Homosexual Pedophile Activist Targets MassResistance with Million-Dollar Lawsuit

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moneyThe outrages continue with the convicted sex offender, homosexual pedophile, Adam Flanders.  On June 29th he filed a million-dollar, sham lawsuit against Brian Camenker and MassResistance.

Last month, I wrote about Flanders’ initial harassment of Brian before this lawsuit,

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This outrage stems from the 25-year-old homosexual pedophile activist, Adam Flanders, having written a public letter back in 2007 that exposed the awful activities within a homosexual youth club, of which he was a member.  In the letter, Flanders describes sexual contact between adult advisors and underage kids, alcohol and drug use, threats and attempts of suicide, as well as his own sexual encounters with two 14-year-old boys.  As Brian notes in his report, MassResistance has been warning about these dangers within homosexual youth clubs for years now.

Flanders sent his letter to two local police departments, news media and some pro-family organizations asking them to investigate the homosexual youth club.  His letter was posted on the Internet by various groups, including MassResistance.

It was the following year, in 2008, that Flanders was convicted of sexual abuse of a minor by an adult.  He is now a registered sex offender in the State of Maine.

Last August, five years after he distributed his public letter, Flanders decided he wanted it removed from any website that had posted it.  So he sent threatening emails to websites that had his letter up, and most of the websites complied with his demand and removed the letter, but MassResistance did not.

When Brian refused to take down Flanders’ public letter, Flanders found a sympathetic judge to issue a ridiculous restraining order against Brian, despite the fact that Brian had never contacted Flanders, who lives in another state.

So, now this punk Flanders has filed a completely nonsensical lawsuit packed with false accusations against Brian Camenker and MassResistance demanding a million dollars in damages for “defamation” of Flanders.  Reading this contemptible piece of lying garbage lawsuit is enough to make you sick.

It begins with a dissembling implication that Flanders’ letter might not have been written by Flanders, but it stops short of an outright denial, because there has never been any question the Flanders did write the letter.  Nevertheless, here is how it is worded in the lawsuit,

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Beginning sometime in 2007, Mass Resistance/Brian Camenker (“Defendants”) began publishing a letter allegedly written by Adam Flanders (“Plaintiff’). This letter was apparently obtained from the Maine Christian Civic League, although, as of this writing, there is no evidence of this publication on the Christian Civic League’s website. The Defendants failed to verify the authenticity of the letter and upon publishing it, along with defamatory commentary, did not even know whether or not the Plaintiff actually wrote the letter or not, or whether the document had been altered. The alleged letter was accompanied by false statements made by the Defendants.

Oh, that’s stinkin’ rich.  Imply that Flanders did not write his letter, but don’t actually deny that he wrote it.  Then point out the fact that the Christian Civic League no longer has Flanders’ letter posted to its website.  Why is it not there?  Because the Christian Civic League buckled under Flanders’ threats of legal action if they did not remove his letter!

As for Brian making “defamatory commentary” and “false statements” about Flanders, Brian reported the facts, and using Flanders’ own words in his letter, exposed the degenerate and illegal behavior that was occurring in the homosexual youth group, of which Flanders had been a member.  It is always the same with the radical Left; when you tell the truth about them, you’re “lying” about them.  When you expose their wicked deeds, it equals “hate” to their warped minds.

The radical homosexual Left fights like cornered wild animals to keep the truth and the effects of their behavior from being broadcast.  The destructive nature of what they do is something they work hard to conceal.  The damage to mind, body and spirit of the homosexual lifestyle is undeniable, but these people fight viciously to keep the truth hidden.

Brian Camenker of MassResistance is a truth-teller.  He does not shrink from his position on the front lines in the war for the soul of our culture.  He is a powerful voice in exposing the radical homosexual movement’s schemes in worming into our schools and other institutions.  Because he is effective, he is a target of the monsters in this movement.  It is the goal of this dark, homosexual cabal to silence those of us, like Brian Camenker, who expose their dirty deeds.

One of their favorite methods to silence our freedom of speech and freedom of the press is to use our court system against us.  As you know, the courts are packed with leftists who would love nothing more than to shut the mouths and stop the keyboards of Christian conservatives who stand in opposition to the degrading of our culture, our educational system, our military and our government.  It is through the courts that Adam Flanders succeeded in gaining the bizarre, completely illegitimate restraining order against Brian Camenker, and it is now through the courts that Flanders has filed this fraudulent lawsuit that any fair-minded judge would eject from his courtroom without a second thought.

In a sane world, Flanderswould never get away with this, but our world is insane, and this is an extremely serious matter.  We have seen too many examples of courts and judges who turn a blinded eye to truth and reason, while they deliberately pervert our nation’s laws.  We even have perverse laws, such as “hate crimes” laws, which Flanders also cites in his lawsuit when he claims that he is a “… a protected class and a minority based on the Plaintiff’s sexual orientation…”  Yes, it’s Orwellian; all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Flanders has filed a lawsuit full of lies.  He has accused Brian of “stalking” him, of making “false statements” about him, of “defaming” him.  Brian has done no such things. Flanders’ own words are what have exposed his degenerate deeds, and now that he appears to regret the words in his letter, he is attempting to punish Brian for keeping that letter in the public eye where it belongs.

Flanders has already succeeded in intimidating far too many pro-family groups and websites.  Flanders even managed to intimidate WorldNetDaily and FreeRepublic; both websites have removed stories about Flanders’ attacks on MassResistance, including my column from last month, which had been posted on Free Republic by Scott Factor.

We must not make the mistake of thinking this is an extreme, isolated incident that will not affect us.  If you are willing to speak out in opposition to the radical homosexual movement’s agenda of imposing the acceptance of homosexual behavior on our nation, then you are also a target.  We are all MassResistance if we stand for truth, and if Flanders prevails in his phony allegations-filled lawsuit against Brian Camenker, we all lose big-time.

As Brian wrote last Thursday,

This is not just about Camenker and MassResistance. Flanders’ claims for damages appear to be a carefully crafted template for other homosexuals to use around the country against pro-family activists. To start, Flanders is seeking $500,000 for “emotional distress and suffering, as well as past and future damage” to his career.

He is also seeking $500,000 “to further discourage hate crimes and other forms of harassment and stalking motivated by prejudice against gay and lesbian citizens” which is a “serious assault on a protected class and a minority based on Plaintiff’s sexual orientation.” Furthermore, he requests “a declaratory judgment ruling” that Camenker and MassResistance have violated the state’s criminal code regarding “cyber-bullying” and “stalking.”

It’s a classic “big lie.” But this is what the homosexual movement has found to be successful. And it’s why they’ve put so much effort into getting these “hate crime” types of laws passed – to be used as a basis for prosecutions. This kind of patent nonsense, repeated enough, becomes believable in a courtroom!

Brian Camenker is in dire need of help.  He needs money to fund his legal defense.  He needs powerful, tenacious and fearless legal counsel.  He needs our unceasing prayers.  The worldly forces of darkness are aligned against him.  Even the pro-homosexual chief of police in Belfast, Maine is siding with Flanders, telling Flanders he is looking for crimes with which to charge Brian!  This is nightmarish.

We have to fearlessly fight these terrible assaults on our freedoms.  Adam Flanders is a pawn of the forces of tyranny, and I doubt he fully understands the implications of what he is doing.  These radical leftists, whether in the degenerate sexual movement or elsewhere, are asking for fascist control of their perceived “enemies,” but they are only fooling themselves if they believe for a minute that if they “succeed” they will be spared from the iron-fisted control they wish to impose on others.

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  • thisoldspouse

    I’ll be donating to Brian; there is not a more fearless warrior facing the rage of Hell from the belly of the beast. It takes a rare soul to thrive on this type of persecution, but I have a hunch that Brian is that type.

    • WXRGina

      Spouse, I know Brian would appreciate any help you can give. He’s a warrior for truth.

  • jainphx

    You do have the propencity to bring knowledge to us. As always well researched and well written.
    This seems to be the weapon of the ultra left, to make honest every day people defend themselves against specious law suits. The courts are supposed to determine wether any suit has merit. Why do these leftist always seem to prevail. We find the answewr to that and we find the antidote.

    • WXRGina

      One day, they won’t prevail, JA. Thanks!