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The Human Weathervane

January 11, 2012   ·   By   ·   1 Comments

The political race towards the White House continues to pick up steam.

Things have been looking bleak for America since the last presidential election and the current one has turned into a fight for the future of our country.

Democrats seek to re-elect Barack Obama and Republicans seek to oust them and him from the Oval Office.

The Republican choice for president is currently still undecided, but with his narrow victory in Iowa and favorable polling in New Hampshire, it appears as though Mitt Romney is the “inevitable” choice.

It would certainly seem that way. Romney supporters and voters who consider Romney to be “Plan C” at best continue to push this angle to the point where even the most ardent Anti-Romney supporter is liable to think it might be true.

Does that make it true? No.

Mitt Romney has earned the label of “filp-flopper” for his ability to switch opinions on any given issue at any given time. I once read a comment from a “Plan C: Romney” voter who described Mitt Romney as a weathervane: his position changes depending on which way the wind is blowing. The commenter told their fellow Republicans that a President Mitt Romney can be reined in by surrounding him with conservative Republicans and creating a wind that pointed Mr. Romney towards the conservative north.

The painfully apparent facts about Mitt Romney an outsider can gain from such a “Plan C: Romney” voter are these: Mr. Romney is not a conservative and is a Republican only in the sense that he does not call himself a Democrat. This brings us to the heart of the issue in regards to Mr. Romney being the “inevitable” choice for President:

Why are Republicans being called to vote for a man who changes his opinion based on which way the wind blows and not a genuine change of mind?

Why are Republicans being called to vote for a man who does not hold many conservative and Republican values dear and near to his heart?

“Anyone is better than Obama.” True.

It is imperative that the Republican Party oust the Democrats and their President from the White House.

But must we throw our other (more conservative) candidates into the Grand Canyon for a faux-Republican just because he appeals to some Obama voters with “buyer remorse” or some independents who are supposedly scared of true conservatism?

Do we need to sacrifice our values in order to win?

What will be left if we do? Nothing will be left except the shell of our former selves.

What sense does it make to vote for someone who needs to be reined in by true conservatives when we could have voted for those true conservatives in the first place?

What should we do if Mr. Romney manages to gain the Republican nomination? Should we rally behind the lesser evil in order to defeat the greater evil? Or is there no difference between these two evils?

We could try to point President Romney towards conservatism… but what will we do if the Democratic wind manages to point him towards the liberal south? He already tends to point in that direction based on (among other things) his trying to force Massachusetts to accept homosexual marriage.

Mitt Romney is a determined man. He has been campaigning for six years. He wants to be the President of the USA. He wants to be in the Oval Office.

Do conservatives really want to help put him there at the expense of our values and with the high chance that such a move will backfire spectacularly?

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