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Hijacking and Perverting Conservatism

July 20, 2012   ·   By   ·   3 Comments

whitewashWhen I read the title of a Daily Caller op/ed called “The freedom to marry: a conservative value,” I thought, “What now?”

I know liberals well enough to know that only they would be obtuse enough to talk about “freedom” to “marry.”

Aside from the obvious fact that all Americans enjoy the freedom to marry (no one enjoys the freedom to call something by a title when that something does not accurately describe it, and you need a man and a woman to form a marriage, just like you need male and female plumbing parts to create a bathroom), the legitimization of homosexual behavior is not and will never be a conservative value; it is a liberal “value.”

The counterfeiting of marriage by homosexual couples is not and will never be a conservative value; it is a liberal “value.”

While it may be that there are some deluded “conservatives” out there who, while embracing the liberal positions of accepting homosexual behavior and/or counterfeiting marriage, are otherwise conservative in the majority of their values (e.g. they are for limited government, fiscal responsibility, low taxes, pro-life, pro-American, support law and order, support the Constitution, etc.), supporting the counterfeiting of marriage by homosexuals cannot under any rational circumstances be considered a “conservative” value.

Calling support for the counterfeiting of marriage by homosexuals “conservative” is like calling a rib-eye steak “vegan” food.

To see this kind of Orwellian hijacking of language forces me once again to ask myself concerning liberals: are they this stupid, or do they think the rest of us are?

It’s a longshot that you would ever find a conservative who supported a liberal position like counterfeiting marriage while being genuinely conservative on most other issues; that kind of philosophical dichotomy just isn’t manageable for most folks, even liberals. There are too many fundamental worldview presuppositions accepted by a genuine conservative to allow for this kind of aberration on marriage and sexuality; there are also too many fundamental worldview presuppositions accepted by liberals to allow them to accept a majority of conservative values while believing in the counterfeiting of marriage.

Therefore, it is only rational to assume that these “conservatives” who supposedly support the counterfeiting of marriage are, at best, libertarians, not conservatives.

While there are many shades of libertarianism (I have some libertarian friends-or more accurately, “conservative friends with some libertarian leanings,” and I know that what I’m about to say wouldn’t describe most of them), for the most part, the only thing pure libertarianism has in common with conservatism is the desire for limited government. However, the reason libertarians and conservatives desire limited government spring from two very different fundamental assumptions, and have two very different goals in mind. Conservatives want limited government because, in addition to the U.S. Constitution mandating it, we realize limited government curtails tyranny and protects freedom. Libertarians want limited government because they feel it will give them the freedom to use recreational drugs, visit prostitutes, and engage in whatever self-destructive practices ignite their fancy. Conservatives realize that immoral acts-even those that seem to be “victimless”-virtually always hurt others, and undermine the moral fabric of society, placing everyone’s stability and welfare at risk. For the garden variety libertarian, these dangers are ignored in in the face of their imperative to feed their personal desires. When it comes down to it, conservatives seek liberty while libertarians seek license; ultimately, if you desire license, you are just a liberal in practice if not in principle. In any case, libertarianism is NOT conservatism.

It is entirely possible, too, that these “conservatives” are nothing but liberals masquerading as conservatives for the purpose of creating confusion and devaluing/undermining the conservative brand. Liberals have already done this with the conservative party of record-the Republican Party-both nationally and sometimes on a state level, where people can no longer rely on “Republican” to mean that the official will support the documented conservative values of the Republican Party. Indeed, it was this watering-down of the Republican brand that led to the “Republican” loss of control of congress in 2006 (after having expanded government and spent like drunken sailors for five years), and led to the election of Barack Obama in 2008 after nominating a RINO for president.

There would be no Tea Party movement if Republicans had acted like Republicans over the past decade.

Conservatives, we need to push back and speak out against this latest attempt to hijack and render worthless the meaning of the word “conservative” as liberals have done to the meaning of the word “Republican.”  We need to make it clear in no uncertain terms that if someone insists on promoting or advocating counterfeit marriage, theirs is a LIBERAL position.

The modern Left has made full reality of George Orwell’s statement that “Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.”

Too much of the English language has been rendered useless by the Orwellian Left-and they like it that way, for it creates the darkness and confusion they need to attain their goals. We must hold the line-and reverse this assault on reality.

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  • DCM7

    Actually, I suspect the reality is this: Liberals just know that, in order for them to have power and influence, a certain number of people have to really be that stupid; and, unfortunately, at least that many actually are.

  • retiredday

    Great article. There’s nothing so irksome as liberals redefining conservative values for us and “hijacking language” to do it. It just makes me want to get in their face and scream, “Don’t tell me what I believe!”

    The crux of the matter is that homosexuals already have the same right to marriage as heterosexuals do. But since marriage is, always has been and always will be the union of a man and a woman, homosexuals are constrained to change the meaning of marriage to suit themselves. Marriage cannot exist between two individuals of the same gender. Such a relationship is not marriage, it’s something else. A tree is a tree is a tree, and it will always remain a tree, regardless of anyone’s attempt to redefine it.

  • thisoldspouse

    Last year, I got done working for a family of liberals who called themselves “conservatives”; some of the nastiest, most vindictive, fake, psychotic people I’ve ever met. They were members at the large conservative Baptist Church that my mom attends (but they rarely attend), but are all about appearances. Unless they are enlightened by the Spirit and repent, they will be surprised when they finally meet their Judge.

    I really believe that there are people who think they believe they are conservative, because they are enabled into thinking this by other RINO’s in their sphere of living. This is the deadly danger of compromising conservatism, in government or daily life.

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