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Clergy Starting to Speak Out Against Marxism

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Rev. Peter Muhlenberg, who left his pulpit to become a colonel in the Continental Army

Rev. Peter Muhlenberg, who left his pulpit to become a colonel in the Continental Army

This video from GBTV features audio from a presentation given by Fr. Andrew Kemberling of Saint Thomas More church in Centennial, Colorado when he gave the opening prayer at the Colorado Republican Convention.

After he prayed, he told attenders what we are facing at this time in America, acutely in 2012:

This is an issue between democracy and socialism.

Now when we talk about socialism, that sounds politically incorrect. But as a Catholic, I’ve earned a free pass to talk about socialism, because others who have stood with us have died at the hands of socialists for the past two centuries. And we know a little something about religious persecution, and I’d like to share a few reflections.

The first is: Whenever we have a religious liberty stopped, it is a hallmark of socialism. And it will never be compatible with Christianity for at least two reasons – personal choice, and private property.

Personal choice has to do with personal conscience, because you’re responsible and accountable for all the things that God has given to us. And that allows us private property, so we can be generous, and return it to our Lord and Savior at our close.

Government – socialists, socialists want to take that responsibility away from us, and that goes against our religion. We see, we believe conscience and private property are not human ideas. They come from God, not from humans.

Socialists do not accept Biblical truth. They do not understand Natural Law. You see, we believe these are from our Creator, endowing us with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Sounds familiar? It should, because they’re framed in our Constitution. Therefore we know that socialism will never be compatible with our democracy, the way we have it.

As we face this third century of this threat, I as a Catholic invite everyone of conscience to join us, as people have in the past, to join this fight against the threat to our religious liberty. And I assure you that if we do not stand up and be counted at this time, we know the price that has to be paid if we lose this fight. And as a Catholic, I assure you, we will pay that price again.

Socialism is a foreign threat to our democracy. I am tried of this experiment, and I hope you are tired of it, too. God bless America! Let freedom ring!

You can watch the video of his presentation here.

Interestingly, my friend Ed Randazzo at The Right Side reports Fr. Janusz Korban at Blessed Sacrament Church in Rapid City issued a call for prayer in his church’s weekly bulletin about “ObamaCare, SDCare,” which references the unconstitutional socialist health care scheme forced on America by President Obama and his socialist collaborators in congress, as well as the complicity of South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard and the “Republican”-controlled South Dakota Legislature in facilitating this abomination in South Dakota. You can read that bulletin here.

As Korban points out, in addition to spitting in the face of the U.S. Constitution and our very freedom to do as we please with the money we have earned, ObamaCare assaults religious freedom and our right of conscience not to participate in immoral acts we find reprehensible.

We are on the verge of seeing everything our founders risked all to obtain for us, and all that generations of Americans for the last 236 years have fought to preserve. If the clergy and lay people of God (who were largely responsible for the American Revolution in the first place) will not step up and speak out, when will they?

After it is lost and too late?

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