Voter ID Laws are like Sunlight to the Vampire Left

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Since when is being right considered “controversial”? You have likely noticed that “mainstream” news media—which simply means media that is aligned with the communist Left—when reporting on issues that are important to the true mainstream of patriotic Americans will call those issues “controversial.” When reading a news article published in the Miami Herald, I saw the word used to describe the voter identification law in South Carolina.

There is nothing controversial about wanting to protect the integrity of our elections, as voters here in Mississippi did in the last election when we approved our voter ID ballot initiative. Requiring proper ID to vote is simply common sense. What is controversial is how the Democrats react to the proposition of the loss of easier access to fraudulent voting. When ID is required to vote, that means fraudsters who vote in place of dead people, illegal aliens who vote and various other criminal voters have a much harder, if not impossible, time casting those illegal votes.

Of course, Democrats do not put it that way, because Democrats lie to conceal the truth of their unconstitutional, anti-American agenda. They make the stupidly wrong claim that voter ID laws will prevent blacks and other minorities from voting. That is not even a good, dumb argument! In the case of South Carolina and some other states, free state ID is offered to those who claim to not be able to afford to pay the small fee for it, a claim which, in itself, is quite silly. Nevertheless, if those same people also claim they have no way to travel to pick up their free ID, South Carolina has an 800 number they can call to get a free ride to get their free state-issued ID.

After South Carolina adopted their voter ID law, the despicable, racist Attorney General Eric Holder rushed to command the new law be blocked. Really, how dare he? Oh, but he does dare. This may be the most corrupt “Justice” Department in US history, not only for this injustice, but for numerous rotten actions in the past 3 years, like the wicked and deadly Fast and Furious scheme, the favorable treatment of black criminals as in the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case during the ’08 election, the suing of states that want to protect their citizens from the illegal alien invasion, and the refusal to defend the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

The good news is that South Carolina is not going to stand down in the face of this leftist attack on election integrity. On Tuesday, three top officials in South Carolina announced that they will sue the Justice Department in Washington DC district court to challenge this absurd dictate. Legal precedent is on South Carolina’s side. The Supreme Court has already ruled in favor of a voter ID law in Indiana, and the Justice Department in the last administration upheld Georgia’s voter ID law which is the same as South Carolina’s.

The issue of voter ID laws drives the Left into spastic tantrums. The completely bogus claim that voter ID laws equal a return to “Jim Crow” is wailed from the rooftops. They have no legitimate argument against this common-sense protection of our elections, so they, as always, resort to the flimsiest of lies and false accusations to defend their indefensible position. The Left, as a chorus, takes up the worn-out chant of “racist discrimination” in the hopes of drowning out the voices of truth.

One typical example of lunatic, leftist lying comes from a writer at the Daily Kos. In reporting on a Heritage Foundation article by Hans von Spakovsky, whom he calls a “joker,” the author wraps up his column with this gem of leftist “logic,”

“The shorter version: Spakovsky’s claims are [BS]. Suppression of the votes of vulnerable citizens—the poor, the elderly, students, historically discriminated against people of color—is an ongoing, relentless campaign of right wingers. If one thing doesn’t work, they try another. Attorney Gen. Holder has justifiably slipped a stick into their spokes. It’s no surprise to hear them squealing about it.”

So, what does this Daily Kook writer regard as “squealing” by Mr. von Spakovsky? Let’s take a look at a few parts of Mr. von Spakovsky’s well-written Heritage Foundation report,

“Attorney General Eric Holder put a lump of coal in South Carolina’s Christmas stocking on Dec. 23 when he objected to the state’s new voter ID law. By ignoring inconvenient facts and clear legal precedent, Holder showed once again that politics and ideology—not the rule of law—drive his law enforcement decisions. Given the power of the Justice Department and its potential for abuse, this should worry all Americans, particularly when that abuse has the potential to affect the outcome of next year’s election.

… This new ID requirement is a common-sense reform that can easily be met by voters regardless of their race, ethnicity, or economic status. However, South Carolina is one of the few states still covered under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, a civil rights-era law that requires the state to get ‘preclearance’ of any voting change from the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division at the U.S. Justice Department or a federal court in the District of Columbia. Section 5 was originally passed in 1965 as a five-year emergency provision to remedy widespread, systematic discrimination in the South. Yet it has been frequently renewed—most recently in 2006—even though the official discrimination it was intended to stop has long since disappeared except for isolated incidents.

South Carolina made the grievous error of submitting the state’s new voter ID law to the Justice Department for review, rather than going straight to federal court where it would get an impartial hearing. The history of this Justice Department over the past three years, from the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case to the refusal to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, has been one in which raw politics and ideology are driving law enforcement decisions.

… DOJ apparently wants to prevent common-sense election reforms—which are supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans and would help guarantee the security and integrity of the election process—from being in place for next year’s election. This objection reveals both the character of this Attorney General and the lengths to which he is willing to go to abuse the power and authority of the federal government in order to meet the political demands of the Left.”

I suppose that to those on the communist Left, that sounds like the ravings of a madman, but to those of us who love America and want to preserve our Constitution, our freedoms and the nation as founded, those are words of plain truth.

An ironic idea occurs to me. If voter ID laws were enacted in all states, it is likely that overall voter turnout would be lower, mainly on the Democrat side, of course. That is simply the result of all those dead and otherwise illegal voters not being able to cast their lawless Democrat votes. In the event of a lower voter turnout, you can take it to the bank that the Left would screech, “See?! We told you minorities would be prevented from voting! Look at the lower turnout of Democrat votes!” Liberalism is not nearly as popular as the Left would have us believe, and they know darned well that without their fraudulent votes, they would have a much harder time gaining and keeping power.

Dead voters remain on the voter rolls in every state. Purging of voter rolls of dead people and otherwise ineligible voters (as in those who have moved out of the district or state) is part of what needs to happen on a very regular basis to further prevent voter fraud. Of course, the Left fights any kind of effort to clean up the election process, and purging voter rolls is another thing the Left detests.

For that matter, those on the Left routinely claim that election fraud does not even occur, this despite the fact that it most certainly does. Mr. von Spakovsky, in a column at National Review had this to say about the spurious claims by the Left,

“Once you get past the race-baiting, you will find that opponents of voter ID generally rely on two arguments, equally specious: 1) There is no need for photo ID, because there is no voter fraud in the United States; 2) This is a deliberate effort to suppress the turnout of minority voters, who often don’t have photo ID. Liberals keep repeating these false claims despite the fact that they have been disproved both in the courtroom and at the polling place.

The claim that there is no voter fraud in the U.S. is patently ridiculous, given our rich and unfortunate history of it. As the U.S. Supreme Court said when it upheld Indiana’s photo-ID law in 2008, ‘Flagrant examples of such fraud . . . have been documented throughout this Nation’s history by respected historians and journalists.’ The liberal groups that fought Indiana’s law didn’t have much luck with liberal justice John Paul Stevens, who wrote the 6–3 decision. Before being named to the Supreme Court, Justice Stevens practiced law in Chicago, a hotbed of electoral malfeasance.”

Yes, election fraud does occur, and Democrats desperately try to deny its existence. After all, if it does not exist, then there is no reason to combat it, right? Yeah, right. I applaud South Carolina for taking this fight to court—this fight to preserve its perfectly correct voter ID law from the baseless assault by the lawless Obama “Justice” Department, a department of this administration that makes a shameful mockery of its own name.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There is a YouTube video out by the Veritas Project (you can find it posted at showing reporters with hidden cameras entering polling places in this week’s NH primary and giving their identities as known deceased voters.  The names WERE on the rolls, and the poll workers just willy-nilly handed them ballots.  Every undercover reporter asked if he needed to show and I.D. and each poll worker adamantly explained that I.D. isn’t require. You just have to claim to be one of the names on the rolls and, presto!, you’re a dead voter.

    One only has to wonder how many tens of thousands of times this scenario has been repeated with real election thieves. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I read about that yesterday. James O’Keefe is a real go-getter! The Left always tries to claim there is NO election fraud, but that’s a darned lie.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m kind of surprised that the “justice” department doesn’t bar the whole slew of states that just recently enacted voter I.D. requirements, but I get it now.  They are timing their assault to a time close to the November elections when they can have activist black-robed tyrants put stays on the laws long enough to get the fraud vote in.  This may be their last stand at control of the election box strings, and they know it. 

    I think it will take an election cycle or two (never mind that various state voter I.D. laws were verified to be constitutional by the S.C. already) for states to be able to do this unimpeded by activist courts, but the future of higher election integrity is on the way.  It’s only a start, though.  We need to move on to “absentee” voter fraud and overly long “early voting” mistakes to make the act of voting at least hard enough to make only those serious enough about our plight to participate.

  3. dr. theo says:

    Voter fraud has been part and parcel to Democrat politics for years.  Besides the obvious concern about stolen elections, on a personal level I see a fraudulent vote as disenfranchising you and me, the honest legal voters.  This is a civil rights issue that our Justice Dept. and our courts should be pursuing aggressively.  Perhaps millions of Americans are in effect losing their right to vote because it is negated by an illegal vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re quite right, Dr. Theo. A fraud vote is the stolen vote of a legitimate voter-simple, evil math.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dr. Theo,
      Poll after poll has demonstrated what a right-of-center nation we really are.  Who knows what an astonishing margin of victory conservatism would realize, nationally and locally, in virtually every government branch, were we able to squelch even a modest level of voter/election fraud. 

      It’s mind-boggling to think of it.  By accomplishing this one objective, we could turn this country around on a dime! 

  4. Bob Haskell22 says:

    There is and always will be voter fraud. You can pass any law and there will still be some. Most votes that should not be cast “fraud” are unintentional mistakes. Like wrong precinct. How about the intentional ones, how many are there? Very very few. Do you know that 5 million votes can be counted and each time the numbers will vary slightly? But to nail those few fraudulent votes, (a dozen here, a dozen there), you Republicans want to mess things up for thousands of voters. And who are those thousands? Well, statistically they tend to vote Democrat. Perfect plan. Immoral, but not a surprise for you folks. Gerrymander, suppress the vote, you can’t win fair. Cheaters.

    • Anonymous says:

      I already addressed people like you who lie and claim voter fraud is very rare.  “A dozen here, a dozen there” is simply not the case.  Just in the past week alone, we saw the report that in South Carolina’s Republican primary, almost a thousand DEAD PEOPLE voted.  Dead voters are all too common.

      Requiring photo ID in no way “messes things up” for anyone except Democrat cheaters-you know, the ones you’re attempting to protect.  Those same Democrat cheaters have no problem showing their ID to get government handouts.

      • Bob Haskell22 says:

        I don’t see an issue, anyone who votes Republican are completely dead or brain dead. I have read study after study about the amount of fraud, but your news network and your cheerleaders are promoting it, so fine take it hook line and sinker. I do know that the nations demographics are going to crush you and send you folks to the woodshed in 20 to 30 years and you will never get out again. Can’t wait for the perfect storm heading your way in 2012, blow out for Obama vs Mitt (lower my taxes to zero) Wrongney.

        • Bob Ellis says:

          It’s hard to know where to begin when dealing with someone who is so ignorant that they don’t even realize how ignorant they are.

          There really is no reason whatsoever to oppose voter ID laws (other than to promote continued vote fraud, that is). We have to show an ID to do virtually everything: open a bank account, drive, take out a loan, fly on a commercial airliner, etc.

          Is it really so unreasonable (or even racist?) to expect one to prove one’s identity when the state of our government and our very freedom are at stake? Especially when many have shown a disturbing willingness to commit fraud to manipulate the outcome of elections?

          I think not. Again, the only reason to oppose voter ID laws that is remotely rational is if one wants to enable vote fraud to achieve an illegitimate election outcome.

          Since liberals commit fraud virtually every time they open their mouths and claim to be anything other than the liberals they are, this is right up their alley.

          The Left may indeed someday succeed in corrupting and dumbing-down the American people to a level where they entrench themselves in power. But that day has not come yet. I know it’ll disappoint you, but there are still too many thinking, reasoning, informed people with a functioning moral compass to allow you to have your Marxist way unhindered.

        • Anonymous says:

          “… anyone who votes Republican [is] completely dead or [brain-dead]”?  

          Pal, you are not going to like it if you get your total wish for communist Democrat masters.  You are showing your terrible ignorance.  I feel sorry for you.

          • Bob Ellis says:

            I don’t feel sorry at all for these trolls. In fact, I really wish we could transplant them to the kind of Marxist hellhole they long for-without transforming the United States into it, of course. If they dragged their children into such an environment, I could feel sorry for the children. But sops like this guy, Cory Heidelberger, and other American Marxists…I’d pay good money to watch them try to live in the kind of environment they yearn for.

            • Anonymous says:

              Very good point and true, Bob. I guess I lied when I said I felt sorry for him, because I don’t. That’s just a “catch-all” phrase that really means, “You are a loser piece of crap that does not deserve to live in this great country that gave you the greatest blessings in the history of the world.” I really should not mince words like I sometimes do.

        • Anonymous says:

          Only, Romney’s not going to be the nominee, which will dash the Left’s hopes into tatters.  We all know how much you and your Marxist contingent are pulling for Romney, and how utterly unhinged you become when a conservative like Santorum pulls out a win.  You’re the inverse barometer of what we hope for; so predictable, we can mouth your words before you speak them.