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This Stumbling Orator

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Barack Obama (Photo credit: Will White)

Barack Obama (Photo credit: Will White)

Those Monday morning quarterbacking geniuses have it made. Their analysis or complaints center only on one game or in some cases, a single play or missed call. For those of us who critique President Obama, it’s not as simple. Where to start? The list is endless!

To begin, we have a President bent upon re-election who has yet to prove his Constitutional qualifications for office beyond a shadow of a doubt.. With regards to Obama, this former degree of required testimony is now considered to be racial tactic or just a Constitutional nuisance. These are reasons protracted from the media’s policy of protective analysis and overall indifference.

Dan Quayle’s rear view mirror surely presents a vista of reversals which identifies journalism’s combatant role inside the arena of impartiality and truth. Who can forget the uproar surrounding the word “potato?” Based upon the spelling of one word, this Vice Presidential candidate was thoroughly trashed in the public square by an unrelenting press.

Today, that same media which bellowed incessantly over one innocent misspelling now remains above the fray with regards to a President who both insults or misspeaks routinely. That same public square of opinion which dissected Quayle has yet to catch a glimpse of Obama or his antics.

During Obama’s 2008 campaign, have we forgotten that San Francisco campaign stop when he referred to those in Pennsylvania as citizens who “cling to their guns and religion?” This is very telling, given the current atmosphere surrounding both subjects.

Now, again weigh the media reaction to that long ago word “potato” verses today’s Presidential oratory which finds pronunciation difficulty with the simple word, “Corpsman.” Obviously, these two words, separately or combined should not be problematic to such a gifted orator as Obama; especially so since the average American is well versed in their knowing of each.

While this bit of harmless trivia seems just that, there is much to dwell on with this particular verbal gaffe. Not just because our media elites gave it a pass but because this gaffe was afforded to such a common everyday term. This word “corpsman” echoes throughout our American society.

Probably, in the world of American words, “corpsman,” “Corps” and of course “man” are so elementary to our everyday lexicon that either word could be found on the same page of a first grade reading tutorial along side “cat” or “dog!” I mean, where is the problem?

But of course, we are talking about Americans and their everyday words of communication. Words that were understood and in use at the earliest stages of our schooling.

It may well be that the reading tools found in Malaysia were not so deeply entrenched with American standards. It is conceivable that this word in particular was not as common in Malaysia as it would be here in America.
Taken a step further, this seemingly innocent misspeak may actually be the tip to Obama’s iceberg of American ignorance. His mispronunciation certainly reflects a lack of familiarity with the word which may suggest a great deal more. Just a thought but one which our media will never ponder.

Then, there is the matter of Obama being the Commander-in-Chief of our military; a point of reference which he routinely and proudly claims. How many Marines cringed when they heard him mangle their beloved “Corps?”

Not intending to beat a dead horse but this particular public gaffe carried so much more weight of meaning and insult than did the proper or improper spelling of the word “potato!” This “corpseman” pronunciation is just not Presidential, let alone American.

I dare say that this President could actually be jokingly called “a piece of work” if he wasn’t so threatening. Who remembers his Constitutional defiance when stating, “If Congress won’t act, then I will?” How dare this man completely ignore his own limitations to an elected office? And worse yet, just how important is the Senate’s party loyalty when a President defies our laws?

More recently was his ignorant claim of “You didn’t build that!” The insult was blatantly clear, unavoidable and indefensible. Still, he stands by his remark which denigrates all who aspire and/or ultimately achieve. Yet, the media frowns as the Romney campaign continues to convey this insult at every rally. Someone should tell the NY Times that Romney’s not the culprit.

Finally, to the most degrading statement of all. Obama’s official response to a terrorist attack, which claimed the life of our Ambassador and three other Americans. Obama’s strategy was to connect it to and blame it on an independent video which was made in America. His intent was clear; this was a political cover-up so that his Administration did not appear to be weak and/or inept. Therefore, his public imaging during this re-election season took precedence over the loss of four Americans. In addition to his anti-American beliefs, his priorities suggest a coldness, a non-feeling within this man.

Nowhere in the annuals of American history has it been shown so despicably that an American President finds lying to the public so inherently comfortable. In fact, Obama continued this lie during his recent United Nations apology speech, and in doing so, contradicted the public statements made by leading members of his administration.

A side note to that “clinging” statement I previously referenced. Check out today’s heightened sensitivity surrounding his back door attack against our free speech rights via this self-serving connection to an inconsequential video. Along with our unalienable free speech rights, we better “cling” a little tighter to our Christian religion. And as for our “guns,” no need to “cling,” just keep them near, cleaned and the ammo dry.

This single act of defiance at the UN, assigning blame to the video despite confirmation that the Libyan attack was a coordinated assault, silhouettes in its most minute details, a man of dangerous proportions. The fact that his complicit media flunkies continue with their blind and silent support of these heinous actions only underlines the degree of danger both democrats and republicans will face if this ego driven anti-American socialist is re-elected.

I might add that in closing, Obama’s litany of failures is so extensive that many, which formerly would be front page, fall through the cracks.

An example is when will our border security be addressed? This remains especially repugnant since American travelers continue to deal with this abuse at airport security sign in lines. All the while, untold amounts of undesirables and terrorists flood our borders.

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