Evil Prevails When Good Men Do Nothing

In our county I think we are seeing a few areas in which the right has gotten off track. Crony capitalism is too commonplace even in many Republican districts and now a type of immoral conservatism where traditional values are held in contempt is gradually becoming a norm. Regardless, I think we should continue speaking truth but not at the expense of living it. The self-made man who has not sold out and forgotten the Lord is what America is about. Hopefully, it’s still a viable option in today’s world, and if not, we shoot for it anyway.

The fact that Donald Trump has come through, or at least attempted to, in a few vital areas where many of our ‘conservative’ politicians have failed is truly telling. But truly free men have no choice but to do good, right wrongs, fulfill their oaths, and show mercy (with no hint of lawlessness).

Doing right, speaking truth, and being a light to others is not mutually exclusive and there should not be a hint of apathy, indifference or tolerance of the evil that abounds. We are motivated by a heart of charity and righteousness. Thankfully, Jesus sets our personal and prayerful course and agenda.

Ultimately, it’s God before man in all areas of life. Everything falls under His dominion.

We must continue to testify of God’s perfection and His holy standard for all things and flee from participating in evil. We love but we can’t deny our God. Our loyalty and honor to Him is our top priority and our country can only benefit as we stand our ground.

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    Guys like Paul Ryan & Marco Rubio are what drove many to somebody who was perceived an outsider like Trump….. But those I’m truly grateful for are they who believe in God given rights & freedoms like Cruz, Lee & Rand Paul…. NWO wants control of all banking, healthcare, military, natural resources, etc……