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Without the Big O, You Can’t Build That

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Obama's Julia

Obama’s Julia

Meet Julia. She doesn’t have a last name, but just like you—under “Big O” of course—she has Daddy Government to lean on. When she can’t pay her student loans, eh… payment schmayment. When she gets old, Mr. G. will provide new wheels from The Scooter Store. Grand Canyon, here she comes!

But come on, that’s not love. Daddy G can do better. He can meet Julia step-for-step with all the love, care and poisonous affection of big, sloppy kisses from government programs. And by step-for-step, I mean from birth till death do us part.

Life of Julia Government

The above, albeit biasedly, summarizes the Obama campaign’s “The Life of Julia.” It’s a graphic illustration reminding us of everything Big O has done to take care of our entire life. On several pages representing Julia’s milestone ages, her parents’ love, encouragement and support is never mentioned. In fact, we’re left to assume her parents simply exist.

Also, the timeline rarely references any influence of first jobs or extracurricular activities. Why? She’s got Daddy G and we know that because “President Obama” is mentioned 19 times on… Just. 12. Pages. This is a powerful picture of how close Big O wants government to our
everyday lives.

If you’ll remember, President Obama said, “If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

“The Life of Julia” revises that by saying, “If you’re going to have a life or business—you can’t build that. Somebody else—I mean.. uh.. government—will make that happen.”

Think that’s a stretch? Despite the eeriness, let’s hit the highlights of Julia’s life. We’ll cover two, but notice when the milestones land, what they are, and the government’s role. For fun, you can check me by tallying how many times Big O’s narcissism shows up.

Daddy G’s Got You

Age 18: Julia qualifies for “President Obama’s American Opportunity Tax Credit—worth up to $10,000 over four years.” Plus, she qualifies for a Pell Grant, all to put a college education “within reach.”

It sounds incredible. Nonetheless, if the President hadn’t signed over 80 percent of the student loan market to Daddy G, colleges would’ve been forced to compete for Millennials’ business.

And without the guarantee of federal loan checks, university presidents could’ve built leaner institutions by cutting costs—making government spending on tax credits less necessary.

Age 42: Julia wants to start her own web-based business. Come on, Julia, ask Daddy G nicely. What do you know? “She qualifies for a Small Business Administration loan….” Before you know it, she’ll be creating jobs—forced to remember she couldn’t and didn’t do it without the government.

Her creativity and hard work will have meant nothing because, “… there are a whole bunch of hard-working people out there.” Of course, if she doesn’t remember, the President will jog her memory (e.g., “… you didn’t build that.”).

Look, the President sees government as the origin to everything. It’s tucked in our swaddling clothes as an infant and buried with us at life’s end. Our dreams and creativity can’t be the start because the President can’t control that. And if he can’t control that, we might become an evil, capitalist pigs rolling in millions kept in Swiss bank accounts—like Mitt Romney.

America’s start-ups, dreams and innovations don’t source from Washington, D.C. One trillion dollars in short-lived, Daddy G stimulus taught us that. It simply doesn’t work. The economy catches-up and devalues printed money. Plus, it refuses to magically multiply dollars taken from innovators by putting it in the hands of those who choose to sit the sidelines.

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