on our founding fathers, Romney, moderates and conservatives. The main goal in their raging push will be to finally rid and set themselves free from US constitutional law and the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God. They will seek to destroy the United States and anyone who stands in their way from reaching their godless secular utopian ideals.

The Left are masters at putting conservatives on the continual defensive and destroying all of their creditability with their perpetual slandering tactics. Again, does anyone remember George “W” Bush? With their 24/7 slanderous and baseless charges they will get whatever remains of the moderate conservative agenda to compromise and abandoned their moderate conservative agenda.

By this fall (2012) the Media will have already redefined Romney, not as a liberal/moderate but as an extremist, a rich fat cat, a Mormon zealot, a white racist, out of touch with the “middle class” and a callus unfeeling right-winger who does not care for the “poor”.  They also will have redefined all true conservatives as ultra radicals and when it comes to Bible believing Christians they will be redefine them as Satan’s demons, ever marginalizing the right and redefining them to make the lawless, secular leftist agenda normal and mainstream. You think not? It has already happened to this nation in these last four years. Tragically American people have been subtly cooked as the frog in the ever warming water and have received this 180 degree redefining as the new norm. WOE unto us as a nation for the fall out of this secular pluralistic and relativistic ideal will be our nation’s final end.

Here is where we lose many conservatives and individuals because of their subjective and godless unbelief in Almighty God’s Word and His prophetic truths… America HAS to be and finally WILL BE removed from the world stage in Satan’s overall plan to set the stage for the unifying of the nations of the world only after horrific global war and environmental disasters (Rev. 6-9). He will seek this unification under his “lawless one” and finally will achieve the worship of he has so desired (Isa. 14:12-15, Dan. 7, 2 Thess. 2:3-12, Rev. 13).

This is all part of Satan’s game plan; to marginalize Christ’s believers as exceeding ultra extremists and to reduce our once Judeo/Christian culture to a pile of ashes. The real goal behind this assault on America is getting to and eliminating the remnant of Christ’s people and putting out the Gospel light (Eph. 6:12). It is then, when America, which has been a beacon of light for Gospel outreach for the last 300 years to this world has finally be reduced to a violent and lawless third world country that Satan can then seek to unify the world under his lawless one and bring an end to the nation Israel (Zech. 14:1-4, Rev. 12, 16:13-16) and thus discrediting Almighty God and His promises for Israel and the world and establishing his lawless and godless delusional utopia and worship. The Word of Almighty God is ABSOLUTELY crucial for insight into our present day and reveals who exactly is behind the orchestration of this world’s present course (Eph. 2:2-3, 6:12). To exclude its DIVINE AUTHORITY ETERNALLY will be fatal for any (conservative or liberal - Matt. 7:24-26, John 3:36, Rev. 20:11-15).

My dear friend may you abandoned your subjective world view and assessment of our current dilemmas and receive the REALITY and ETERNAL TRUTH of Almighty God’s Word and love for you in these troubling days. Things are only going to get worse. Do not deceive yourselves otherwise. America the Four Horseman are about to ride! And nothing will stop that ride from coming to pass! In these last months, days and hours may you come to trust Jesus Christ as your personal Savior for such is the crucial reality of our hour!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

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  • retiredday

    A very interesting perspective! Current events take on a great significance when you consider the inevitability of God’s plan (I don’t like giving Satan too much credit, since God allows these things to happen). But each day that remains, each one of us must do what is right and righteous. That’s why I plan on voting for the Goode/Clymer ticket.

    But in the end, the most important thing we can do is what you say in your conclusion: witness to the unsaved and keep them in our prayers. (And let’s not forget to pray for believers who are being subjected to the deceit of the enemy, some of whom will fall by the wayside.)

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