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Sadness in the Savage Nation

October 2, 2012   ·   By   ·   150 Comments

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Last Thursday evening it was not surprising to hear Jeff Kuhner of the Washington Times filling for Dr. Michael Savage on his popular, nationally syndicated radio show, The Savage Nation, because Jeff regularly fills in for Dr. Savage, and he does an excellent job.  But, I noticed something odd; Jeff did not mention Dr. Savage (which has never happened), and there was different bumper music playing than is normally heard on the program.  It was not until the next day that I learned Dr. Savage had won the almost-two-year legal battle with his syndicator, Talk Radio Network (TRN), and had taken complete ownership of his show.

This is a bittersweet, good-news-bad-news deal.  It is sweet for Dr. Savage, who was miserable with the terms of his syndication and wanted free of his tethers to TRN, but it is bitter for the millions of devoted listeners in the Savage Nation who woke up to the sudden loss of our favorite voice of political reason and sanity on terrestrial radio.

Although I am happy for Dr. Savage, this came at an awful time for the country, just before the upcoming, critical election.   His voice on the radio was a powerful antidote to the constant stream of lies the weaselly, leftist media and the commie Obama administration spit out every day, and his absence from the radio airwaves will be sorely missed by millions of us.

Dr. Savage has been repeating, and building on, his warnings about this criminal administration since before Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) was installed in the United States presidency.  Since then, he has written two books about this lawless administration, one of which I reviewed in my column, “Savage’s Trickle Up Poverty is Essential Reading.”

His second book, released earlier this year, Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama’s Dream of the Socialist States of America, is perhaps an even more essential read, because of the extent of damage done to the United States by the Obama administration and the deadly danger for the U.S. should he be reinstalled for a second, terrible term.

Due to an unusually busy work summer, I have not made the time to review it here in my column, but I highly recommend that you get a copy and study it carefully.  It is a well-written, heavily-researched, sourced and footnoted book on the criminal actions of this administration, and is packed with Dr. Savage’s keen insight.  Chapter by chapter, Dr. Savage lays out the tyrannical actions of this anti-American administration.

As he writes in the final chapter, “Crushing Obama’s Cadre Before They Crush Us,”

What I’ve delivered in this book is the most important analysis you’ll ever read of why we must stop the tyrant in the White House now, before it’s too late.  If we allow Obama another four years, he will have destroyed our country.  We’re living in a crypto dictatorship right now.  In Trickle Down Tyranny, I’ve shown you the scope of the Obama takeover and I’ve shown you how we can crush it before it crushes us.

Dr. Savage’s Trickle Down Tyranny contains what you need to know about the diabolical Obama administration.  Read it.

We still begin this new week and new month of October without our daily Savage “fix.”  He is not on the radio, and there is no word on when he might be back.  WorldNetDaily (WND) reported that right after the legal case was won, Dr. Savage began talks with top names in the radio syndication business.  Dr. Savage said he will not be heard on the radio “for some time,” but that he will continue to update his website and publish his daily e-mail newsletter, which is free; just sign up for it on his site.

WND also reported that Dr. Savage will be doing occasional online broadcasts via UStream, which he began on Sunday.  You can follow the UStream website for The Savage Nation (linked above) and watch Dr. Savage’s site to know when he will be streaming his broadcasts.

In the same column, WND reported that according to TalkStreamLive.com, shortly after Dr. Savage’s court victory, his radio show received the number-one ranking, in the third quarter, of talk shows streamed on the Internet, beating out Rush Limbaugh for the first time.

It may be that we will ultimately end up having to listen to Dr. Savage online instead of on the radio, because if, or when, Dr. Savage signs with another syndicator, he may not be on in all the markets that previously carried him.  Now that he is off the radio, his 300-plus affiliates will be turning to other programming to fill Dr. Savage’s time slot, and it may be that not all of them will bring him back, even if he signs with another syndicator.  That’s too bad, because no one can ever replace Dr. Savage.

Now we wait and hope that he is back on our radios soon.  Until then—although I will certainly catch his online broadcasts when I can—I will miss Blue Mondays and Rock and Roll Fridays.  I will miss Dr. Savage, Lifestyle Coach, and Teddy occasionally barking in the background.  I will miss his “sheeple” imitation.  I will miss his hilarious, off-the-cuff remarks that make me bust out laughing.  He is such a clever, funny guy—a true “natural.”  Of course, I will also miss his scathing, sometimes roaring, words against the worms in our government and society.

I will miss getting off work from my job at the radio station just as his show begins, turning up my car radio and hearing his signature sign-on song, Metallica’s “Master of Puppets,” and the announcer saying, “Warning:  The Michael Savage Show contains adult language, adult content, psychological nudity.  Listener discretion is advised,” followed by the guns and bombs sound effects, and finally, Dr. Savage himself, “It IS the Savage Nation…”

I know I am not the only one who is sad in the Savage Nation today.  Millions of us hope he is back on our lonely radios very soon.

May the Lord bless and keep you, Dr. Michael Savage.

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  • retiredday

    Gina, thank you so very much for expressing your thoughts about Savage. I miss him too! And I believe a great deal of Americans, as well as other freedom-loving souls around the world feel the same way we do. Michael Savage provides the rare, unique and vital service of presenting an honest, traditional, “every man’s” analysis of current events. He is squarely in opposition to the politically correct propaganda in most of the media that is designed to brainwash the masses into accepting the global, pan-Leninist agenda. We need his perspective in the public debate to balance the bias and ignorance that spews from most so-called “journalists”. His message must be heard. For freedom’s sake, his voice must not be stilled.

    • WXRGina

      Amen, Mike! Thank you!

  • Friedwatermellon

    Savage has to get back immediately, this is the most crucial time if ever that he needs to be back on the air.
    I hope he wasn’t threatened by the corrupt administration and I really hope he wasn’t paid off by them.
    Michael you have to get on any station available at least until the election.

    • agid

      YOU ARE 100% CORRECT. part of me really thinks Barry had something to do with the timing.

    • Emily

      I agree with you. You know this man - you can’t have listened to him for 3 hours nightly for years and not get a sense of who he is - my gut tells me that he had to go underground for a while - for reasons that are not blantantly obvious - sure he was drained, exhausted - but it’s more than that. God bless him, I cooked many dinners while listening to him in my kitchen - I think I’m having Michael Savage withdrawal symptoms - something awful.

      • WXRGina

        Emily, I’m missing him, too.

        One thing it seems some people are overlooking is that Dr. Savage is 70. When so many people in our society “retire” years before 70, it’s refreshing to see a man like Dr. Savage, a super trouper. We must remember this.

      • Friedwatermellon

        Like Michael Savage always says: “THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE”
        Luckily Romney made Obama look like the failure he is.

  • Mikey

    Are You kidding Me ?? This cant be !!!! Not Now !!!!

  • Mikey

    I knew something was different yesterday as I was feverishly running through all of the stations I listen to Dr Savage on… This is really very upsetting …Dr Savage has helped me through some rough times …

    • Maymom

      I feel exactly the same way. He fills a void that NO ONE else, can. Come back to us soon Mike, your Nation needs you!

      • michaelweiner

        Anyone going to answer the question why Weiner is charging $5 on his website to watch him sit around in his underwear feeding his poodle hamburgers?

        • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

          Maybe you should ask Wiener.

        • WXRGina

          Why don’t you take a hike? No one is impressed with Savage-hating trolls who just love to post his name. No one.

          • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

            Libs didn’t seem to have an issue with Anthony Wang, er Wiener, er whatever.

          • WXRGina

            Good point, Bob. That old, OLD double standard is, well, old!

        • Clover1111

          Others charge for their websites as well. You didn’t watch it on Sunday did you?

        • Purontong

          Good question. He is an intelligent man, and must be aware that it makes him look bad. No pun intended. He always tells us over and over again how he does not need money, so why
          did he not just put a video on youtube or on his site explaining what happened? Something fishy here.

  • JohnAngel915

    The Savage Nation delivers the Naked Truth, shreds & exposes the insane lies of political correctness & the media’s politcal corruptness. At such a critical time, it is terrible to be deprived of the antidote to the lying bastard media, which is the truth. Hopefully, during the last two years, behind the scenes, Michael’s been making contingency arrangements on the chance he’d win his case to severe his show from TRN. If Oprah & Rush can syndicate their own shows, surely this is one option he’s been looking at. Good job & coverage Gina. I haven’t heard ONE peep in/among the old world media, that America’s “Solzhenitsen” has gone silent from the airwaves. Thanks also for the links to hearing Savage on his interim internet broadcasts, until he can return to regular ‘Earth Station Radio’. Just as others here have posted “He’s gotta get back on the air, soon!”.

    • WXRGina

      Thanks, John!

      • hershalsmom

        /thank you John. Dr. Savage was like family to me. I’m so grieved that he’s disappeared in such an odd way, unlike him really. I wonder what pressures were put upon him. I wish i could go to North beach and look for him. My heart is sad,,,i feel as if I’ve lost my best friend. His family background was so similar to my own. and I have a poodle Hershal….who’s very much like Teddy. How will we adjust to no Michael…on the airwaves…He was our present day “Mark Twain”…and so much more.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.tollen Robert Tollen

    Kind of goofy to charge $4.95 for his first podcast. Oh well, capitalism. Makes him seem mercenary.

    • Clover1111

      It depends on us to decide if that’s a smart move. If he had an affordable monthly package, you might find willing people. He did say this was all new to him so let us hope he will be reasonable with any charges for service.

  • michaelweiner

    Is this some kind of cruel joke. I just checked into Weiners website and see where he is charging for 45 minutes of broadcasting. Can’t he find a radio afiliate to hire him or is what they say about him being to difficult to work with true?

  • Jason Stock

    I never heard of this long (decade or so) battle with his national syndicator before? Did he ever reveal this before in his books or broadcasts? Now he wants to charge his LOYAL (in the millions) listeners $4.95 each to hear him right now?? Either he was an excellent ‘Carnival Barker’ cashing out his winnings after duping his audience all these years or there is some other STORY here. Could somebody or some group be putting pressure him that convinced him to cash out of the business? Maybe health concerns? There has to be more to this story. I hope!?!

    • Clover1111

      He’s talked about it as he was off the air when his last contract was up and until he resigned. Then he indicated he was trying to get out of this one but didn’t dwell on it. It was indeed a surprise that he was gone.

  • Lori

    Not only am I sad, I have a feeling of dread without Savage on the airwaves. I would listen to his podcast every single day at work. People wondered why they would sometimes see me cracking up for no reason. Since its less than 2 hours long; sometimes I would listen to the same show twice. I am disgusted by what Bill O’Reilly said about Savage this morning on Fox and Friends. I am glad Laura Ingraham shot back at him. O’Reilly is so jealous of Savage. If I could purchase every single recording of every single one of his shows, I would do it in a heartbeat. And i would listen to them over and over until my dying days. Please Dr. Savage return to the airwaves soon and next time give us a little warning!! Bless him.

    • Clover1111

      Laura is the classiest of all of them out there even if her radio voice can grate some people.

    • http://www.facebook.com/doctorjamesmacarthur A F James MacArthur

      Actually, he gave us warning numerous times, but it was lightly veiled and slightly cryptic. He often said he didn’t know if he would still be on the air after the election.

    • Teril

      I, too, feel a sense of dread and loss. Michael Savage was a “lifeline” during this election year and to have the line abruptly snapped is jarring. I never thought of the possibility the current administration may have a hand in this, but I certainly wouldn’t put it past him. Please return to radio - or a regular internet show SOON! Miss you, Dr. Savage!

  • michaelweiner

    Why does the moderator keep removing my posts for asking the question “why is Weiner charging $5 for 45 minutes of air time?” Are they getting there marching orders from Grampa Mike?

    • retiredday

      So tell me, Mr. I’m so smart because I’ve found something to criticize Michael Savage for, what do you plan to do with all your money — the $4.95 that you won’t be spending on Savage air time? A bottle of cheap wine? A gallon of expensive gas? Gosh, you’ve hit on an incredibly important troll talking point!

      No one here is interested. Stop masturbating in church! Shut up and get out!

  • alanhayes

    Dr Savage is a true Patriot

  • Ted Sheckler

    Well, this was dumb. He went from #3 show to #0 in one day. Way to go genius. When we needed you most, you toddle off to oblivion. Oy vey!

  • Magic

    Rush might be right, but Savage was RIGHT ON! Mike you need to get back on the air, Now.

  • K2

    It would be nice to have Dr. S. back on the air. However, I was disappointed after listening to his virgin internet broadcast, that he didn’t really emphasize his longing for his audience. Eventually, all voids are filled. If he desires another syndicated show, he would be smart not to alienate his loyalists, whom he left so abruptly. I realize, he may not have had a choice, but the transition was awkward and left some of his listenership with lots of questionmarks. I wasn’t to thrilled to see the $4.95, for the internet special that was far from being well orchestrated. It wasn’t the right finishing touch, and it diminished him to some degree. I happened to catch the “free” show and expected to hear more definitive musings. However, I will not pay to hear him, even if I had access to his archived shows. I will pay for a program that provides access to data from a multiplicity of sources and subjects. I’ve bought a few books and have supported his request to be taken off that hideous “list” in Britain. The Dr. is a very smart man, who no longer needs us or wants us, just maybe a few of our dollars. He’s a self made man.

    • Meowhiss

      I agree. I refuse to pay $4.95 for a show and the term cheep fits. I am disappointed in Savage as I expected so much more form him.

      • WXRGina

        Now, “Meowhiss,” do not hold Dr. Savage’s dislike of cats against him. Believe me, I am an extreme cat lover, and I know what great pets cats make, but Dr. Savage does not. I cringe at his lack of knowledge about cats, since he has never really been with them at all. So, don’t be too hard on him for that (as for the $4.95, well, just understand that’s how the ball bounces, and maybe find something else to complain about).

        • Meowhiss

          What in the Hell are you talking about? Time to check your meds goofy.

          • WXRGina

            Check your screen name, Kittie.

            I’m tired of the whining about the $4.95, goofy.

    • http://www.facebook.com/devin.rhodes.71 Devin Rhodes

      K2 - The sound of a thousand nails being hit on the head. I second everything you said.

  • keith

    I’m half with some of you and half not. I loved savage. Then I see the $4.95 fee to watch what you can see on youtube for free (and it’s ridiculous anyway). If he were seriously trying to get a new syndicator lined up you’d think he’d be throwing up podcasts on his website and using the increased site visits to leverage a new syndicator.

    Nope. $4.95

    It’s unbelievable to me! (as the good Dr. says) I’m not sure if I will listen as regularly as I did. I’m put off now that I see more of who he really is. Still better than that idiot hannity, though.

    • K2

      I’m with you on this one. What is the $4.95 dealnik? Couldn’t he even throw a biscuit or two to his loyal supporters (a few free podcasts)? Especially following his well proclaimed legal victory. There are missing pieces to this puzzle. To be frank, I’ve listened to the Dr. for quite some time, and found this internet show to be bizzare at best. The show lacked the level of sobriety and depth, which I expected after some watermark in his life.
      There was just something OUTER LIMITS about the way the last few days have gone down.
      For all those who are disappointed, guard yourself from idols.

      • Teachem

        Michael taught me well…, “there’s something wrong with this picture.” Why would he need chump change to listen to him? If a thousand people logged on he would make less than 5Gs’, especially after the broker(s) got their cut. This doesn’t compare to his windfall in court, legal defense fund, and back-pay due from his previous shows. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. Michael are you under some sort of threat that we don’t know about?

        • Clover1111

          He did allude recently that we didn’t know what a toll things have taken on him and said his calls were being tapped into.

      • John Purontong

        I passed on the $4.95, especially since I have already paid for the Savage Nation podcast for the next 11 months. Savage obviously knew he was leaving and did not tell his listeners.
        So now there is nothing on my podcast, no warning, just gone. This is a disgraceful way for Savage to exit the scene. I will not soon pay to listen to Savage again. Not even a notice or
        comment on his website! Instead, he is asking us to pay again the hear him. His show was great, and I was an avid listener for 16 years, but there is a limit to my patience. I overlooked
        his Paul Revers Society years ago, which at the time seemed to me like nothing more than an excuse to get a little money from his fans. Dr. Savage, you are not the only game in town, and
        you fool yourself if you think that we are going to pay to listen to you. There is Jeff, and there is Laura, and there is Rush, and there is Alex, and there is Medved, so I will save my money
        this time.

        • jules925

          i too had 8 months left HOWEVER - got an email from TRN stating they would refund my remaining time. I would contact TRN

  • dave

    i must say i loved listening to savage,i will not pay any money to listen to him . i will have to listen to levine,as much as i cant stand the man at least im not being charged for the same information. maybe different in nature,but same talking points. very disappointed in savage for trying to make money off of his listeners. good luck mike,if you come back on the radio or internet for free ill be back. otherwise ill listen to gracho marx.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Rammbeaux/100000047398472 Charles Rammbeaux

    The timing of this is a little (very) suspicious.
    We are 30 days from the election. What better time than to give him his “freedom.”
    As for a new radio show, I have no doubt that “negotiations” will drag on and on and on.
    Dr. Savage, you’ve been played!!!

    • Nannv

      I agree Charles, seems suspicious to mee too. Muzzle Mike just before the elections? Hey, it’s the Chicago way.
      Hope to hear you soon Doc. Good luck and Good night.

  • Tim

    “Listen, i’m not your ex wife who left you”
    Oh Michael please don’t leave us.
    I know you always read the comments after stories .

  • CzechRN

    Oh, no! I need our Michael Savage!!! Yesterday and today I tried to find him on WGY on the way home from work. Mr. Kuhner made no mention of him and the whole show was different. Dr. Savage has so many different approaches to various subjects that I find more angles to look at things than I get from the other talk shows I also listen to. Mike, we need you on the radio NOW especially so we can balance all the different opinions we are bombarded with. PLEASE come back soon to radio . We need you here in the Albany ,NY area !!!!

  • BudDy

    I am also wondering about that $4.95 charge. It looks like he has seen what Glenn Beck has done and wants in on his success. I am not criticizing someone for making a buck by no means. I just wish Savage would have stayed on the airwaves. I hope he gets back into the game soon!

  • psadie

    Well, come on. WHERE are you Dr. Savage? The world is waiting and the election is around the corner. Hurry up!

  • roger

    Mr. Savage should ask Beck for a spot on the Blaze.

    • K2

      He may have burned a bridge with some people in the media. I realize they didn’t support Dr. on the Britain ban, but there was some nick-name-calling going on, which may not have helped endear him to his colleagues. He appears quite independent. However, you never know when you might need someone in your particular industry. Beck seems like a righteous guy, he’d probabably do a deal.

  • 45gunner

    Ok, Im glad for him geting out of what was a bad deal for him; BUT…Damn It; the timing could not have been WORSE!!! We “of the SAVAGE Nation” need him back on the air ASAP! Sorry but as much as I miss his show $5 for 45mins, would be expensive on a daily basis!!! Heres hoping he IS back ASAP!; and hoping that there isnt more (ie: bad behind the scenes stuff) to his departure! DAMN I was listening to him on the net anyways as sometimes hard to find local station that was playing his show!?!
    Mike…we need you back ASAP!!!

  • agid

    I miss Michael, Ive been so depressed. I do think the ruling came at “the right time” for the Left. Call me crazy, but if you really think about it, it could be true. God Bless you Michael Savage, you are truly a patriot and a gift from God.

  • bugs71


  • felecie marie

    Miss Mr Savage! A sound voice in an unsound time. Hannity said there are only 34 days till election. Come back soon!!!

  • PaulRevereSociety

    Being of the lunatic fringe, I believe the Obama campaign had him win the lawsuit to get him off the radio just before the debates and election.

    • Agaluma


  • Emily

    I love this article - I absolutely share her comments about how she finds herself laughing out loud over Michael’s off the cuff humor - I love his voice - his New York accent - the emphasis he puts on certain words - so moving when he talks about his childhood.
    I can’t help sitting here imagining what Michael Savage would be saying on his program tonight, would he talk about the American Airlines seats falling out, or Biden’s recent offer to Florida seniors for “free colonoscopies” in an effort to buy their votes……………….please Dr. Savage come back to talk radio soon - so many of us have to make long commutes to somewhere and it’s so much nicer to be able to listen to you, on the ride.

    • WXRGina

      Great comments, Emily!

      Thank you!

    • J’pop

      xox Emily,


  • Rochelle

    Dear Dr. Savage, I’m sure you had no choice this past week, and that’s why things have happened the way they have. I’ve listened to you faithfully for years, and felt that we’d come from the same family. I’ve also come from Russian immigrants, and strangely, all your opinions and insights were also my own. I pray that you and your family are safe and well. you’ll always be in my heart, as you’ve enriched my life more than I can say. I wish I could find you in one of your favorite restaurants in North beach. I’d go searching for you…but…not feasible, is it? My son and familiy live in San Francisco. I’ll miss you terribly…God bless you my dear friend. Rochelle Levine Almeida

  • Rodney Haines

    I agree. Something is odd about all of this. Isn’t Dr. Savage Jewish?
    Perhaps he has some inside info about Israel versus Iran? He said he
    was leaving town. Perhaps to “take cover”????

  • cheeseburg

    I chocked up reading that!

  • withverse

    I worry that Dr. Savage may be giving in to the temptation to cashgrab by using pages (or entire chapters) from the hemorrhoid’s playbook. The promise of live shows, the savage nation email newsletter, the pay to access webcasts, the aggregation of news articles that tickle conservative’s interests on a website….they all seem eerily familiar. And now exclusive content for sale on the web. And then what? A conservative magazine and a cable channel of your own? You replace Doug with a producer named Stu and skip down the primrose path to Becksburg Glen?
    The beauty of the Savage Nation radio show was that everything Mike had to say was said on the show, even the most important ideas from his books were all put out on the show. Now it’ll probably be that Mike’s free content will be a teaser for the pay content and the only free content will be excerpts from exclusive, subscription based podcasts, etc. I understand that this is the only way to do things without sponsors, but it is still sad to see. I’m sure he’ll make money, but he’s going to reach far fewer people, have a much smaller audience and his ideas will have much less influence. Freedom always comes at a price. It looks like Mike’s freedom from his syndicater will cost him millions of loyal listeners and will cost anyone who wants to listen to Dr. Savage $4.95 a pop (which, incidently was what it cost for 1 month of Michael Savage podcasts on his old syndicator just a week ago).

    • K2

      You put alot of thought into what you wrote. I’m mystified that the $4.95 appeared, even if he is in between gigs. His Savage Nation supports him via the Legal Defense Fund, signing petitions, buying books. The $4.95 was a slap. The internet show wasn’t enjoyable. He will not have the numbers in listenership, if he charges for a broadcast. Especially if it $4.95 per pop. It is sad to see. And if he’s not winding down right now, he’s certainly made a wrong turn. How can you get your audience all jacked up to pay for a show they previously heard for free? And if this charge was for an interim, why even do it for a few bucks and risk turning off the loyalists. It seemed self-serving. The man is talented, for sure, but he may have overplayed his hand.

  • supperstud

    unbelievable and terrible timing i have never posted or called a radio station but listened daily, it is truly a sad day, wish you well and please hurry back I need your keen insights

  • jules925

    $4.95 a pop is pricey (for one 45 min show?? Is this
    correct?). Unfortunately if this is true
    – I cannot afford this. Beck charges $4.95
    for a month of daily hour long broadcasts (WELL worth the info and covers
    topics Savage has not yet exposed). With
    that said, I will Miss the Savage Nation – was a daily podcaster and supported every
    one of his books (although I read none).
    I will not be purchasing anymore books or supporting Savage until he
    makes his broadcasting “reasonable” for us average folk! I encourage everyone to try Beck on The Blaze
    TV……………..2 week free trial – he has been spot on for the last 2 years.

  • The truth

    No big lost and Savage is a lier, what really happen is he got fired

    • WXRGina

      Gads! Spell check and good grammar are our friends, bud. They won’t make your words any more true, but at least no one will think you’re illiterate.

    • JohnAngel915

      “No big lost, & Savage is a lier”, Really *Tha Twuth*. Hell no, it’s no “big lost” to leftists. And just what is it that Savage is a ‘lier’ about, hmmm? I bet for every lie you can produce that Savage has spoken, I can produce ten lies that the Hoax has spewed. Many of us here have been listening to Savage for ten yrs or more, but only been hearing the ‘lier’ in chief, for 4-5 yrs. C’mon ‘tha twuth’, put up, or shut up.

  • Paula

    I knew as soon as I turned on the radio today to get my daily dose of reality from Michael that there was something amiss. The fill-in host sounded cocky, the music was wrong, and there was a depressing aura of doom. OMG! The worst timing ever for Michael to leave us. I could always count on him to offer his unique perspective and insight on the daily lies coming out of Washington and the communist in the White House. I’m hoping and praying that Michael Savage will be back VERY SOON. I will NOT lower my standards and listen to Levin, or heaven forbid, Hannity! I agree with others that the timing is suspect….could the Dems have done him in?? My thoughts and prayers are with you, Michael. Paula from NJ.

    • J’pop

      Hang in there and keep praying.

  • Roberto

    I’m one of Michael Savage’s biggest fans but I was disappointed with him charging $4.95 to listen to his internet special…Sometimes you just don’t know somebody.

  • mileskris

    Micheal without your devoted audience there would have never been you, I”m glad you won your battle but in the end your like everyone you ever ripped on, Enjoy your millions you made. and to think for 10 years I followed you, because I believed in you, Nancy

  • NasyNole1

    This is so disappointing it’s crippling. Michael, your country needs you. Sure, I could pony up the $4.95, but the masses need to hear your message at this crucial time…
    This really is demoralizing and could not have come at a worse time in our nation’s history..

  • Daniel P. O’Brien

    Listen up all you savageholics. Did it ever occur to you that the doctor just might be trying a little tough love in the hope to get each one of you to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and stand on your own two feet without him having to do it for you? So many times I heard his callers say to him keep up the good work. What about each and every one of you doing the same when and where ever you can. Each of you should be able or learn to be able to articulate as Michael does or did on the air day in and day out for the past twenty years. Its time for you radio dependents to confront the enemy within on your own. Throw away the crutches and pick up a megaphone!

  • Vichara

    Dr. Savage I hope for your speedy return.

    Savage listeners, I’d like to suggest an important essay: ‘Aurel Kolnai and the Metaphysics of Political Conservatism’, by J. Hittinger.

    It’s available online in pdf. It supplements and furthers what you have come to expect from Michael Savage. Essential reading, it illuminates the essence of current liberalism. and offers a profound account of conservatism.

  • ???

    On the station that I listen to they took Savage out of the 4pm-7pm time slot and filled it with another local host. This was the first thing that I did not like. I feel that they should have taken 1 hour away from the 6am-10am host and given the other local host 3hrs and left Savage at the same time slot 4pm-7pm. I liked Savage and will miss hearing him on the radio. I did tire of his encore shows that were the same shows played over and over again. I would have rather heard Jeff Kuhner’s voice..

    • Purontong

      Good point! The encore shows, which if you are a podcast subscriber like me, is no show at all. Short weight. The more I think about it the worse the taste gets in my mouth: The Paul Revere Society, the encore shows, the sudden disappearance. He would have to give a pretty good explanation - not a Ross Perot I was threatened excuse - to win back my respect.

    • Greatful

      I’m very sad at this news as well. Michael Savage had a great deal to do with me getting off of marijuana, which I had been smoking since age 15. 45 now. Jesus Christ took the reins over, but it was Savage’s interesting take on pot that got the ball rolling. God bless you Michael.

  • Jay

    I am one of those guys who listen to Dr. Mike on the “internet.” I have the Savage app on my iPhone (it’s the third, and best Savage app I purchased, and now it’s obsolete.). Sorry Dr. Savage…I love you like the uncle you are, but I am not paying 4 and change for a 45 minute sleeper. I saw parts of it on youtube. Something is definitely fishy about the whole thing. C’mon Mike, what’s going on? You are scaring me.

    I am finishing my basement to put a playroom in for my kids. I’m no wallbanger by trade, so the time flies with Dr. Mike’s soothing humor and wit in the background. I NEED YOU BACK!!!! AMERICA NEEDS YOU BACK!!!!!!!! THROW US A BONE, MAN!!!!! THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR YOU!!!!

  • Steve Russin

    He did say if Obama wins this election he might be leaving the country, maybe he found a free country to move to where he can say whatever he wants. If he did I sure hope he lets us come with him.

  • Murrel

    Go offshore on your boat and broadcast! God bless you Michael Savage, I hope you come back soon since it’s a critical time…and I listened to you everyday.

  • Guest

    What a sell-out; when his country needed him most.

  • Zoltan

    Dr Michael, we miss you, this departure was not nice at all. You need to get back on the regular AM radio, can not be by my computer all the time to listen to you. You can reach more people on AM. Zoltan, Santa Cruz CA

  • KKasper

    Dr. Savage we are two of the millions of startled sadden listeners! It’s a tragedy that you are off the air so close to the elections! My husband is a huge fan and follower of yours and has been for years! He is actually the one who turned me into a fan of yours! Oh my what will we ever talk about now! Haha! With peace and joy for you and heartbreak and understanding from us, my you get the peace and relaxation you are looking for in your future! Thank you for your many years of service on the radio we greatly enjoyed listening! Especially, debating the many different topics (I loved taunting my husband by playing devils advocate, oh it would drive him crazy haha) and getting each other all riled up! Again, thank you! God bless and good fortune!
    Kim Kasper
    Springfield, MO

  • Intellibronc

    Hey cheapniks, who said it’s Dr. Savage that is charging the chump change? I’m sure it’s the vehicle he’s using. I gladly paid $60 annually to have the opportunity to hear him on the net if needed, but usually listened live on the radio. You gladly pay $100/month for garbage that comes out of your stupid box aka t.v.

  • Captaincoolguy

    It feels like the final episode of Soprano’s where everything goes black……sad and confusing.

  • Savage Old Timer

    I live in the San Francisco Bay area (Silicon Valley) and first listened to Michael Savage when he was on only one local, 5000 watt radio station. I have been to several of his live events over the past 20+ years. I have a “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” coffee mug and 3 Savage Nation baseball caps. I too, was put off by the $4.95 charge and do not intend to pay it.
    But let’s step back and THINK about the bigger picture. What is his current situation? He was locked into his old contract for years so he was probably paid much less than what a competative free market would have paid him. He spent close to a million dollars for his legal fees Yes, he was “awarded” a dollar amount in the settlement, but receiving all of even part of it could take years. Now that he has won his law suit, his former employer is paying him zero salary. So maybe he actually does need the money. Or maybe he doesn’t need the money but receiving the $4.95 may be the ego boost that he needs during these hard times. He has kept OUR spirits up for these many years. Also note that currently he is NEGOTIATING with several broadcasters. Could charging provide any kind of advantage during the negotiation process? He could say “Look, some folks are paying this amount for this much Savage, therefore, this sets the value of the Savage Nation show at X.”.
    Over the years, Dr. Savage has given to the defense funds of police officers and military personal who were being railroaded by politically correct authorities. (OK, some of the money was sent in by listeners but he always added more of his own.) He is no more greedy than you or I.
    Another posibility is that setting up a system to broadcast over the internet to a huge audience is neither simple nor free. The equipment must be purchased and then someone has to be paid to maintain the computers and run the other equipment during the broadcast. Even if I had the knowledge, I don’t have the time to do that. (OK, even a dollar a show would bring in some big bucks. $5 a MONTH sounds more reasonable.)
    What I have learned over the years is that often times the amount of information available is not sufficient to allow one to reach a valid conclusion. We can all look at the information available to us and conclude SOMETHING but is it a VALID conclusion? I’ll have to say that I just don’t have enough facts to know what is going on with Michael but I wish him well.
    Although he never served in the military, he has served his country honorably (and longer than many career military personel).

    • http://www.facebook.com/doctorjamesmacarthur A F James MacArthur

      Well said. Totally agree!

      • savagepatriot

        He’s out to beat the red diaper doper baby bumbs!! My bet is that he will.. Thanks for speaking up old timer.

  • Susan M.Connors

    No one even comes close to the genius of Michael Savage. Period. The breadth of topics he speaks about is astonishing and delightful. Not harping endlessly on the same old political rant, he delivers an educational and passionate viewpoint. What a massively invigorating breath of fresh air! I miss him and his show. I hope he’s back soon…

  • Ray the man

    Michael is a strong and clear message that the left is trying to shut the folks on the right out forever! Is this going to be be the next civil war, lets pray not!

  • Justin in Green Bay, Wi

    I’ve enjoyed listening to the savage nation for the past 8 years. The Dr is a brilliant man who has taught us the language to fight and defend against the tyrannies perpetrated by the “progressive” fanatics. You taught us well and I’m grateful for it. Thank you and God bless.

  • SavageFan

    Great article Gina! Very Heatfelt and I’m sure Dr. Savage appreciates it. Hope to see more articles like this about him.
    I agree with some that say the timing of Dr. Savage’s departure is odd and/or suspicious. Remember he always said that when he leaves radio it will be sudden, and we will never hear from him again. So he’s obviously working on coming back one way or another. He said on Sunday that he’s going to let us know via UStream where he will ultimately end up. I hope it’s soon because I will miss his voice-overs of the upcoming debates. We need our “Savage Goggles” to see through the nonsense they will be spinning until the election. Maybe Laura Ingraham can have him call in a few times till then?
    Regarding the $5 for his pilot podcast, he could just be testing the internet waters to see how things work and to find out how he can get paid for his time, which I consider precious and priceless. I for one purchased it just to show my support, but I do hope he decides to go with a monthly fee instead for future broadcasts (or find some sort of advertising revenue until he shows up back on radio). But we can’t expect him to do it for free. Compared to what an Electrician or Plumber charges these days, $5 for 45 mins is a steal!
    Looking forward to availability of his archived radio shows too.
    Savage Fan since 2001…

  • Pingback: 10-3 Addendum to Lost In The Funhouse (and some actual news) | Brainwashed by the Times

  • Lonestarranger

    Listened to Savage for years and loved the fact that he was not a one trick pony like all the others. He called the Dems and Repubs on the carpet and really represented the average American who works hard each day and sees the politicians destroying and bankrupting our nation. IF the news media treated both parties the way Savage did, this Government and the politicians would be held accountable and problems would finally be solved.. I Bought many copies of his books to support him, never read one. I only bought them to support him. Will not buy any more. i also supported his legal fund and his fight against being banned. He even read some of my posts on a blog in his defense on being banned. I am totally stunned with what has happened and the complete lack of concern for his loyal listeners. To declare “Free at Last” and disappear without any explanation to his loyal audience is a slap in the face. And NO WAY IN HELL will i pay 4.95 to listen to one webast session nor buy another one of his books!! I think less of Savage now. He finally out shined Limbaugh over the internet, and then threw it all away the same day. Brilliant!

  • I was deeply sadden when I found out I will no longer hear you on the air. I came homefrom work turned the radio on and no savage nation, I was shocked I have been a loyal listener for over 15 years. After a hard day at work I looked forward to hearing your voice, you have taught me so much.
    I know there must be a reasonable explanation for you leaving so suddenly, without a word to us, your loyal listeners. Especially siince I was so looking forward to hearing your comments on the presidential debate. Something smells fishy to me on how this all took place just before the election.
    Michael, if you reads these comments I hope you’ll try to help us understand what really happened here. You are like my kindred spirit you were born in March like myself and 2 years before me. I felt you passion for unjustice and your love for Teddy as well. Please come back to the airways WE NEED YOU! The conservative world needs you.
    Why are they charging $4.95 for your podcast, this also needs clarification.
    For what ever happenes I wish you all the best and my God Bless you and give you a long and healthy life,
    P.S. I’m one of your devoted female listeners.

  • jaiphx

    Can’t make an omlette unless you break some eggs. He’ll be back on his own terms.

    • Lonestarranger

      Well i certainly hope he does not consider his loyal listeners as just a bunch of eggs. He could find that he has stumbled and dropped all the eggs in this move and he has no eggs to make his omlette!

  • Mark

    very disappointed that my hero would take himself out of the race at such a crucial time. and with millions of $ that he will no doubt get eventually, he wants 4.95 to listen to what…very disappointed indeed. Shame on you Michael!

  • jack bloodworth

    my guess is savage is either dead, or dying at the present. they got to him, like they got to andrew britebart! Dead or dying, remember that. That 4.95 internet broadcast was just a cheap impersonator of savage. It’s over, the cryptic dicator, becomes real in jan 2013.

    • Tundra queen

      I agree with you. I think the mo bro from the UN gota him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/devin.rhodes.71 Devin Rhodes

    I have to think that someone is not advising the Good Doctor properly in all this. His first internet broadcast should have been more of a press release, stage it in his home studio, where he could open with “Welcome to my home studio, the place I have broadcast to you, my loyal supporters for years. I have some bittersweet news…” Something like that, and the price point is outrageous. Someone should have told him that iTunes made its bones on 99-cent professionally recorded, downloads not 5-dollar single view, poorly produced home movies. The first one at least should have been free.

    Recently he spoke more often about his success on the internet, but I always tempered that with that fact that he had been taken off so many radio stations. Here in Chicago, they replaced him with some local, boring, nothing, host that isn’t even local - he broadcasts from St Louis. His only claim to fame is that he worked for ex-Howard Stern Nemesis Pig Vomit on WGN before that network went the way of NBC New York-it’s a terrible show, and has no listeners.

    For me Jerry Doyle, and Mark Levin will have to fill the void, or maybe I’ll just pod-cast the Rusty Humphries show from the previous day - Love that guy… and Dr. Savage too, but please, talk to someone you love, and ask their opinion before fleecing your loyal audience.

    • Lonestarranger

      I totally agree with you. i started to get him on the internet because local stations were playing games with his show. they would move the time. they would interupt it for local sports games. so i just found a whole lot of internet radio sites that i could switch if one was running a sports game instead of Savage. This is not a very smart move. Once viewers find another to replace him and make that a routine, it will be hard for him to round up his viewers again. People like their routines and once they move on they stay gone.
      But then again, i wish him well. I have enjoyed him for 10 years. But could tell that he was getting tired of doing the show. That is why he was absent so many times. But he will be hard to beat. He had humor, a interesting, unique and productive life, and knew how to take the fight to the liberals and fight them as nasty as they fight conservatives. It made for an all around informative and entertaining and unique show. The others are all the same: Republicrat good, Demican bad or Demican good Republicrat bad. Savage went after both equally and it is whey the Government Media complex banned and ignored his existance, despite his success with the people.
      What is even more sad is that most of his listeners are independent conservative voters. Indepedents decide elections. And now when we really need him, he has vanished!
      Am now getting past my anger stage and now just grieving the loss of my Uncle Savage :)

    • K2

      I’m in agreement here too Devin. Maybe he isn’t interested in reaching the masses anymore and is approaching this change of lifestyle as more of a hobby. I’m not in a position to pay for individual podcasts. If he goes back on the radio, I will listen, but not with the zeal and devotion I felt before. I guess it’s $3.95 now.

    • K2

      And, no, I won’t pay that for a cup of coffee either…..

  • Karen

    We miss you, your voice, your wit, your wisdom. Did not know what you were going through, but thinking back I could hear the almost wistful nature of some of your comments and almost a reverie. I was completely touched over you account with the Rabbi and the wedding. Very moving and telling of your journey. Keep up the good fight!

  • Aj

    My day feels empty without Michael Savage!!! Please come back!!!

  • Mikey

    This makes it even worse… this is a statement from TRN the day Michael’s show was cancelled :

    Central Point, OR - Today begins the first in a series of changes to bring talk radio firmly into the 21st century. For too long, we’ve had to choose between ratings and salability, but no longer. Today the 6th largest syndicated talk show in America replaces what was the 3rd largest show, and in so doing, stations will get more light and less heat, a show that they can sell locally with pride, but also a show that will respect its stations, advertisers and audiences with a brilliance that sets great shows apart from good ones.

    • WXRGina

      That’s pretty rude of them. He wasn’t number 3 for nothing, and TRN knows it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001051740879 Brandon Adams

      TRN can GTFO. Dr. Savage’s content sells itself. There is no equal to Michael Savage.

    • Clover1111

      If you read the whole statement from their site, it makes it pretty clear that to the stations who buy these shows from, he was their problem too. They felt that he was the reason they had less stations as he wasn’t cooperative as a team player. After all, his third hour in recent times was a replay of a previous show after he spoke about what was on the website. That may have triggered many to put his show on at an odd hour and carry Levin earlier and in full. His 3rd hour wasn’t automatic either to most markets though it’s standard. Some stations might be shifting him and Doyle around and he had been picking up stations who dropped the Dr. long before this.

      Also, they are expected to do spots for local markets and apparently he didn’t do enough of them for their taste. The local stations may have also heard the backlash when their people tried to sell local ads for his show.

      Jerry Doyle does a different show and he like Laura Ingraham and Rusty Humphries did support the Dr. with his banned in Britain issue and spoke of it and to him on their own shows. Only the Dr. and TRN know the truth behind their parting, the rest of us can only guess.

  • Lonestarranger

    Savage’s remark that will come true and always be remembered for predicting the fuure:
    “Muslims have the will, but not the means! We have the means, but not the will!”
    with Iran on the brink of nuclear weapons and their stated goals to destroy Israel and their three decades long history of supporting terrorism, the Muslim extremist will set off a nuclear weapon in this country!
    Savage, you must come back the fight is still on!
    How the Jewish community can vote for Hussein is beyond me. OOOPs no it is’nt, my Uncle Savage taught me that Liberalism is a mental disorder that will kill us all!!
    Mike, we need you back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lonestarranger

    I normally would be listening to my Uncle Savage now. But total silence. I just find it amazing he has left us and all we get is a $4.95 sign in our face. No explanation. No telling us what the future plan is. I am just really amazed and REALLY disappointed in him. I thought he appreciated his 8 million listeners! I guess we really were nothing to him.
    Am going back to my anger stage in the grieving process!

  • JC

    Savage has always been complex. His wit and thoughts were complex, but so also were the odd aspects of his broadcast personality. To wit, Savage, I don’t care how big a fan any of us are/were, spent entirely too much time pitching his books on the show. It got to a point where even I, who always tried to listen to entire shows daily or near daily, thought “Okay, Mike, I hear you…you can stop with the hard sell, now.” I know I’m not alone in this feeling - it’s hard to admit, though.

    I hate to think he’s been duping fans all these years and that in reality he’s not the conservative hard-edge we’ve come to know and enjoy hearing. I have read that there are those out there that don’t for a minute believe he’s for real, that he’s a moderate or even a liberal in real life and that the show, perhaps more than any other radio host in conservative talk, is a rouse. Seems a little too hard to imagine, though.

    I feel like this past year, in particular, has been a time where he’s frequently only live for two of the three hours, spent inordinate amounts of time replaying old segments, taking time off, promoting his brilliance, and his books. It’s time for Michael to hit “reset” and make a grand re-entrance into radio.

    Frankly, I think he’ll be back on air faster than we think, and perhaps even before the presidential election itself. It would be just like Savage to make his return just as abrupt or crazy as his recent exit.

    Whatever happens, I’ll be listening if/when he returns.

    We can like Savage, but let’s also remember his foibles.



  • Mexicali Rose

    I have been wondering why my favorite show “The Savage Nation” was not on the air at the usual time. My whole family have been listening to your show for the last 10 years. I will miss you Dr. Savage. I hope to hear your show very soon.

  • andyvanm

    I have listen to MS for years ,but for months he has become overly bitter and nasty :Napoleon Complex

    A short person who feels inferior because of
    their size. They tend to take it out on other people and thrive on power
    trips. Shouting at others, especially when they are in a position of
    power, is common. Side affects include short temper, power
    trips/power-hungriness, anger issues, and often a bad sense of humor. The show was more about his latest book then real issues after Michael would read the Drudge headlines of the day…. Bitter rants dont get ratings…

    • Clover1111

      I always listen to Limbaugh with the Drudge page open………………

  • crzydmnd

    Who could ever replace such a clever and highly devoted man. Dr. Savage and all his glory was, is, and forver will be a gift from god. He came, he saw, he helped, he went! What he left in his wake was alot of sad peoples, but we know that the burden lifted off Dr. Savages shoulders is only a blessing for when he DOES come back Micheals words will be stronger than ever before. Saving America is going to be the hardest job we all face and it is our unified job,our OBLIGATION, as American citizens (no matter what side you stand on) to SAVE THIS COUNTRY! Out here in the real world we all are ready to take back what is ours and has been for hundreds of years. Dr. Savage knew this, could feel this, but deeply worried that the Obama machine could, has, and will try, again, to bury this rise by any means possible including force(Obama Care). I am just saying DO NOT STOP listening, praying, and doing what in needed to get us back on the right track. WE MISS YOU MICHEAL and my prays include comming home from work in the NEAR future, flipping on the radio, and hearing the strength I used to calm down my nerves after being in the dream world for just eight hours.Congrats on your win!

  • Tina Hendry

    I am a 48 year old female. I have grown to admire Dr. Savage for his honesty and no holds bar way of putting the truth on the table. I often turned my radio up in the car so all near would hear his knowlege, stories, recipes and anything he spoke about. I did this with pride. I miss his laugh and his disgust already. “Thank you Dr. Savage for opening my eyes.

  • Grouchomarksgrandmother

    I see where Savage is charging $5 to what he calls “watch him perform” on his website. How low has he fallen when he can’t even get a job with radio networks because of his reputation of being difficult to work with. He was the 3nd ranked radio show a few months ago, now not even satellite radio will give him a job. It’s a shame!

  • Arthur Avenue Bronxite

    Savage is on again tomorrow, Friday, which you have to pay for to hear him speak. After being a loyal listener, subscriber to his podcasts and purchasing all of his book just to support him, and donating to his causes, I find that I am being nickeled and dimed to death, just for the privilege of listening to him. I wouldn’t mind, if I was hearing the true Savage, but to pay for a test run $4.95, which he said he was doing for free on u-stream is plain petty and not right. Are we going to have to pay $5.00 every time you want to hear him??????? I think his ego has clouded his brain. Wake up Savage, before you lose it.

  • Mark

    Thanks for the update on Michael,didn’t know what was going on.Please Michael get
    back soon this country needs you.

  • One Armed Frank

    Mike never held back and said it when it needed to be said, unlike many of the others. I remember the first time I found him on the dial. I was scanning the AM dial out of boredom late one fall night in Northwest Indiana and came across this booming voice, screaming about the morons in society, coming from some AM station out of Kentucky. I thought to myself WOW - who IS this guy! This was at least 10 years ago before Mike began trying to “..keep it under control” lol. Mike will be back and we’ll download his shows when we can’t find them on the dial which I have to do anyway. I now live in Texas & cant get him in the Fort Hood area, go figure. Hurry back, Mike!

  • dave

    do not pay to listen to savages broadcast tomorrow. if we keep feeding him money to talk he will have no reason to go back on free radio. i think he is showing his true colors. i will not not pay to listen to him. who does he think he is? bill clinton. right now he is out of site,out of mind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jimbrossjr Jim Bross

    Fitting tribute to a voice “crying in the wilderness” I sorely miss Uncle Mike and do pray for a speedy return to the Air Waves…which are essential for real, truthful and honest information. And ALWAYS a crystal clear opinion.

  • http://littlebytesnews.blogspot.com littlebytes

    I know, I am lost without his show…a few UStream shows isn’t going to cut it, especially during this crucial election season. He isn’t even going to be on Ustream again until tomorrow! I needed to hear him today to get his reaction to the smackdown Obamao got. I pray Savage is on the radio again soon, I fear he may have shot himself in the foot by breaking his contract. It was a good thing for him, but it puts him in a bad situation where he could lose listeners, especially those who can’t afford his show in this tough economy.

    The worst thing about losing Savage on the radio, is how abruptly it happened. A few fill ins and then suddenly he was gone. How will we ever survive without him?? What makes it worse is that we can’t even listen to his past shows. There is nowhere to go except a few youtube posts with portions of past shows. I like listening to him, my dad listened to him since he started, as well as my brother and now we feel lost without his insight, but even just hearing his past shows won’t be enough, we all need his crucial insight now during this perilous time!

    The least he could do for now is get on blogtalkradio.com where we can all hear him for free. If he wants to have an after hour segment or whatever, then he can charge a fee on Ustream, but I really think he needs to get back on air soon or he will lose his loyal followers if too much time goes by and not everyone is willing to pay to hear his show for 45 minutes.

  • savagepatriot

    Sheeple!! Sheeple!! Have you nooo faith!!! The man has admitted to wiretaps on his show. He didn’t know how long the books would be available, or his show remain on the air.. He was and is a marked man!! And some (ok many) of you have turned on him at the drop of a hat? It is in fact very concerning, and very strange that his court case was won, and his show off the air at a time such as this.. The powers that control the air waves and much more have sabotaged the greatest voice the independent, and conservative world has. Call it conspiracy theory or call it intuition, but if he can he WILL bring clarity to the situation. If he can not then be patriots, and independant thinkers as he was. Not complainers and back stabbers. Romney showed the spine that even Dr. savage has questioned, and it will take all the patriots, independants, and loyal America loving conservatives to vote out the dictator, and elect Mitt Romney. Our fathers did it in 1980 after the disastrous Carter administration, and now it is our time. Dr. Savage on the air, or off the air it must be done. Gods will and your listenership he will be back…

  • Susan Dial

    Miss hearing you Dr. Savage…you left at one of the most critical times we have faced and really need your logical insights. Get back Soon!!!

  • Doug

    Bring back the Savage Nation. Jerry Doyle just doesnt cut it for me. For several days now I have turned on the station hoping to hear Michael and wondered why. Now I know. he will be missed.

  • PalmBeachBum

    who am i gonna bray with now?

    they replaced him with the vermin on the left
    dats number one

    and why can’t he go on the view and debate behar why liberalism is a mental disorder?

    • Clover1111

      They wouldn’t have him on.

  • Lonestarranger

    Well, he has lowered his price from 4.95 to 3.95!!!!! This is pathetic. Going from having a show that out performed Limbaugh on the internet to this. He will be down to 5 cents in a few more weeks and just does not get it. He owes it to his loyal listeners to state on his website what are his plans. If he is done with radio, then good luck and God bless him. But to make his loyal listeners pay to find out what he plans to do is a slap in the face of all of us and again, very cheap and pathetic.
    And to the gent below who said we all turned on Savage, it is the other way around. Savage turned on us!

  • jimstone

    He’ll be back after the election, and he’ll relentlessly bash romney, win or lose. He’ll push his books constantly, and bash all other talk show hosts. All he cares about is making money. His best days are behind him.

  • John S

    Hurry up, Michael! I’m surprised he doesn’t do something similar to Glen Beck, and create his own network.

  • Paused in Pennsylvania

    I agree with everything that Gina Miller wrote! There is a big hole in my evenings-and I certainly was very eager to hear what Dr. Savage had to say about the debate and the fallout. Wishin’ and hopin’ he will be back on the air soon.

  • Caroline

    Michael Savage is like a warm blanket here in the Bay Area..a light in this time of extreme darkness for our country. I cannot get through this election without you Michael. You have so many devoted, loyal -female- listeners. You have soothed my soul at election time for many years now. Please be available in whatever venue you choose, for this one. May the Lord richly bless you and yours.

  • Ovi

    it’s actually motley crue’s “looks that kill”

    • WXRGina

      The intro song at the top of the hour is the beginning of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” (linked in the column above). He also uses other songs as bumper music, but the Metallica song is the show opener.

  • Teril

    A friend of mine just showed this blurb to me from the Wiki:

    Savage won the lawsuit the morning of September 27, 2012, leading to the immediate cancellation of the show and forcing Talk Radio Network to hire a replacement in short order. Savage also won the rights to his entire archive but also was required to agree to a non-compete clause, which will prevent The Savage Nation from being picked up by another network any time in the immediate future.[9]

    Non-compete clause!! I wonder what the designated time is for that, and if it covers broadcasting from the internet.

    • Clover1111

      Your local TV news people have non competes as well. Why? The losing station doesn’t want to lose market share (advertising dollars) to their new employer. If his clause prevents him using the web, I’m sure his lawyer would hear about it. Apparently not as he’s looking to the web to build upon his own brand, much as Beck has. What TRN his old employer is worried about is that they will lose stations and times to him that they already have, in a market that can’t fit every show in as it is. Plus, Jerry Doyle is his replacement and while he was already being heard, he didn’t have as large of a concentration of the audience as the Dr. did. They want time to give Jerry a chance to capture and build on the base the Dr. developed for them.

      In the Dr.’s podcast, he mentioned that he wanted to broadcast post Limbaugh, smart move on his part since those earlier hours have been ingrained into so many into just one place. And since most of them pick up whomever is after that, the Dr. is hedging his bets on building an audience from that. Smart on him but also a gamble as well as some may feel that his brand of show as he has done doesn’t play well in the late afternoon in the east. It would be hard and others would call him a sellout if he changed his “brand” to fit another part of the day over where he had been.

      They used fill ins from the TRN network until Oct 1st when they gave the slot to Jerry Doyle as well as the contact number for callers.

      For sure had he been on during the debates, you would have heard his take on the answers we heard. You can only wonder how he felt about “trickle” being used since he wrote books on trickle up and trickle down.theories.

      Let us hope that he finds the right formula to keep him relevant in the talk media quickly and that he doesn’t go the way of “Who’s That” before he resurfaces.

  • victoria

    I miss Dr. Savage’s show so much but I’m happy for him.
    I hope he returns to the airwaves soon. His show was the best!!

  • dgtekinc

    He wants to retire gracefully.

  • Riverman

    Like many, I was shocked to learn this week that Doc S. was no longer on the air. Listening to his broadcasts through the years has not only educated me to the truly sordid nature of politics, but has provided me with hope. The great Silent Majority had a voice in Dr. S. & now that voice has been silenced - with no path forward for a resurrection. Mike expressed our fears & thoughts in a way that few can do. With eloquence, insight, passion & humor. What a horrible time to lose that voice! You truly tell it like it is - when no-one else has the guts or independence to do so. Dr. S. - we need you back on the radio ASAP! Please don’t let us & our desperate country down!!

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