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Lawless America — The Movie’ & the Filming of the Gary & Sara Harvey Case

July 22, 2012   ·   By   ·   4 Comments

Lawless AmericaThe Star Gazette’s Ray Finger was on hand during filming for “Lawless America — The Movie”, which took place Thursday, July 19, 2012 in Elmira, New York.  The subjects of the Elmira segment were Gary & Sara Harvey and the government officials and their attorneys who have kept Gary Harvey isolated in a hospital room with little stimulation and extremely restricted visitation.

Finger reports:

Filmmaker and activist William Windsor is a man on a mission, and that mission brought him to Elmira on Thursday as he seeks to battle what he calls 14 categories of corruption.

“Our challenge is to educate and reach a million-plus people,” said Windsor, who started June 14 on a 143-day trip through all 50 states to work on “Lawless America – The Movie.”

“I’m having trouble knowing what day of the week it is. I usually know what state I’m in, but not always,” he said with a chuckle as he prepared to begin filming Thursday at St. Joseph’s Boulevard and High Street.

Through the project, he is recording the stories of people who say they are victims of judicial and governmental corruption.

“The name ‘Lawless America’ was developed not to say our country is lawless or that we have a lot of lawless people,” he said.

“It’s to say that we have laws and they aren’t enforced, and we have people who are supposed to enforce the law and they don’t do the right thing, so they’re lawless. The judges change the law at a moment’s notice.”

Finger further reports:

Windsor called the Harveys’ situation a horrible story.

“He has no business having a guardian other than his loving wife,” he said.

“From my experience with the people I’ve filmed for guardian abuse, they go for the money. Guardians get put in place when you have family members that are ready, willing and able to do it and care for their loved ones,” he said.

Victims end up getting bled dry of their money, he said. “That’s a disgrace, and we have to try to expose it.”

Mr. Windsor has taken note of the Harvey story, (as well as the stories of numerous other victims), and he is taking the story out of the guarded territory and out into the public eye.  No longer will it matter if the mainstream media ignores these stories, failing to give victims a voice.  No longer will it matter who has turned (or is attempting to turn) a blind eye or only listened to half a story.  Now the truth will be told and the victims will be heard.

Gary fell down the basement steps at his home in January 2006 and suffered a traumatic brain injury.  Since the accident, he has been in either a nursing home or the hospital.  Being under the authority of Chemung County, NY, who was involved in a so-called ethics committee decision to petition to starve & dehydrate him to death, Gary has been basically isolated and allowed only restricted (and very limited) visitation from his wife and friends.

Sara wants her husband to receive a second opinion — an independent second opinion — and for Gary to have every chance possible to recover to whatever level he is able. She has, after all, repeatedly seen him be meaningfully responsive in his interactions with her and others. But those in control of Gary refuse to acknowledge this fact while at the same time refusing to allow him to receive an outside second opinion at a leading-edge brain injury hospital with much-higher-level experts. This is despite the fact that it appears over one million dollars has been spent in the past year on supposed health care for Gary that has not included any significant rehabilitative therapies. Sara Harvey believes that with physical therapy and a healthy dose of interaction with people that Gary knows that his quality of life will have a chance to improve drastically. She is prepared to give him that chance. She is prepared to bring him home where he would want to be.   (In that Cold Room of Isolation: The Case of Gary Harvey- Dakota Voice - Aug. 24, 2011)

Chemung County would have people believe that Sara is somehow a danger to her husband.  Their accusations of abuse have all been debunked, yet they repeat them or leave the insinuation in the air and left up to one’s imagination.  The truth is that those in charge of Gary Harvey, petitioned the court to have him starved and dehydrated to death.  They were attempting to kill him off, yet feel the rest of us should believe it is Sara, not they, who endanger his well-being?

How stupid they must feel others are.  Or, perhaps it is more that they feel they have the information contained and too few will know the true story behind the Gary Harvey case.  Perhaps that was once true, but things changed on Thursday, July 19, 2012 when William Windsor came to Elmira, New York to film the Harvey segment of “Lawless America — The Movie”.  It all changed!

The isolation of Gary Harvey and Sara’s desperate fight to save her husband from an uncaring system, will no longer be a campaign controlled and directed by those in power.  A new director did indeed come to town and his name is William Windsor.  He’s on a mission to out the offenders and bring lawfulness back into the rules.

The filmmaker is William Windsor.  The film is “Lawless America — The Movie”.  The once silenced truth is about to make it’s way to the screen in shocking revelation.  Yes, America, this is what is happening.  It’s time to stop the abuse.

(More on William Windsor’s endeavor at  http://lawlessamerica.com/ and www.facebook.com/lawlessamerica )

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  • l

    One more case of family court explotation.

  • errtolife

    Where are all the people who profess to be protecting Gary Harvey not in this movie? They wanted to kill their ward and yet somehow they are still in control? Sick and makes me puke that no one sees the obvious. Guard and protect whom? Certainly not Gary Harvey. Kudos for the exposure Bill Windsor and Carrie Hutchens.

  • Diane

    It is wonderful that someone is finally exposing these miscreants of society in Chemung county. How they live with themselves I will never know. Congratulations Sara for your extraordinary love and dedication to your husband! You never once waivered despite being abused by all of these so called “professionals.” God is watching over you….<3

  • mwb

    Will we never learn to respect one another rather than be greedy and grasping?

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