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An ‘Old’ Democrat Complains About ‘Obama’ Democrats

September 15, 2012   ·   By   ·   0 Comments

Eisenhower and President-elect John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Dec. 6, 1960

Eisenhower and President-elect John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Dec. 6, 1960

During the national convention of the Democratic Party in Charlotte, many speakers and interviewees alleged that the current Democratic Party is the party of inclusion. I challenge that claim.

The Democratic Party lead by Obama and his allies does not “include” Democrats like me. Like John Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and Scoop Jackson, I am a Democrat who is for respect for life, for a strong national defense, and for obeying the U.S. Constitution and respecting everyone’s constitutional rights.

BARRACK OBAMA IS NOT THAT KIND OF DEMOCRAT! Neither are his “Obamacare” supporting allies in Congress. They have made the Democratic Party the party of “NO”. No respect for human life; no respect for the need to give our service men and women the equipment and training that they need to have the best chance of surviving combat and accomplishing their missions; no respect for Catholics or others who object to our federal tax money supporting and subsidizing the abortion of unborn babies or the euthanasia of senior citizens or those who are ill physically or mentally.

Twice I was elected the Democratic Party state convention delegate from my area. I was an elected Democratic Party precinct committeeman. But, I realize that Barrack Obama and his “Obamacare” supporting allies in the “new” Democratic Party do not share my values with me so I will not share my vote with them.

If Barrack Obama and his “Obamacare” supporting allies in Congress do not share your values with you, then I suggest that you should not share your vote with them. I like the “old” Democratic Party much better than the current one under the leadership of Obama and his allies.

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