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Because of a Cheesy, Anti-Islam Video? Give Us a Break!

September 18, 2012   ·   By   ·   17 Comments

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Innocence of MuslimsSo, this whole terrible ordeal with our American consulate in Libya and the other attacks on our embassies and outposts in a rising number of Middle East locations was because of a You Tube video that “insults” the murderous, megalomaniac, pedophile Mohammad by telling some truth about him?  And, the attacks just happened to occur on the 11th anniversary of 9-11?  Really?  The very cheesy video was supposedly made last year and has apparently been out for months now (although we cannot be certain, because no one has heard of it before now), but all of a sudden it’s “the reason” the barbarian Islamists go on a murder rampage on 9-11?  I don’t think so.

The communist Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) and his equally communist administration really do think we’re stupid.  This theme of a silly cartoon or kitsch film setting off the wild animal Muslims in the Middle East was old several years ago.  We don’t buy it.  These people do not need a video excuse to burn and kill; in their detestable Koran, “Allah” gave them all the reason they need to murder the “infidel.”  If they need any more reason, just like the Occupy Wall Street morons over here, a few marching order tweets and a few bucks go a long way in creating a “spontaneous” protest.

Now, we have more Americans murdered by Muslims on another 9-11, including Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens.  And our embassy in Cairo, just like the stupid, quisling Left, apologized for our own freedom of speech by issuing the most outrageous of statements before either the Libyan consulate or the embassy in Cairo were breached—strange timing, indeed, ahead of “unplanned” attacks.

Then, the news came out that Ambassador Stevens was a homosexual.  This is stunning.  Not that he was a homosexual, because the Obama administration is loaded with homosexuals, possibly including Obama himself, but that the brainiacs in this administration saw fit to appoint a homosexual as a United States representative to an Islamic country.

Despite the idiocy of members of the radical homosexual movement here in America who claim that Christians are the greatest danger to their debauched way of life, it is not Christians who routinely impose the death penalty on homosexuals; that would be Middle Eastern Muslims.

Did someone in this administration want Christopher Stevens dead?  How could these people justify appointing a homosexual to a Muslim country, especially a country in such disarray after Obama’s illegal war to overthrow Gaddafi?  Obama and those in his administration may be evil liars, but they’re not stupid—well, I may be wrong about them not being stupid; after all, they did appoint a homosexual to a Muslim country.

In addition to all this, Barack Obama once again shamefully mistreated our dear ally Israel as he hatefully snubbed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s request for a meeting while the Prime Minister is in the United States this month.  Obama’s clear hatred for Israelis disgusting and a threat to America’s well-being.  He even went so far as to yank Jerusalem—the God-ordained capital of Israel forever—from the hellish Democrat platform, before it was grudgingly restored over the screaming protests of godless Democrats at the convention.

Regardless, we now have United Nations American Ambassador Susan Rice making the rounds declaring these attacks and protests were (and are) all because of this You Tube video and that they were not pre-planned.  Why would she say this in the face of all common sense and three-day advanced warnings?  Her ridiculous talking points also contradict the Libyan President’s assertion that the attack in Libya was well-planned and organized.  These “spontaneous” attackers also “just happened” to have heavy weapons and rocket-propelled grenades, just in time for 9-11!  Yeah, sure.

Whatever is at the bottom of these attacks, besides the usual Islamist goal of murder and chaos, one thing is certain:  the obsession by the Obama administration with this You Tube video of mysterious origin is nothing more than yet another attempted assault on the God-given right to freedom of speech and expression that Americans enjoy and that the Obama administration wants to kill.  The maker of the video was hauled in for questioning in the middle of the night in Los Angeles.  Why?  How dare they detain him?  On what grounds?  This whole thing is outrageous.  We are not Nazi Germany—yet!

Did you notice that before we knew more than a few details of the attacks, and well before the body of Ambassador Stevens was even recovered, this administration was already crowing that “the reason” for the attacks was some You Tube video of which no one had ever heard?  How did they know this?  Whose master plan was this?  And, how can Susan Rice run all over the television talk shows and declare these attacks are because of the video and not pre-planned, and at the same time say that the FBI is investigating and will find out the real story?  Who needs the FBI when Susan Rice has all the “answers” before the story finishes unfolding?

Whatever diabolical reason the powers-that-be have for whipping the maniacal Middle Eastern Muslims into a frenzy, another point is that the creeping Shariah law movement, hand-in-glove with Obama’s communist goals, is alive and well in the United States, and our freedom of speech to criticize the hell-born ideology of Islam, or to criticize this anti-American Obama regime, is one of its biggest targets.

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  • retiredday

    I heard two comments on Fox News (don’t remember who said made them): 1) that for decades Muslims have been hating us, screaming “death to America!” and attacking our embassies anyway. So, why do they need an excuse so trivial as that unknown video? or 2) If one little video can so effectively disrupt the effectiveness of Obama’s foreign policy, then what a pitiful excuse that foreign policy is! Remember, Obama (OWHNI) claimed that simply by his presence in the Oval Office, our relationship with the Muslim world would become more respectful and cooperative. So hey, Prez Obominater, howz that workin’ out for you?

    • WXRGina

      Right-on, Mike!

      • retiredday

        Gina, I hadn’t seen the stupid video, “The Innocence of Muslims” before now. After viewing it, your description is apt: It’s just plain cheesy. But in America that isn’t a crime… yet. For me, the scariest part of this whole story is that the maker of that film was taken in and questioned by the police. That’s not stupid. That’s the antithesis of freedom. Film makers have every right to make stupid movies. They make them all the time. How gullible and undeserving of freedom are those stupid Americans who accept the official line that this cheesy video is responsible for the Islamic insanity raging in the world today.

        • WXRGina

          Mike, what I didn’t say in the column, but what I’m thinking, is that this whole video, along with its maker, are all fake. The maker is a mystery; the video is a mystery; when and where it’s from is a mystery. The taking him in for “interrogation” during the middle of the night is a charade.

          This is a complete set-up. It’s all fake-on the US front-because this part is just a ruse to attack our freedom of speech. These evil jackals. They’ll shut us down with a left-handed stroke of “Obama’s” pen.

          • retiredday

            No doubt the administration will attempt to declare any “speech” against Islam as a threat to world peace (which is basically Islam’s position). Those irresponsible free-speechers are such trouble-makers.

  • thisoldspouse

    I did watch the short “trailer” of that film and gotta say that it is really, really bad, almost cult-classic bad, cinema quality-wise, but hardly worth getting worked up over. It seemed more of a parody. I really did laugh at a few parts because it was so obviously purposely stupid. but I didn’t riot.

    • WXRGina

      Me, too, Spouse. I thought it was almost humorous. There are certainly “worse” things out there, many more things, that “insult” Islam and Mohammed, and that are much better made.

  • WXRGina

    It was an act of war against us, but since our criminal-in-chief is on THEIR side, there is no answer from the administration.

    • JohnAngel915

      It is/was indeed an act of war against the U/S. And this adm’s “no answer”, IS an answer, & as you pointed out, u no hoo, is on their side.

    • JohnAngel915

      PS: This adm is rife with homosexual, trans-sexuals, and Marxists, and I’ll bet five dollars, the 2700 pg, unconstitutional O-Care bill is LOADED with preferential treatment for the aforementioned group. In addition, I also bet another 5 dollars that there are/will be in that Un-healthy (For America) care bill, hiring quotas for minorities, homosexuals, & possibly even hiring quotas for non-citiziens. This is after all America’s historic, first ever, TwiLiGhT zOnE administration! God save us from enemies, foreign, domestic, and within.

      • WXRGina

        “TwiLiGhT zOnE,” INDEED! Right-on, John!!!

  • WXRGina

    PS: Re: Chris Stevens. John, read the link in my column to the piece about his homosexuality. It was apparently common knowledge in Chicago that he was homosexual.

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  • david

    Great Post! You said it ALL! Bold, full of reality and truth!
    God speed my sister!

    • WXRGina

      Thank you, David!

  • http://www.dakotavoice.com dr. theo

    That silly video hardly warrants a simple gouging out of the producers eyes. To foment worldwide outrage, the burning of embassies and the murder of innocents there are much better examples of Mohamhead mockery and ridicule. Her is one I particularly like, called “Every One Loves Allah”:

    There is an animated portrayal of Mohamhead at approximately 2:30 that is priceless. It’s hilarious, well-done, true, accurate and even nicely referenced to the holey scriptures of Islam. If I was a worshiper of the moon god I would be incensed to unthinkable (to infidels) violence by this little video, but as it is, I am delighted to see the truth exposed in such a demeaning way.

    • WXRGina

      HAHAHAHA!!!! That’s hilarious, Doc!
      Thanks for sharing that with us, you infidel! :-)

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