The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse. — James Madison, speech in the Virginia constitutional convention, December 2, 1829

Disconnecting American Unity

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I am amazed and saddened that this political debating season offers the incumbent with so many supportive voices. The mere fact that this debate is taking place defiles our American heritage. For heavens sake, what has this man accomplished which would justify his re-election? Equally significant, what promises now offered, in addition to his 2008 batch, could generate, not only this applause, but even minimal confidence?

Somewhere along the way, both the candidates and the American electorate have lost sight of their number one election priority, which is the betterment of our country. Simply stated, Statesmen serve while politicians profit. America’s decline began when our “public servants” placed reward over service and voters chased the rainbow’s fabled pot of gold.

After the political rhetoric subsides this November and all the votes are supposedly counted, will the results produce an overall improvement to a Country which has provided so much? This is the Country which so many Americans sacrificed all they had. This is the Country which our children and grandchildren will inherit. This is the Country, first, last and always, that demands our fullest and most loyal effort.

As previously mentioned, the average voter has undergone their own transitions. Again, simply stated, our instilled tradition of a unified American purpose has been fractured. We have all taken flights in differing directions, dependent upon our individual fancies. The bevy of interests which have attracted the public’s attentions are too numerous to list, yet they all contain the common thread of dissimilation. No matter what the interest be, its detraction from the American cloth of unity, purpose and strength is abundantly clear. And so are the results!

Take for instance the recent headlines which fueled a controversy based upon the statements offered by very successful business owner. Chic-fil-A President Dan Cathy answered honestly when queried about his company’s position on traditional marriage as opposed to gay unions being so recognized. Eventually, fires were stoked to the point that a public furor erupted. In former times, this debatable subject would never arise, let alone warrant national headlines!

While nation wide support for Mr. Cathy’s position was immediate, the same disconnect, which is being displayed during this Presidential season, was in evidence when this former non issue leaped onto the levels of national prominence. The mere creation of a debate provided recognition to what was previously devoid of such notice.

In today’s world, Muslims may do their pad kneeling thing to the point of blocking busy New York City avenues but when a Christian executive responds to questions of his faith, the hammers of hell descend. This disconnect is as obvious as it is threatening. At its root are the “fancies” which so long ago separated our energies from what we cherished the most. Separately, we’ve become the vulnerable, the “useful idiots” of which the communists rely so heavily upon when creating disruption and social chaos.

This public disorientation conflicts with our former expectations of America’s “melting pot. Again, a discontinuance from our American values through the intro of the feel good word “diversity.”

Think about it folks. This attacks our American being. The title of “American” supersedes individual origins. We are the proud mongrel breed. The desire for becoming an American is through the act of assimilation, of “melting” into one. This current craze for diversity disconnects this rare and sought after identity.

Years ago, an uncertified candidate would never have passed muster, let lone be elected. Years ago, laws would have prohibited disruption of a public thoroughfare. And years ago, we were united against a “red menace.” Today, our former enemies are now our globalized business and trading partners. Once again, a disconnect which few pause to recognize let alone consider.

Prior to this diversity of thought and action, there was a calming and orderly presence across our land. The major influence which instilled our orderly heritage was in our Founding American purpose to worship the faith of our choosing. While it was diversified by its many beliefs or sects, worshippers were as congenial and respectful as was the general society.

This co-mingling of beliefs came as an extension from our Judeo/Christian beginnings. Yes there were other venues, of which Muslim and Buddhism are the most recognizable, but, it was our Judeo/Christian foundation which continued to flourish and dominate.

Historians all agree that the human species craves a belief system. Whether is was the cave man’s sun worshipping or the Indian praying to his rain God, belief in a superior being is as instinctive as is breathing. Here in America, our very first Amendment to our Constitution acknowledged our unalienable right to pursue our individual religious beliefs. And it is this freedom which protects the spoken words of Mr. Dan Cathy.

A remedy for our waywardness can once again be found in the written words from the Father of our Country, George Washington. A twenty year old Washington put together a personal prayer book of 24 pages. The exact dates are unknown since his entries are headed by the days of the week such as “Sunday morning” or “Tuesday evening.” This is understandable since it was for his private use and logged into his personal field notebook.

What follows explains why our Founding era continues to be excluded from public school curriculums. It directly and forcefully counteracts this silly Supreme Court notion of an existing “separation of church and state.” It should be noted that our Constitution is the law of this land, not some modern-day judicial ruling based upon whimsical interpretation of a privately written letter.

To quote from Washington’s Wednesday morning entry; “Almighty and eternal Lord God, the great Creator of heaven and earth, and the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; look down from heaven, in pity and compassion upon me Thy servant, who humbly prostrate myself before Thee, sensible of Thy mercy and my own misery…”

Years later, Washington remained consistent with his youthful religious bearing when stating in his Farewell Speech in 1796 that, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and morality are indispensable supports.” Also included in that speech, “Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.”

Compare that religious atmosphere of guidance and devotion to the media’s defiance against Mr. Cathy’s stated beliefs? The subject is not gay verses straight. The target is any public utterance or promotion of Christian traditional values. They’ve taken prayer out of the classroom. Now, Christianity voiced in the daily lexicon is the next target on their agenda.

If a successful businessman such as Dan Cathy can come under the media’s intense microscope when expressing his personal beliefs, then there is more at work than just presenting the news. When judging the differing degrees of investigative reporting afforded to Mr. Cathy verses Mr. Obama, could it be that our media operates in their own disconnected bubble? Just maybe a prayer or two would help.

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Jim Bowman is a 67 year old drafted Vietnam veteran, and a retired boiler maker with 31 years of service. He has been published in numerous newspapers in Florida and Philadelphia, is the author of This Roar of Ours, and the publisher of the Americanism of our Founders website. He is the proud father of a son and daughter, two grandsons and one granddaughter.
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