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Mary Sudovar: The Children at War

September 29, 2012   ·   By   ·   4 Comments

Mary Sudovar

Mary Sudovar

Born in the early 20th Century, Mary has lived through a major depression, two World Wars, Korean War, Cold War, Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and war in Afghanistan, but most likely none of these prepared her for the war between her children. Children that she had cuddled lovingly to her breast. Children she saw as precious gifts to be loved unconditionally & protected with all the energy and might of her heart and soul. Children she laughed with and cried with, while always delighting in the tiniest of accomplishments of each.

The years from the first time Mary saw her wee ones to now have been many. Not all have been delightful. Some have been touched with sadness and desperation. One can only wonder just how much Mary knows about the war between her children and what her response would be, if she were actually aware of the entirety of what has taken place. Perhaps, for her, it is better that she not know, but for the wounded — there may be no return from the brink of hell that denies one child the ready comfort of a mother’s arms and elevates the others to a perch of temporary control they shall never be able to undo or be free of. The dark cloak of decisions made shall forever be theirs to haunt them in the night as they perhaps wonder if their decisions were made in good faith and for good cause or if they denied their mother her child for wrongful reason.

The plight of Mary Sudovar (with the court reigning over her life and estate), as her children wage a war that would break her heart, will be covered in the American Clarion. Don’t miss this heartbreaking story. Subscribe to the American Clarion and be the first to read the story of Mary Sudovar, a woman who loves her children — all of them — even the one so often denied to her.

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  • ElaineRenoire

    Beautifully written and an eye opener for all families who have warring children. Our elderly love their children - all of them - and they need to visit and enjoy each and every one. Families have to lay down arms and do what’s right for their parent(s) as if they don’t, a big door opens for guardianship….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000935820228 Sylvia Rudek

    Guardianship must be avoided at all costs. Being declared a ward of the state is a life sentence.

  • errtolife

    Many Thanks Carrie for your continued compassion exposing what is wrong in our society today. How did it come to this? Why do our elected officials keep allow the abuse and neglect of our elders, disabled and children to continue….they it is going on all across our county. Greed and power.

  • ImaReformer

    When siblings feud, the court takes over and then the nightmare begins.

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